Our guide to the best wireless headphones of 2022

Our guide to the best wireless headphones of 2022

The best wireless headphones with bluetooh technology now have at least three common characteristics: they ensure a lot of autonomy, have an adequate audio quality even at high resolution and integrate an active noise cancellation system (anc). The substantial differences are found in the design, in the quality of the materials and the functionalities available.

In this guide we have selected the top models on the market, ideal for use in audio-video streaming, therefore films and music, in video calls and maybe even with video games. In short, in every context of everyday life. Notwithstanding the fact that wireless earphones may still have an edge on the move. In fact, we must consider that the headphones remain heavier and bulky, even if they are clearly superior in muffling external noises. They are usually declined in supraural (on-ear) and circumaural (over ear): the former partially cover the ears, while the latter totally. A substantial difference in the ability to reduce external noise and heat management.

Our selection with prices updated to June 2022

Urbanista Miami (Photo: Urbanista)

Urbanista wireless headphones are designed in Stockholm, Sweden, and have a touch of urban-street style that almost all competitors lack. The value for money is excellent when you consider lines, materials and audio quality. The autonomy is incredible: it reaches about 50 hours, which becomes less than 40 with anc active. Probably this result is also achieved because they rely on physical keys (a bit small) instead of touch surfaces for managing the tracks. The sound is warm with a good bass boost.

Active noise cancellation is acceptable. They are based on bluetooth 5.0 technology and support sbc and aac audio formats. The sensors that suspend playback when they are removed from the ears are very comfortable. The headphones also offer support for voice interfaces. The only limitations of this model are related to the lack of an app to adjust the equalization and other parameters, as well as the size of the integrated keys - better to use Google Assistant, Siri, or the streaming app interface. Three colors to choose from: red, black, white and green.

115.70 € - buy on amazon Jabra Elite 45h Maybe they won't have the aesthetic appeal, the feature set or the absolute quality of the competitors more expensive, but they represent an excellent compromise for those who want good headphones at a price below the psychological threshold of 100 euros. In this particularly crowded price range, the Elite 45h offer a comfort that has few rivals - thanks to ear-sensitive memory foam pads - combined with a 50-hour battery life. bad. The 40mm drivers propagate full-bodied, quality audio, while the dual microphones do a good job both during calls and in noise cancellation.

99.99 € - buy at jabra 87.80 € - buy on amazon Bose NC 700 (Photo: Bose)

Bose headphones are a reference model for the minimalist approach. The headband in thin steel, coated in silicone, set the standard, as well as the sliding adjustment system of the pavilions (made of soft sponge and ecological leather). Elegance without substance, however, would be worth little. In this case, however, we are talking about excellent musical quality (here the comparison) and one of the best active noise cancellation systems on the market. It is no coincidence that it mounts 8 microphones: 6 for active noise reduction and 4 for voice acquisition (2 shared with noise reduction).

In any case, the sound is a bit austere: they prefer dynamism and clarity without excess, and therefore always remain quite relaxing. Also in this case the bluetooth 5.0 technology is used and only the sbc and aac audio formats are supported. A thumbs up for the very essential and efficient app. The mix of physical keys and touch surfaces is suitable for every situation. Perhaps the only limitation of these headphones is to want to try to tame even the most analogical musical genres: rock is a bit too re-licked. For the rest, a great headset, also to give as a gift. Two colors to choose from: black and silver.

265 € - buy on amazon Sony WH-1000XM4 (Photo: Sony)

Sony's latest wireless headphones represent the technological vanguard of the sector , as we have seen in our comparison. And in this version, the company has also managed to make the sound more balanced - before they trod the bass tones. Musically they are very pleasant and even with high resolution audio they give you goosebumps. And this is also possible thanks to the support of the ldac format, as well as the classic sbc and aac. Functions? They are all there. Nothing is really missing and even the app has now been significantly simplified. The active noise cancellation system is great and if you play it with Bose.

In short, perfect bluetooth headphones? Almost. In the phone calls they still have some problems in the management of external noises. And also, needless to go around it, they are quite comfortable but have a dated design that is very 90s. In summary they are technologically the best product for any daily use. Belle but no. Four colors to choose from: midnight blue, silver, white and black. (our review here).

€ 271.99 - buy from amazon Philips Fidelio L3 (Photo: Philips)

Philips headphones are quite luxurious considering the use of high quality aluminum and the Scottish Muirhead leather. The design is very successful because, net of the overall dimensions, they give a feeling of lightness. The new Fidelio L3s are excellent in music reproduction, even with high resolution platforms such as Qobuz or Tidal. Moreover, they also support the aptx and aptx hd technology of Android devices based on Qualcomm chips. The noise cancellation is very good also thanks to the shape of the pavilions: it should be remembered that they completely envelop the ear. Telephone calls are also well managed.

Autonomy is between 30 and 40 hours depending on whether the ANC is used or not. The audio connector for the physical connection is also very useful. But what exactly is the personality of these headphones? Difficult to frame them because the vocals and the bass are warm, but the high frequencies are a bit ringing. Of course the sound is always full and enveloping, but in some moments this search for detail could be a bit tiring. The only downside concerns the touch surfaces of the pavilions: sometimes they don't seem to respond adequately to touches. However, it could be a software update problem. So who would you recommend them to? Surely for those who enjoy good design and quality of materials and above all love to carve out moments of listening in solitude at home.

189 € - buy on amazon Apple Airpods Max (Photo: Apple)

Apple's top-of-the-range headphones are the most expensive in the segment, but also the most refined when considering materials, design and integrated technology. The premise is that they have nothing to do with the hi-fi market, but when it comes to streaming and looking for entertainment, it's hard to find something better. The audio experience is unforgettable, even with high resolution (alac) as we found in our review. The noise cancellation system is also impressive: you could find yourself quietly talking on the phone with a vacuum cleaner next to it.

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