Superman vs Lobo: a clash at the latest fake news, review

Superman vs Lobo: a clash at the latest fake news, review

Superman vs Lobo

It finally arrives in Italy too, thanks to Panini DC Italia, Superman vs Lobo. It is a miniseries published under the Black Label editorial label, written by Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie, with pencils by the Italian Mirka Andolfo and colored by Arif Prianto. The first volume inaugurates the miniseries dedicated to the last survivors of their home planet, namely Krypton and Czarnia. The two could not, however, be more different and here is where the clash begins, but let's see how in our review.

Superman vs Lobo: a decidedly unusual clash

The The story is initially set on the planet Telk, where Lobo's vacation is interrupted by a huge tardigrade-shaped alien invader. Annoyed by the disturbance, the Czarnian launches into an attack. He is unwittingly accompanied by Dr. Flik, ​​a woman with a desire to document rare alien species, who teleports into battle. During the clash, Superman also intervenes who only apparently saves the situation and decides to clash against Lobo as well. During the convalescence of the latter, in fact, Flik declares that Superman was the better of the two even if in reality the delicate situation had been resolved by Lobo, therefore wounded not only in the body but also in the soul, the Czarnian decides to establish a sort of popularity contest to ruin the reputation of the last Kryptonian.

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A heavy, crazy and brilliant comedy

The narrative structure is well done by Seeley and Beattie , however, the story is vast for such a small volume and such a short miniseries. There is the first adventure on Telk, led mainly by Lobo, which covers the first half of the comic and then the story passes to Earth. The two sections are very different from each other, both in narrative and artistic terms and allow you to keep the story lively. There is a vibrant and carefree energy to Superman vs Lobo # 1 from the start, with both worlds embracing what they are known for creating the perfect pre-fight atmosphere. The story may start to lose stability as different parts enter the fray and more and more elements are added, but the chaotic nature of the comic makes it so fun to read that the reader may not care if it causes them to lose their sense of what is happening. . The ending is also very surprising and takes the story in a whole new direction.

A fun addition to this game contest popularity is Dr. Flik. For much of the comic, she follows Lobo as a wildlife researcher follows a rare animal for a documentary. She is fascinated because she is the last "specimen" of her kind of her so when the last Czarnian and the Kryptonian appear together, she is ecstatic. It is fantastic to observe Lobo's change in relationship with the doctor: during the first meeting, he tries to cut off her head, but after realizing that he cannot touch her and that she is not leaving him alone, he grows fond of him and decides to share with her. adventures.

A carousel of colors


Superman vs Lobo is, therefore, a crazy and funny comic. The story is certainly not the most engaging element of the work, but this aspect is almost secondary: when it comes to Lobo, chaos, genius and irony are the real protagonists. The comic style of Beattie and Seeley is evident and represents the spearhead of this new intriguing DC Comics editorial project. The second issue seems to have a completely different setting and story and it will be interesting to see how they will be handled.

Who is Boy Thunder? Superman's secret sidekick revealed in Batman/Superman: World's Finest #7

Did you know Superman once had a sidekick?

At least, he did in a story placed retroactively in his earlier continuity by September's upcoming Batman/Superman: World's Finest #7. 

DC has given Newsarama readers a first look at the cover and solicitation information for Batman/Superman: World's Finest #7 ahead of their full September solicits, promising a story that will put a unique twist on the relationship between Superman, Batman, and Batman's sidekick Robin, who has also played a central role in the title so far.

Batman/Superman: World

(Image credit: DC)(opens in new tab)

In World's Finest #7 from writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora, Superman will apparently take on a sidekick, named in the solicit text as 'Boy Thunder' (anyone else noticing that sounds quite a bit like 'Boy Wonder,' Robin's nickname?)

Though the solicit doesn't reveal the identity of 'Boy Thunder', his costume seems based on the style of Silver Age Kryptonian fashion, specifically the costume once worn by Superman while using the codename The Nova.

'The untold story of Superman's short-lived sidekick is at last revealed, but what secret connection to one of DC's most timeless tales does this story foreshadow?' asks the solicit. 'Only time will tell (that's a clue, folks).'


(Image credit: DC)(opens in new tab)

Could that clue be hinting at a connection between Boy Thunder, and the story of Superman's son, Jon Kent, who was prematurely aged into adulthood by a journey through time and space alongside his grandfather Jor-El?

Or could the story have a connection to the classic World's Finest tale of Power Man, a crime-fighting android who once teamed up with Superman and Batman way back in the '50s?

Though we don't know the identity of the Boy Thunder, his costume itself invokes the classic story of 1968's World's Finest #178, in which Superman temporarily loses his powers, relying on a costume with a special cape to continue fighting crime as The Nova.

As DC says, 'time will tell.'

Batman/Superman: World's Finest #7 is due out September 20.

Will Boy Thunder develop a connection to the Teen Titans, who top the list of the best teen superhero teams of all time?

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