The Panini DC Italia releases on April 14th

The Panini DC Italia releases on April 14th

The Panini DC Italia releases of April 14, 2022 have been announced. To report Deathstroke Inc. 1 - The Sword of Deathstroke and Future State Gotham 1 - Hunt for Batman.

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Panini DC Italia releases on April 14, 2022

Checkmate: Leviathan's Dawn

Authors: Alex Maleev, Brian Michael Bendis

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 200 pages, color, paperback

Contains: Leviathan Dawn (2020) # 1, Checkmate (2021) # 1/6

Price: 18, 00 €

After the Leviathan Event, Brian M. Bendis and Alex Maleev sign a new chapter of their noir saga for the DC Universe! Leviathan has agents and acolytes scattered around the world, and the last hope to defeat him may lie with a motley crew of spies. Green Arrow, Question, Talia al Ghul and other unlikely allies join the members of the new incarnation of Checkmate! But who is the surprise hero of this team? And what lies behind Leviathan's power? | ); }
Authors: Trevor Hairsine, Paolo Pantalena, Howard Porter, Joshua Williamson

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 160 pages, color, paperback

Contains: Batman: Urban Legends (2020) # 6 (IV), Deathstroke Inc. (2021) # 1/5

Price: € 16.00

After suffering multiple casualties, Slade Wilson decides it's time to change methods and enlisted in the T.R.U.S.T. with the task of catching the worst supervillains. Deathstroke thus finds himself having to carry out missions alongside the most unlikely of allies: Black Canary! Action, super-tech gadgets, endless explosions for the adventures of DC's most dangerous anti-hero! A new series written by Joshua Williamson (Robin) and drawn by veteran Howard Porter (Flash)!

Joker 6

Authors: Guillem March, James Tynion IV, Sweeney Boo, Sam Johns

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 32 pages, color, stapled

Contains: The Joker (2021) # 6

Price: 3,00 €

After the terrible meeting in South America, the duel between the Joker and the former commissioner James Gordon moves to Paris! But will Oracle still be willing to support a mission that is pushing her father to review their moral boundaries? In the meantime, what is Harvey Bullock doing in Gotham City? Plus, Harper Row is about to make a huge sacrifice to stop Punchline!

Infinite Frontier 2

Authors: Xermanico, Paul Pelletier, Jesus Merino, Joshua Williamson, AA.VV.

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 64 pages, color, stapled

Contains: Infinite Frontier (2021) # 3/4

Price: € 6.00

Screenwriter Joshua Williamson (Batman / Superman) continues to explore the most great mysteries of the DC Multiverse! President Superman, leader of Embodied Justice, has a new ally: the Flashpoint Batman! But is Thomas Wayne really willing to collaborate with the Man of Steel of Earth-23? Meanwhile, Roy Harper, after undergoing an incredible transformation, is preparing to find out more about his new powers. Alan Scott, joined by Obsidian, is willing to do anything to find the JSA!

Batman 45

Authors: Jorge Jiménez, James Tynion IV

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 48 pages, color, stapled

Contains: Batman (2016) # 112 (I), Batman (2016) # 113 (I)

Price: € 5.00

Fear State explodes, and terror spills over Gotham City! Batman must stop the plan of the Scarecrow, who with the technology of the Collective of Discomfort designs a "bomb of fear"! Meanwhile, Ghost-Maker reveals a past and unexpected connection with Crane ... The new event from Batmanian continuity architect James Tynion IV! | ); } Wonder Woman: Black & Gold

Authors: Ryan Sook, Ming Doyle, John Arcudi, Becky Cloonan, AA.VV.

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 272 pages, color, hardcover

Contains: Wonder Woman: Black & Gold (2021) # 1/6

Price: 28,00 €

Eighty years of Wonder Woman under the sign of gold, the color of the Lasso of Truth! A series of incredible authors bring universal stories to life. With contributions from the likes of John Arcudi, Ryan Sook, Becky Cloonan, Jamie McKelvie! A volume that no one can miss… it is the pure truth!

The Legends of the Dark Knight 1

Authors: Max Dunbar, Stephanie Phillips, Darick Robertson

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 192 pages, color, hardcover

Contains: Legends of the Dark Knight (2021) # 1/8

Price: € 23.00

A beloved title among superhero comic fans is back: Legends of the Dark Knight! An anthology that features established stars and rising authors working on Batman stories! A title that will please longtime fans as well as new fans! In this volume, the stories of fan-favorite Darick Robertson and rising stars Stephanie Phillips and Max Dunbar!

Future State Gotham 1 - Batman Hunt

Authors: Nikola Čižmešija, Dennis Culver, Giannis Milonogiannis, Joshua Williamson

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 200 pages, color and b / w, paperback

Contains: Future State: Gotham (2021) # 1/7

Price: € 18.00

Future State continues here, with the adventures of Red Hood and the whole Bat-family! Disaster strikes Gotham City and the trials lead straight to Batman! When the corrupt Magisterium instructs him to capture the new Bat dead or alive, Red Hood must choose between justice and his family. A collection of black and white stories to paint the brutal Gotham world of the future!

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