PS Plus: the games to be recovered absolutely thanks to the new subscription

PS Plus: the games to be recovered absolutely thanks to the new subscription

PS Plus

The debate around the "new" PlayStation Plus is more heated than ever, especially now that some of the games that will arrive in the service from next June 23 (as far as the European market is concerned) have been announced. However, we want to put aside the diatribes regarding the effectiveness of a strategy such as the one implemented by Sony to make a brief stop on the "avenue of memories".

In this special we will go to dig into the memory to recommend the games classics to be recovered absolutely from the PS Plus catalog, at least in our opinion.

Original Playstation and PSP

PS Plus: to recover the beginning of the Ape Escape saga Let's start from the origins. Almost thirty years have passed since the release of the first PlayStation, so many of you probably have not had the opportunity to try most of the titles that have contributed to the establishment of the Sony brand within the gaming market.

At the moment, the "classics" announced that will be available from the launch of the service are not many, nor the most famous. However, there is still a good deal of gaming history waiting for you, along with the promise of new user interfaces capable of adapting to today's standards, implementing manual save available at any time and the ability to restart the game with the simple push of a button. key.

Let's start with Ape Escape, the seminal title of the PSX era, created specifically to show the potential of the new Dualshock controller. The aim is to capture, thanks to the use of different gadgets, all the monkeys escaped from an amusement park who, after having had access to a series of helmets capable of increasing their intelligence, are willing to change the fate of the human history, reversing the "poles" and becoming them the animals at the top of the food chain. Between time travel and space adventures, Ape Escape really showed the potential offered by the new game and control systems.

A little more mature was Siphon Filter, an action video game that had the aim of redefining the kind of espionage. Despite the initial ruthless competition of Metal Gear Solid, the game developed by Eidetic (the current Bend Studio, author, among others, of the recent Days Gone) managed to find space in the hearts of the players thanks to its gameplay that ranged between stealth sequences, heated shootings and puzzles to solve.

PS Plus: the turning point of Everybody's Golf If you want to discover the origins of another long-lived saga, Everybody's Golf is definitely a video game not to be missed. In its small way, it was a turning point in the history of non-simulation sports (it is no coincidence that the developers, the Camelot Software Planning, are the same ones who then brought to light the Mario Golf series), finding the right conjunction between immediacy and complexity, able to thrill everyone.

Fighting lovers cannot, however, miss the opportunity to try (or try again) Tekken 2, one of the cornerstones of the history of the first PlayStation, which played a fundamental role in the affirmation of the latter on the international market. With as many as twenty-five characters to choose from, starting with a selection of ten, not only might you spend some time in the company of this classic, but you might even find that it still holds its own despite the large offering currently in circulation. br>
The only PSP title currently announced is Super Stardust Portable, a shoot 'em up video game "heir" to all that gold vein discovered with Spacewar! and Space Invaders. It's worth a try just for the fact that it has a team like Housemarque behind it, creators of games like Resogun and the very recent Returnal, among others.

Remastered classic games

PS Plus: the whole Jak and Dexter trilogy will be available It is also worth mentioning some titles remastered specifically for PS4. The list is not endless, but it is a must to mention the complete series by Jak and Dexter, another Naughty Dog success after the iconic Crash Bandicoot. Sony has made all of them available (including Jak X's drift car), so you have the opportunity to recover the entire trilogy, in case you haven't done so yet.

A title to absolutely reassess is Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, a very special role-playing video game, also due to the participation in the project by prominent personalities, including Ken Rolston (designer of Morrowind and Oblivion), R.A. Salvatore (author of several novels set in the Forgotten Realms) and Todd McFarlane (creator of the cartoon character of Spawn). If you miss that "old school" fantasy with very caricatured visual traits (World of Warcraft style, so to speak) you could really find bread for your teeth.

PS Plus: Kingdoms of Amalur remastered will be part of the offer Another genre that is missing a lot is that of shooters completely over the top, especially as regards the approach to gameplay. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is a nice blast from the past, able to unleash your creativity thanks to tools and environmental interactions capable of making each fight unique, all punctuated by a narrative, a setting and truly "exaggerated" characters.

For those, on the other hand, looking for storytelling and atmosphere above all else, Bioshock Remastered brings to life one of those video games that has quickly become an industry classic. Set in the evocative Rapture (an underwater metropolis that mimics a whole visual and architectural tradition that goes from the historical avant-gardes of the early decades of the twentieth century to the postwar period), this dark-toned shooter will be able to capture you, if not already. had done at the time.

PS3 games in streaming

PS Plus: many PS3 titles will be made available in streaming The PS Plus proposals do not end there. Sony, in fact, will make available to Premium plan subscribers a series of titles from the PS3 era playable in streaming on PS4, PS5 and PC. Several games from PlayStation Studios will be made available (at least judging by the preliminary list), including some episodes of Ratchet & Clank, the two chapters of Infamous and part of the MotorStorm series, among others. However, we want to focus on some "minor" titles (in a thousand quotes) that may have escaped your radar more easily.

Among them, Echochrome, a puzzle video game that made history, stands out. Divided into various levels inspired by Escher's art of impossible constructions, the goal is to guide a fine art mannequin through these structures whose shape and "corporeality" change depending on the perspective from which you look at the environment. Even if you are not a fan of the genre, we strongly recommend that you at least check it out.

PS Plus: Ico is one of the games available for streaming From the creators of Shadow of The Colossus, Ico is one of those games. adventure that defined a generation. Also this heavily focused on puzzles and platforms, is a must for all those who have loved the subsequent works of Team Ico.

In case you are not yet satiated with adventures, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West could be a little revelation for you. At the time, it was particularly surprising for the dynamism of the action, which ranged from platform sequences to fights with a high choreographic rate, thanks to a very clean animation system, considering the year of release. It wouldn't hurt to explore it again more than ten years after its release.

PS Plus: Red Dead Redemption Terror from the Underworld is also among the titles available in streaming Finally, right at the bottom of the list of PS3 titles shared by Sony , we find Red Dead Redemption: Terror from the Underworld, a stand-alone expansion of the famous Rockstar series that has brought a breath of fresh air to the western genre. The peculiarity that differentiated this additional content from the main game was its strong detachment from the events narrated in the latter, despite the maintenance of the most iconic characters of the game and the world in which they unravel. Indeed, Underworld Terror confronted the player with a zombie apocalypse that completely changed Rockstar's Wild West landscape. In addition to telling an unedited story, almost parallel to that of the main campaign, the game world became darker, with different visual variations, from undead animals to legendary creatures deriving from American and Mexican folklore. In short, it was practically a video game in its own right, a Red Dead Redemption 1.5 that absolutely deserves to be recovered.

We have reached the end of this list of classic games to be recovered absolutely from the PS Plus catalog. Of course, these were our recommendations, but we are waiting for you in the comments to hear which games are worth returning to explore for you.

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