The Panini DC Italia releases on April 7, 2022

The Panini DC Italia releases on April 7, 2022

The Panini DC Italia releases on April 7

The Panini DC Italia releases of April 7, 2022 have been made known. To report Lucifer 1 - The Devil on the Threshold and Batman: The Son of Dreams.

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Panini DC Italia releases of April 7, 2022

Lucifer 1 - The Devil on the Threshold

Authors: Mike Carey, Dean Ormston, Scott Hampton, AA.VV.

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 176 pages, color, paperback

Contains: Sandman Presents: Lucifer (1999) # 1/3, Lucifer (2000) # 1/4

Price: € 16.00

Panini DC Italia releases on April 7, 2022 Expelled from Paradise and sent to reign in hell, Lucifer resigned to move to Los Angeles. What repercussions will this choice have? What will happen in Heaven, in the underworld and on Earth now that millennial roles have been questioned? Enter the most exclusive club, the Lux, run by none other than the former ruler of Hell! Directly from the pages of Sandman, the adventures of the most controversial character in the history of mankind!

Buy Lucifer 1 - The Devil on the Threshold on Amazon Batman by Scott Snyder 23

Authors: Francesco Francavilla, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Tula Lotay, Scott Snyder, AA.VV.

Format: 16 × 21 cm, 96 pages, color, paperback

Contains: All-Star Batman (2016) # 7/9

Price: € 4.90

Continue the journey through Batman's Enemies Gallery… and Poison Ivy is about to steal the show from everyone. Scott Snyder and Tula Lotay reimagine one of Gotham City's most seductive figures! The Dark Knight will then have to face one of his most dangerous and deranged opponents, in an amazing story signed by the great Giuseppe Camuncoli! Furthermore, the conclusion of The cursed wheel, for the drawings of Francesco Francavilla.

Flash 23

Authors: Will Conrad, Jeremy Adams, Alex Sinclair

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 24 pages, color, stapled

Contains : Flash (2016) # 772

Price: € 3.00

Left behind the mistakes of the past, Wally West is once again the Scarlet Sprinter of Central City! Reunited with his wife Linda and children Irey and Jai, Flash begins a new life by facing his first opponent: the bills! While our hero is looking for work, an old acquaintance is ready to warm the atmosphere! Jeremy Adams' cycle comes to life bringing back the human side of the fastest man in the world to the stage!

Authors: Tom Derenick, Ryan Cady, Sami Basri

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 40 pages, color, stapled

Contains: Green Lantern Annual (2021) # 1

Price: € 5.00

A new chapter in the saga of Green Lanterns and Jessica Cruz! When the Central Power Ring was destroyed, Jessica found herself stuck in a remote space sector. It was only the beginning of her misadventures, as she was faced with three Yellow Lanterns determined to conquer the territory. Jessica defeated them, but now she hears the call of their rings…

Batman: War Games 1 - War Drums

Authors: Ed Brubaker, Bill Willingham, Anderson Gabrych, Pete Woods, AA.VV.

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 448 pages, color, paperback

Contains: Batgirl (2000) # 53, # 55, Batman (1940) # 631, Batman: The 12-Cent Adventure (2004) # 1, Batman Legends of the Dark Knight (1989) # 182, Batman Gotham Knights (2000) # 56, Catwoman (2002) # 34, Detective Comics (1937) # 790 (I) / 797 (I), Nightwing (1996) # 96,

Price: € 35.00

One of the most epic Batman stories of the new millennium begins here! A meeting between the leaders of the various gangs of the city ends in blood ... Soon the fight moves to the streets of Gotham City, and no one will be safe ... not even the new Robin! A tragic and violent saga that will leave you with bated breath!

Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka 3

Authors: Greg Rucka, Rags Morales, Cliff Richards, Nicola Scott, AA.VV.

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 296 pages, color, hardcover

Contains: Wonder Woman (1987) # 218/226, Blackest Night: Wonder Woman (2010) # 1/3

Price: 30,00 €

The great exploits of Diana of Themyscira come to an end as told by Greg Rucka, the writer of Gotham Central and Lois Lane! Wonder Woman has always fought the most incredible threats, but an unexpected battle against the Man of Steel will definitely change her relationship with him! Who are the robotic enemies who are about to invade Paradise Island? And what will happen when the Princess of the Amazons is forced to confront the tragic events of The Deepest Night?

Superman by John Byrne 15

Authors: Jerry Ordway, John Byrne, Curt Swan

Format: 16 × 21 cm, 96 pages, color, paperback

Contains: Action Comics (1987) # 598, Adventures of Superman (1987) # 438, Superman: The Earth Stealers (1988) # 1

Price: € 4.90 strong ... The amazing Brainiac is here! Checkmate is in Metropolis! Mysterious visitors from space have stolen an entire planet: Earth! John Byrne, Jerry Ordway and the legendary Curt Swan join forces in a sensational Superman adventure!

Authors: Ivan Reis, Brian Michael Bendis

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 168 pages, color, hardcover

Contains: Superman (2018) # 1/6

Price: € 20.00

Start the collection of Superman stories signed by Brian M. Bendis here! Alone and without any means of contacting his family, the Man of Steel will have to face a global threat ... The entire planet has in fact mysteriously ended up in the Phantom Zone and its prisoners can't wait to take advantage of it! The beginning of a management that will remain in history, also thanks to the pencils of a very inspired Ivan Reis!

Batman: The Son of Dreams

Authors: Kia Asamiya

Format: 18 × 26 cm, 352 pages, b / w, hardcover

Contains : Batman: Child of Dreams

Price: € 25.00

Panini DC Italia releases on April 7, 2022 Batman written and drawn by the Japanese master Kia Asamiya, author of beloved manga like Silent Möbius and Dark Angel! A TV crew arrives in town to interview the Dark Knight ... but will find themselves involved in a complicated case involving Two-Face, the Riddler and other supervillains! An exciting adventure, between Gotham City and Tokyo, which combines the strengths of comics with those of manga!

Buy Batman: The Son of Dreams on Amazon Batman 44 Variant Cover

Authors: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Riccardo Federici, James Tynion IV

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 48 pages, color, stapled

Contains: Batman: Fear State: Alpha (2021) # 1, Batman (2016) # 111 (II)

Price: € 7.00

The Scarecrow Plan is now underway, and Fear State is here! Overwhelmed by recent threats, Batman and his allies are losing ground, with catastrophic consequences! The machinations of Peacekeeper-01 and the return of Poison Ivy certainly don't help them… Plus, Ghost-Maker faces a ruthless and grotesque foe!

The Schifo of Grant Morrison

Authors: Grant Morrison, Gary Erskine, Chris Weston

Format: 18.3 × 27.7 cm, 352 pages, color, hardcover

Contains: The Filth (2002) # 1/13

Price: € 35.00

Greg Feely is a sad and lonely man, but his life changes when he discovers he is a part of a secret organization ... for what purposes? One of Grant Morrison's most disturbing and ambitious works in full version and full of bonuses! Bizarre settings, weird characters, original ideas… and a killer chimpanzee paid for by the Kremlin! Recommended for fans of Invisibles, Providence, East of West and Shaolin Cowboy!

100 Bullets 1

Authors: Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso

Format: 18.3 × 27.7 cm, 456 pages, color, hardcover

Contains: 100 Bullets (1999) # 1/19, Winter's Edge (1997) # 3

Price: € 42.00

The enigmatic agent Graves approaches ordinary people with a mysterious briefcase… which contains the evidence of wrong from them suffered and a gun. These people thus have the motive and the means to take revenge, as well as the guarantee of immunity. How will they decide to do? The noir masterpiece by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, in a splendid deluxe version!

Batman: Black & White 1

Authors: Greg Smallwood, Emma Rios, J.H. Williams III, Andy Kubert, AA.VV.

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 312 pages, b / w, hardcover

Contains: Batman Black and White (2020) # 1/6

Price: € 17.00

The return of one of the most popular anthologies of the last thirty years! Some of the most important authors of American comics grappling with Batman! The elegance of black and white for a series of lightning-fast unpublished short stories set in Gotham City and beyond. An unmissable volume for both Bat Man lovers and newbies!

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