Elden Ring: where to find all the legendary talismans

Elden Ring: where to find all the legendary talismans

Elden Ring

In this Elden Ring guide we will explain where to find all the legendary Talismans of the game and thus obtain the homonymous Trophy / objective as well as get your hands on particularly interesting pieces of equipment.

There are eight classified talismans in the Interregnum. as "legendaries" particularly hard to find. Mind you, this does not automatically mean that they are the best in the game, this depends a lot on your build and style of play, but undoubtedly they are accessories with very interesting features or bonuses that are worth recovering, regardless of whether you aim to take them all or not. the trophies / achievements of the game. Below we will explain where to find them all.

Please keep in mind that we have tried to reduce spoilers as much as possible, but inevitably we will have to talk about advanced areas, NPCs and more.

Elden Ring: how to get all the Legendary Talismans

Elden Ring, the location of Raya Lucaria's Academy

Icon of Radagon

Effect: reduces the casting time of sorceries and spells. According to some calculations it is as if you have 30 points more in Dexterity exclusively during the casting of the spells. In short, a good accessory for experienced wizards, but keep in mind that beyond the threshold of 70 points of Dexterity you will not get further advantages.

To find the talisman Icon of Radagon you will have to go to the Academy of Raya Lucaria, the Legacy Dungeon located in the center of the Liurnia region. It's a gigantic building, so it's hard to miss. To enter the dungeon you will first need to retrieve a stone-chipping key: in the south entrance you will find a corpse with a map indicating a small islet to the west of the Academy. Here you will find the key, defended by a rather tough dragon. Fortunately, this is an optional boss and you can avoid the fight altogether. To do this without risking losing your feathers, use Torrente to get behind him via the left side of the island and collect the key from the corpse that is behind him.

Starting from the place of grace "debate room" (the one that is unlocked after defeating the first boss of the dungeon), exit north and once you pass the gate turn right, jump over the balcony stone and advance a few meters to find a ladder. Once at the top, continue until you see broken windows on the right, enter the building from here and proceed to the right to find a chest with the Radagon Icon talisman inside.

Elden Ring, the Location of Radagon's Plague Seal

Radagon's Plague Seal

Effect: Increases Vitality, Stamina, Strength and Dexterity by 5 points, but increases damage taken by 15%. An undoubtedly important penalty, but considering the boost to the statistics (and consequently also to the defense) the game is absolutely worth the candle.

The Plague Seal of Radagon is located in Fort Faroth, in the central area of ​​the region of Caelid, southwest of the mother tree, refer to the map above. Enter the fort and head left and go up the ladder. Once at the top, turn right and jump right into the clearing. Go ahead and drop into the second hole in the floor. Turn right and once around the corner (there will be a rat waiting for you) you have to jump onto the walkway that is behind you. Continue (watch out for the rats) and drop down the hole in the floor to go down to the floor below, where you will find a corpse wearing Radagon's Plain Seal.

Elden Ring, the location of the Godfrey Icon

Icon Godfrey's

Effect: Increases the damage of charged attacks of sorceries, spells and abilities by 15% (does not apply to bows).

You will get the Icon of Godfrey talisman by defeating the optional boss located in the "Eternal Galley of the Golden Lineage", located south of the Altus Plateau and east of the place of grace "Great Dectus Elevator". You will need a stone sword key to access the area. If you have completed the Legacy Dungeon of the Great Storm Castle it will not be a particularly complicated boss fight since the moveset of the boss will be familiar to you.

Elden Ring, the position of Ranni, thanks to which you will be able to access various secret arias of the game

Moon of Nokstella

Effect: increases the memory slots for spells and sorceries by 2. Not bad, but considering that in Elden Ring you can increase the slots thanks to the Memory Stones (here's where to find them all) the usefulness of this talisman is limited.

You will find the Moon talisman of Nokstella in the "Eternal City of Nokstella", a secret area of ​​Elden Ring which you will access from the River of Ainsel by advancing in the Ranni quest. You will meet this NPC at the "Spire of Ranni", reachable after exploring the Cariano Manor which is located north of the Liurnia region (refer to the map above). Starting from the place of grace "Nokstella, eternal city" (the main one), go up the stairs and advance making your way through the enemies. Cross the bridge and go up the stairs on the left (the ones from which a giant sphere descends). Enter the building and turn left and advance. You will arrive in a sort of chapel with three enemies inside. Eliminate them and behind them you will find a chest with Nokstella's Moon talisman inside.

Plague Seal of Marika

Effect: increases Mind, Intelligence, Faith and Arcane attributes by 5 points , but also 15% of the damage suffered. As with the Plague Seal of Radagon, this is a not inconsiderable penalty, but the stat boost is considerable it makes up for it.

You will find Marika's Plague Seal in Elphael, a secret Elden Ring Legacy Dungeon that it is located at the extreme north of the map and can be reached from "Order, the liturgical city" located north of the lands of the sacred Miquella Tree. Here you can unlock a portal that leads to Elphael by solving a puzzle that requires you to light four candles in the "eternal jail" located in the area. In turn, the Lands of the Sacred Tree Miquella is an optional secret region located west of the Giant Peaks accessible from the Great Hoist of Rold using the Secret Pendant of the Sacred Tree. This medallion consists of two parts, one you can find in Castel Sol (north of the Giants' Peaks) and the other in the Albinauri Village (south of the Liurnia region) interacting with an NPC disguised as a vase.

Once you get to Elphael advance until you unlock the "Prayer Room" place of grace. From here exit north and jump to the second stone beam on the right. Cross it and drop onto the ledge below. Go around the ledge and jump to the bridge below. From here again drop onto the ledge below and again to reach the ground. From here, head south (watch out for the abominations that appear) until you reach a sealed room that will require a stone sword key to open. Here you will find Marika's Plague Seal.

Dragon's Great Shield Talisman

Effect: Increases resistance to physical damage by 20%.

Dragon's Great Shield Talisman found in Elphael's Legacy Dungeon. Starting from the place of grace "Drainage channel" (just ahead of the one mentioned above), exit and turn left climbing the tree. From here, continue until you see a stone beam below you. Drop down on it and continue a few meters and then go down on the branch on the left. From here, go down a few meters and climb the stone beam to the left and then the branch to the right. You will come to a roof with a hole that you have to fall into to land on a beam inside the building. On the left you will find the chest with the talisman inside, protected by some enemies.

Elden Ring, the location of the Talisman of the Old Lord in Farum Azula

Talisman of the Old Lord

Effect: increase the duration of spells and sorceries by 30%. It is very useful with certain spells.

You will find the Talisman of the Old Lord in the Legacy Dungeon of Farum Azula in Shattered which you must reach by advancing in the Elden Ring storyline. Starting from the place of grace "Proximity of the great bridge" go out and go up the stairs. Once at the top, turn left (heading north) and continue straight ahead until you reach a balcony. On the right there is a ladder to go down to the lower level. Advance (you will most likely be invaded by an NPC) and you will find a chest with the Old Lord's Talisman inside, but be careful, it will be surrounded by some Farum Beasts.

Elden Ring, the location of the Favor Talisman Mother Tree +2

Mother Tree Favor Talisman +2

Effect: Increases HP by 4%, Stamina by 9.6% and maximum load by 8%.

You will find the +2 Mother Tree Favor Talisman in Leyndell, but only after completing Farum Azula in Shatter (an area that you reach by progressing in the final stages of Elden Ring). From the place of grace "Forbidden lands" take the backward path to reach the capital and take the elevator. Continue to the next elevator and get off. You will find yourself in a space and below you will notice an expanse of sand with various tree trunks sticking out of the ground. The talisman is located above the southernmost one. The problem is that to reach it you will have to deal with as many as three ulcerated trees (one wanders the area, the other two will pop out of the ground suddenly). You therefore have two options: eliminate them very calmly or ignore them and run like mad to the talisman crossing your fingers.

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