V Rising | Guide and Tricks to get started

V Rising | Guide and Tricks to get started

If you were looking for tips and tricks to start playing V Rising you are in the right place. The vampire-themed title is slowly gaining more and more approval from the vast audience of video game users. It may be due to the fact that when we discuss titles based on survival and the creation of objects we are in a very fortunate period, but the genre is always happier in people's homes. In the jungle of proposed works, one above all caught our attention and its formula tells of vampires and dark ages: V Rising. The latest effort of Stunlock Studios is refined and full of secrets, therefore an approach aimed at constant learning and improvement is recommended. We are here to inspire you and make you sail towards those goals in peace. Where do we start?

The guide is designed to provide tips and tricks to all those who want to approach the game easily or for those who just want to polish the knowledge they have learned. V Rising immediately rewards the player's skill and dedication and requires a bit of time to assimilate the mechanics. Fortunately, if in the past you have already chewed survival-style titles you will not find yourself disoriented in any way, otherwise we are there. The goal is to get to know the game in detail, but also to identify the best builds suited to your style, so as to face all the facets of the gameplay head on.

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As a good vampire, your character in V Rising doesn't like the sun. Such a threat will force you to take serious precautions so as not to fail in no time. The most obvious advice of all is to stay in the shadows, avoiding exposure, even if only for a very short time. The light causes extensive damage in a very short period of time and unfortunately the umbrella is not supplied. Lights and shadows alternate quickly on screen, so make sure you're safe before indulging in some healthy AFK. If you are not careful, your character will be surrounded by a dim light and then will be flooded with a sparkling beam, followed by a sound effect that will warn you of danger. You can also use the same trees scattered around the region to rest and stay out of the light.

The choice equipment will greatly affect the field experience in V Rising. A concept that will seem trivial to many, but here you will have to take into account not only the use you make of your arsenal against other creatures, but also how you use your repertoire to obtain materials. The choice of the weapon you decide to upgrade will have strong repercussions on the gameplay since, with each upgrade, it will allow you to acquire peculiar attacks capable of putting you in a particular position of advantage.

If you are in PvP it would be appropriate put your most precious treasures in your personal chest. Everything in the kingdom that you have built and built with so much love - and blood - can be plundered by your enemies during an invasion, so avoid carrying items that you may miss. Each evil ruler then needs his minions to run the shack and deal with unpleasant chores and luckily even on V Rising you can manipulate some unsuspecting NPC and then let him enter your castle. In addition to building the stronghold in a good natural position, perhaps close to primary resources, why not look for a small village nearby to bend to your will? Just leave them low on life and use the Dominant Presence on them, then that's it, but lead them to the castle!

What you drink strengthens you

Don't worry too much about the starting weapons you will have but, more than anything else, try to understand which one teases your vampire palate, before investing resources. A vampire's favorite drink? Grapefruit juice? No, blood and possibly fresh. In V Rising, your vampire's nutrition is not just for pandering to mythology, but allows you to gain significant gameplay benefits. Spread across the game map you will meet many different creatures and classes of humans: each of them will be able to donate benefits if you drink their blood. The perks can be movement speed, damage increase, sun resistance and more, but it's not a choice dictated by personal taste alone.

Some of the main missions or objectives in the game to achieve need the right one. preparation, so choose your bonus carefully before you venture out. If you don't want to go blind in your choice of blood, select the creature you came across to grasp its peculiarities. Moving to the lands of Vardoran is an exciting activity in several respects. Walking around the land is a great way to become familiar with the environment, but also to leave nothing behind. It will be the most tedious choice, but it is the most profitable one. There are mounts as a second choice, which we recommend the most, as they are definitely the most practical and functional way to optimize your time.

Getting your fangs and cloak dirty

No less important is the possibility of transforming into a ferocious animal and thus plowing through the wilderness. Poetic sure, but you will not be fast enough and the difference you will have compared to the human form with the blood that increases the movement is almost minimal. Once you've learned these tips, it's time to hit the road and complete quite a few missions in V Rising. Regardless of what you have mastered, it is advised to devote a large part of your time to completing the tasks that you can find on the screen, so as to become familiar and familiar with weapons and skills. In addition to refining your skills, the first few missions will give you the inputs you need to understand your unique style, then favorite weapons, mounts, favorite blood bonuses and other improvements.

Knowledge of the main environmental resources and the very first ones. interactions in the creation of items will allow you to evaluate your priorities during exploration, as well as the choice of what equipment you consider vital. The game map in this sense helps the player a lot since, unlike many other survival titles, in this the regions, and therefore the typical materials of that place, will never rotate around the map, guaranteeing you careful planning and points. reference for the creation of objects.

The final advice concerns the personal improvement of your vampire. As you may have noticed, scattered around the map of Vardoran, you will find very powerful enemies, who guard a noteworthy blood. Defeating the biggest bosses in V Rising is not only helpful in upgrading, but also in unlocking crafting blueprints. As we mentioned earlier, building your castle in the vicinity of primary materials is certainly essential for construction, but some things you will have to obtain in advanced missions or by taking down enemies of a certain caliber. The advice is to arm yourself properly and, once you have defeated the bosses on duty, return to the castle to evaluate the construction of new structures or refine some equipment. Always measure the experience carefully and keep in mind that the vampire's growth must go hand in hand with that of your lair!

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