Some Old School Games You Should Give a Try


The thing about old-school games is that they are pretty good because they offer something that most of today’s titles don’t. They come with good stories and nice mechanics which is why they’re popular to this day. So, if you’re looking for decent games to try, then you can go for these old-school titles:


Who doesn’t love a good Star Wars game? Knights of the Old Republic lets you take the role of the protagonist in a galaxy far, far away long before movies and TV shows. You’ll get to travel vast distances and go from planet to planet completing missions or visiting your nearest cantina for a round of Pazaak.

Pazaak is basically space blackjack because you’ll need a hand with a value of 20 or around 20 to beat your opponent. Blackjack remains a popular online casino game that lots of casino players enjoy online. There are other online casino games these sites offer and sites like cover these sites to help out casino players. The main thing about these sites and their games is to enjoy them responsibly.

The decisions you make in KOTOR dialogues will sway you towards the light or dark side of the force. This will also impact the game as you’ll get one of the 2 endings available. It’s a classic RPG game and a nice old-school title.

Half-Life 1 and 2

These 2 titles also belong to the sci-fi genre, but they take you to a different world. In the first one, you’ll get to meet the iconic Gordon Freeman, an engineer that’s late for work on his first day. Once you get to the lab you’ll start an experiment and everything will go wrong. A portal will open and all sorts of creatures will get in. The facility will start breaking down and you’ll need to get out of there and stop the aliens from spreading further.

The government will also send some soldiers to make your task more difficult. Once you succeed, the mysterious G-man will put you into stasis and wake you up in the second game. After you wake up you’ll get to enter a new world. Humanity has been conquered by the Combine, another alien race, and your job is to help them rise up and reclaim their planet. This game continues in 2 episodes that serve as expansions to the second one and give you some damn fine games to enjoy.

System Shock 2

What would happen if a virus would enslave humans to a hive mind and you woke up on a ship filled with them? This is a question that System Shock 2 tackles and gives you the right tools to deal with. You’ll awake after the virus has taken over the ship and you’ll get to battle it out with it. It’s a mix of horror and sci-fi, and if you don’t like the clunky graphics then you can just get some updates or wait for the remastered version of the game.


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