What Video Games Teach Us About the Future

The future can be grim, but it can also be quite good. The sci-fi genre tells us just how good or bad things can get in the future. This is most visible in lots of video games as they give you an interactive look into the future. You could take an active role in the world of tomorrow and change it for the coming generations. Here are some games and how they see the future:

Fallout New Vegas

Well, the fact that a lot of countries have nukes, makes nuclear fallout a possible outcome. But there are some people that survive in Vaults and others that try their luck outside. Ultimately, humanity survives and moves on. As a player, you’ll get to see what’s become of Vegas in this version of the future.

The interesting thing is that New Vegas hasn’t lost its entertainment value as the game has 5 casino establishments available. The Vegas of today is alive and well, although the industry is pretty much online. Sites like casinoburst.com offer a variety of casino sites with games to online casino players. The main thing about them and their games is to enjoy them responsibly.


Technology is advancing quickly and there are already people that can be called cyborgs. Most of them have lost limbs in accidents and these have been replaced with robotic arms. But people are willing to take this to the next level and at some time in the future, there won’t be much to separate us from machines. This is what Observer tackles throughout its story.

In it, you’ll get to play as an Observer which is basically a detective that keeps the regulars out of the way of the elites. You’ll get a message from your son while on a patrol and you’ll get to investigate. The thing about this world of tomorrow is that you can’t get a job without augments. The eerie part of this game is that you can connect to people’s brains long after they’ve died and take a peek into their consciousness.

This will show you the various demons that people keep hidden. It also tackles the question of consciousness and whether it can be transferred digitally from one person to another. But you’ll need to play the game if you’re looking to find out what it says about these matters.

The Mass Effect Franchise

Exploration of the universe is another thing that’s currently going on. Once we discover the Mass Relays we advance our technology a lot and get to meet other species and co-exist with them. The future is pretty much similar to today as there are various councils and politicians running them. In other words, this is a rather optimistic outlook on the future if you don’t count the invasions of various other alien species. So, coexisting with other species has its pros and cons which means some of them won't be that friendly.

Either way, the future remains unknown and anything can be possible.


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