Jurassic World: Domination focuses heavily on nostalgia, and thank goodness!

Jurassic World: Domination focuses heavily on nostalgia, and thank goodness!

Jurassic World

This time Jurassic World really wants to be Jurassic Park, Spielberg's first historical film from 1993. This time it not only has the conditions (there are dinosaurs created in the laboratory that inevitably get out of control) but it has its own development, it follows the steps , copies some solutions of escape from danger and pays homage to some shots. In short, this time Jurassic World does with Jurassic Park what Star Wars Episode VII had done with Episode IV, it takes it back to adapt it to new purposes, which in this case is the end of an entire saga. To seal it all, the three crucial interpreters of the original film will also appear: Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum. It could have been a sad operation, but instead it's really like reopening an old trunk and finding everything intact.

It goes without saying that that ambition to get closer to the first film is not even touched upon (but deep down they must have taken it in consideration too that it was more an ideal to strive for than really a model to be replicated) however Jurassic World: Domination in closing its trilogy finally finds a little sense and a little passion for what it does. The first two films had jumped from pole to branch, they had done everything to grab a giant audience with so much desire to please that they succeeded but without really offering anything captivating. Always a step behind the taste of the public and never able to stay a step ahead (like the best films) were films apparently directed by no one, devoid of personality, devoid of a little care, a saga that has repackaged the maximum of the already seen with a bow. Sometimes not even well done.

Now, however, thanks to the arrival of the three original interpreters, everything turns more. If Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have never been able to create a true believable chemistry, they never seemed really caught up in a love or even just (for heaven's sake!) Sexual tension, Laura Dern and Sam Neill instead, despite having a 'other age, dust off the ability already demonstrated in the first film to speak with body language, to show an understanding and a desire that has never been suppressed by glances, gestures, interjections and small movements. And it's a pleasure to see someone caught up in the usual escapes, dangers and dangerous actions, someone to care about, someone who seems human. Delicacies in a film that works for walking stereotypes and re-proposes in this ecological science fiction key the myth of America from the red bandanas that come out of the back pocket of jeans or bad guys with dirty hair.

So net of a writing that does everything to lower each element to its lowest common denominator, so that the result in the end is good for everyone everywhere in the world and above all it does not disturb any of the many sensitivities that exist on the planet, Jurassic World: The domination at least creates tension well. It is the model of film in which star power, that is the ability to make one's actors stars (if they are not already) counts more than writing, in which the show is not there to increase what there is to say or the conflicts. and the plot of the script, but for the show itself. The ambition to give strong sensations is the ultimate goal, while the previous ones only succeeded in parts, this third film seems more constant.

To get there, you go through a lot of revision. First of all, the myth of the most dangerous dinosaurs is reviewed (some of which are almost trained and tamed) and then it reviews the role of dinosaurs in the economy of the film, no longer a constant threat but now also species to be saved in a large and easy metaphor of the planet. in danger. the same time the arousal machine works. A big chase in Malta really well done and at least a handful of images that contain great ideas of tension speak for this film that instead if a weakness shows it is when it slows down the pace and tries to create some empathy towards the characters or even only towards the dinosaurs. The charm of the discovery is gone, as well as the amazement for what we see (after 6 films it would be really difficult to expect the public to be amazed again), at least we are left with the thrill.

Jeep, Universal Pictures partner to launch Jurassic World Dominion campaign

After three decades, Jeep and Universal Pictures are teaming up for another dinosaur-packed partnership. The two companies will launch a campaign around the upcoming Jurassic World Dominion ahead of its premiere on June 10.

In the movie, Universal Pictures uses a Jeep Wrangler, the Gladiator, and an older Grand Wagoneer. In its first movie 30 years ago, Universal Pictures used Jeep Wranglers, driven by Dr Ian Malcom to escape the dinosaurs. To date, the Jurassic Park movie and its following films have earned more than $5 billion.

Speaking about the movie itself, Jurassic World Dominion will see Chris Pratt take the lead role along with Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Sam Neill.

Speaking on the partnership, Olivier Francois, global chief marketing officer, Stellantis, said, “Almost 30 years ago, moviegoers saw Dr Ian Malcom escape danger from dinosaurs in the original ‘Jurassic Park’ film while riding in the back seat of a 1992 Jeep Wrangler.”

He added, “We paid homage to that iconic scene in the Jeep brand’s 2018 Big Game commercial, which then featured the new Jeep Wrangler, as the next extension of our relationship with Universal Pictures. Here we are now in 2022, and we continue to see the evolution of the Jeep brand around the world with electric plug-ins, including the Jeep Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe, which are quite literally charged for any adventure.”

In India, Jeep sells the Compass, the newly-launched Meridian, and the Wrangler which sits at the top of the lineup. Jeep does not sell the Gladiator in India, which is the company’s pickup truck based on the Wrangler’s five-door chassis.

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