6 toasters that will make you breakfast and snack

6 toasters that will make you breakfast and snack

Finding the best toaster that can change your breakfast or snack is not as simple as it seems. On the one hand, in fact, it is true that these gadgets have crowded kitchens since the nineteenth century; on the other hand, in 2022 reliability, low energy consumption, a certain attention to design and - in the case of a toaster - obviously quality roasting are expected from an appliance.

So that's all there is it is necessary to know to choose the best toaster for each need, without spending more than necessary but without even having to settle for a low quality product. In short, the idea is to get your hands on a small modern and capable appliance, which will remain supplied for years without needing to be replaced, repaired or updated.

The key characteristics To know which toaster to choose, the factors fortunately there are few to consider.

The number of slots determines how much bread it will be possible to toast for each batch. The thickness of these elements helps to understand what type of bread can be cooked inside. A multi-level power adjustment system helps to achieve the desired roasting level. Similarly, a sleep timer avoids having charred bread the first distraction. The fact that the elements in contact with food are dishwasher safe will help you use the gadget more willingly, without the preventive anxiety of having to clean it. Our favorites It remains true that not everyone dreams of spending hours scanning the offers of online stores in search of a bargain or the best product on the face of the web; for them we have put together a shortlist of some of the best toasters in circulation in 2022, choosing different ones and ranging by price range, design or functionality.

Philips Daily Collection HD2581 / 90 (Photo: Philips)

Let's start with a simple, functional and low-cost model. Philips Daily Collection HD2581 / 90 features a compact design (27.5 x 15.6 x 18.8 cm) yet opens to eight bread toasting levels up to 900 watts, can reheat or defrost and allow for easy cleaning.

27 , 49 € - buy on philips 26,99 € - buy on amazon Imetec TostaMaxi (Photo: Imetec)

For those looking for a toaster with tongs and with a larger space in the heating chamber, for example for stuffed sandwiches or for thicker slices, then you can opt for Imetec TostaMaxi, with a power of 600 watts, ten browning levels, 360-degree opening tongs and dishwasher safe (with crumb tray).

59.99 € - buy on amazon H.Koenig VIEW7 (Photo: H.Koenig)

As the name suggests, the peculiarity of H.Koenig View7 lies in the window on the side that effectively shows the cooking in progress. In this way it is possible to check the browning of the bread and, if necessary, to stop prematurely or to prolong the toasting. The body is in stainless steel and the controls are on the long side.

49.90 € - buy on amazon Severin KG 2394 (Photo: Severin)

The particularity of this model is clear from the very beginning. Aesthetics: it is a double plate for horizontal toasting, which in addition to making the toasts crisp can be used as a grill for cooking vegetables and meat, or for heating sandwiches. In the more expensive 1800 watt model, the upper portion can be placed on the table parallel to the lower one, to transform the plate into a spacious grill pan.

€ 29.99 - buy on amazon (800 W) 65 , 32 € - buy on Amazon (1800 W) Smeg Toaster (Photo: Smeg)

A great classic with a timeless charm: the Smeg toaster is among the best sellers even abroad thanks to an aesthetic that refers to the 1950s. With a stainless steel body in various glossy effect colors and three modes (gilding, defrosting and bagel), it certainly does not come with a cheap price.

€ 159.95 - buy on amazon Bugatti Noun (Photo: Bugatti)

Finally, a model that to define only as a toaster is perhaps an understatement, since it can also prepare dishes such as vegetables, meat and fish. Bugatti Noun uses high-resistance (Gth) transparent glass ceramic heating elements with variable widths from 8 to 35 mm, which exploit cooking by direct contact via far infrared (Fir) rays. The cooking temperature can vary from 50 to 300 degrees. It has an "extreme" price.

1800 € - buy on amazon

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