World of Demons: new game from Platinum Games available as a surprise

World of Demons: new game from Platinum Games available as a surprise

World of Demons

Platinum Games is probably one of the most loved companies by the modern videogame medium, capable of churning out titles with a strong playful and fun component. In fact, you will remember that period during the last year in which the Japanese company published a series of teasers to announce its next titles, thanks to the excellent response given by the games released recently including Nier Automata which was a real media hype. Despite this, the company has not yet revealed anything new regarding its most anticipated upcoming projects, namely the third installment of Bayonetta and the mysterious Babylon's Fall. But many of you have completely forgotten about another ambitious project: World of Demons.

Announced three years ago with a full-bodied 14-minute gameplay trailer, World of Demons turns out to be an action game set in feudal Japan . Graphically, it winks at the Capcom Okami masterpiece released in 2006. Surely this does not leave the fans of the Japanese company amazed, as Platinum Games was born from the old Clover Studio, a detachment that during the PlayStation 2 era led to the light of the little pearls never forgotten. Just in these minutes, Platinum Games itself has released a short movie stating that the title is out today exclusively on Apple Arcade.

This choice of release may seem alienating, given the lack of grip of this new videogame system, but perhaps in the future the game will be able to see the light on other platforms. To date, however, we have no further information regarding a possible release also for home consoles, which is a real shame because from the trailer you can see the goodness of this title both from the point of view of the gameplay and from the point of view of the strong component Japanese art. It really feels like a journey through Japanese art of the medieval period, with sketchy features but a strong spiritual component.

World of Demons by PlatinumGames out now on Apple Arcade

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As previously mentioned, the game certainly takes its cue from Capcom's Okami, but without forgetting the playful and frenetic way that Platinum Games has accustomed us to over the years. We are waiting for news regarding releases on other platforms, but in the meantime if you are the lucky owners of Apple Arcade, do not miss this little videogame pearl.

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Platinum Games Launches World Of Demons Exclusively For Apple Arcade

Platinum Games has finally released its mobile action game World of Demons, and if you're an Apple Arcade subscriber, you can play it for free right now.

In fact, World of Demons is exclusively available through Apple Arcade right now after previously being planned for launch nearly three years ago. The stylish 3D action game bears a striking resemblance to Okami, which some Platinum Games developers also worked on before leaving Capcom. It offers a twist on the premise seen in the Nioh games, with powerful Yokai wandering the world, but instead of simply attacking them, you're able to command a Yokai army as a skilled samurai.

The launch trailer shows the game's gorgeous watercolor-style visuals, with thick outlines on the characters and broad, sweeping effects for attacks. It should play well with the lesser power of devices like the iPhone while still maintaining the smooth and fast action Platinum Games is known for. The studio has primarily developed by consoles and sometimes PC up to this point, and World of Demons was in limbo for several years prior to its release on Apple Arcade.

And like Nioh, the game's monsters are certainly terrifying and grotesque. Some resemble aliens, while the serpent and cyclops monsters continue a tradition of bosses scaring the hell out of you before they even attack.

World of Demons is just one of several games added to Apple Arcade today. NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, The Oregon Trail, and Star Trek: Legends were all added as Arcade Originals, and a new 'timeless classics' category contains tried-and-true games like Backgammon and Chess.

Platinum Games is certainly staying busy. It's currently working on Bayonetta 3, Babylon's Fall, and as revealed yesterday, Sol Cresta. The shoot-'em-up game was thought to be a joke as it was announced last year during April Fool's Day, but it appears it's to be real.

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