Ice cream maker | The best of 2022

Ice cream maker | The best of 2022

Even if the summer is almost over, the craving for ice cream persists, pushing us to taste what is a food that everyone likes, young and old. Sometimes, however, you have the desire to eat a good ice cream without leaving your home, but the preparation of ice cream takes time and effort. Fortunately, there are ice cream makers, that is machines designed to prepare and store ice cream at home quickly and easily, as long as you rely on cutting-edge solutions.

As you know, in fact, there are different types of ice cream makers and not all of them are able to prepare ice cream in a short time, for a series of reasons that we will explore in the second part of this article. At the moment, what you are interested in knowing is that the best ice cream makers are the compressor ones, and it is on the latter that we will base our list of the best ice cream makers, since the models of this type are the ones that will guarantee you the best results. and preparation times much shorter than with crank or accumulation solutions.

Read also: Citrus juicer | The best of 2022 In addition, the latter require a freezer capable of dropping down to -18 °, a temperature that not all freezers can reach, one more reason to consider only compressor ice cream makers. Having said that, below we have created a list containing the best ice cream makers you can buy right now, a list that will be updated periodically if a new high-level ice cream maker is presented.

The best ice cream makers

De Longhi ICK5000 H.Koenig HF250 Springlane Elisa Springlane Elli Severin Ez 7406 Magimix Gelato Expert

De Longhi ICK5000

If you want to prepare an excellent ice cream with the minimum effort, the first ice cream maker that we suggest you consider is the De Longhi ICK5000 which, through its 3 modes, will allow you to choose whether to activate the ice cream preparation function, the movement of the batch freezer blades only or the refrigeration system, so that you can perform the right procedure according to the situation you are in at that precise moment. Thanks to its 230W, this model will ensure a constant temperature throughout the entire process, resulting in creamy ice creams, thanks also to the special patented blades. Finally, the 1.2 liter capacity of the basket will allow you to prepare up to 700 grams of ice cream.


H.Koenig HF250

The second model that we recommend to consider, as well as one of the best sellers ever according to the statistics of Amazon, is the H.Koenig HF250. The reviews of this ice cream maker speak for themselves and say that we are faced with a cutting-edge solution capable of satisfying the needs of the tastiest. It takes just over 30 minutes to get a creamy ice cream like that of your favorite ice cream parlor. The 1.5-liter basket will allow you to prepare a quantity of ice cream capable of satisfying many people, while the numerous functions, including keeping the cold, make this model part of our list dedicated to the best ice cream makers.


Springlane Elisa

If you need an ice cream maker with an even bigger basket, the Springlane Elisa is the one for you. The capacity of this specific model reaches 2 liters and it is difficult to find a larger ice cream maker, especially if you do not want to compromise on performance. Although it boasts a large basket, this solution manages to prepare ice cream in about 45 minutes, thanks to the powerful 180W motor. The practical accessories included in the package, including a dispenser, a spatula and a portioner, increase its value, prompting us to include this model among the best you can buy right now.


Springlane Elli

Similar to the previous model, the Springlane Elli is another ice cream maker that deserves to be considered because in addition to being a model able to meet your needs, it is also one of the least expensive. Like the previous models, this one will also allow you to prepare tasty ice creams in about 40 minutes. With its 1.2 liters, the basket is not the largest, but more than enough to prepare a quantity of ice cream or yogurt for a fair number of people. In addition, the transparent lid will allow you to check the status of the food without having to open it and, thanks to its practical opening, you can even add nuts, syrups and more with extreme ease.


Severin Ez 7406

One of the latest compressor ice cream parlors that we would like to recommend is the Severin Ez 7406, a model suitable for those who need a solution equipped with a large basket. As well as the Springlane Elisa, this specific model also boasts a 2-liter basket, which is activated by a powerful 180W motor. Made entirely of stainless steel, its ease of use is guaranteed by the top opening lid, while the large LED touch display will allow you to manage the various modes quickly and easily. Obviously, there is the self-cooling function that will allow you to prepare everything in less than 30 minutes, which makes it probably the fastest ice cream maker among those we have selected.


Magimix Gelato Expert

Another model that guarantees reduced preparation times and which boasts a large basket is the Magimix Gelato Expert. With its 2-liter capacity, you can prepare a large amount of ice cream and with the help of the compressor motor this will happen very quickly. The ice cream maker is made entirely of stainless steel which, in addition to making it resistant over time, allows it to be easily combined with the rest of the environment. Rich in accessories and easy to clean, this model is undoubtedly one of the best in its category, to be considered for parties and lunches outside the home.


How to choose the ice cream maker

After discovering which are the best compressor ice cream makers, it is time to understand how to choose this type of machine to satisfy your ice cream needs. As anticipated in the initial stages, it is very important to distinguish the types of ice cream makers, since they make a huge difference in terms of performance and ease of use. Furthermore, being household appliances, it is essential to check the motor power, which must fall within a certain minimum range if you want to be sure of taking home an adequate solution for various purposes and, above all, preparing food quickly. Another aspect to consider is the size of the basket and some fundamental functions, although the latter are found in most compressor models.


If you have read the first part of the article, you will have already discovered that there are 3 types of ice cream makers; crank, accumulation and compressor. As you will remember, we have advised against you to evaluate the first two types, since they are not ice cream makers able to satisfy the most demanding. The crank solutions, in fact, have the characteristic of being operated by hand and, consequently, the final result will not be obtained in a short time, also thanks to the fact that it is necessary to put the basket inside the freezer in order to refrigerate it. an operation that takes several hours.

A storage ice cream maker, on the other hand, allows the blades to turn independently, but there remains the compromise of inserting the basket inside the freezer, since these solutions do not have a self-refrigerating system , And this is why we recommend choosing a compressor model which, in addition to making preparation much faster, is the one that offers the best results.


Since a compressor ice cream maker must take care of the refrigeration, in addition to the movement of the blades, it is necessary to check that the motor has sufficient power to manage the work load and finish the preparation phase in a reasonable time. To achieve this, it is advisable to check that the motor delivers over 100W, possibly reaching 150W if the basket of the ice cream maker is large.


Although the objective of these ice cream makers is not it is certain to sell ice cream, a huge basket is not necessary, also because most of the space occupied by the machine comes from the mechanical part, therefore implementing a large basket would have a great impact on the final dimensions of the ice cream maker, which is not ideal for use domestic. However, since in all likelihood we will be in excellent company during the tasting, it is good to consider models whose capacity is at least 1 liter, which is enough to prepare about half a kilo of ice cream.


Ice cream makers do not have many functions, since they focus on a very specific purpose. In any case, when evaluating the purchase of a compressor model, it is preferable that the latter has the function of maintaining the cold which, as you can easily guess, will be useful when you want to keep the ice cream out of the fridge. as long as possible.

Ease of cleaning

As you know, hygiene is essential when preparing this type of food. Some paddles in the ice cream maker are dishwasher safe, but most parts will need to be hand washed and thoroughly dried before being used again. In addition, the ice cream maker must reach room temperature before placing it in a cupboard to prevent condensation and mold from forming. Some models have automatic cleaning tools, but if your appliance does not have one, we suggest using bottle brushes to clean the smaller crevices.

What can you do with the ice cream maker?

If you need something to cool off in the summer months or if you want to impress your guests by offering them exciting flavors, an ice cream maker can do all this and more. Owning this appliance at home is ideal if you are trying to avoid certain ingredients or not always go to the ice cream parlor. With an ice cream maker you can therefore create new, exciting and daring combinations of flavors without the need to go to dedicated places, thus also saving important figures.

An ice cream maker, especially the more sophisticated ones, is not limited to making ice cream . The models that we have shown in our personalized list can also be used to make sorbet, yogurt and much more. Most brands include a series of recipes in the manual that will give you an idea of ​​the number of desserts you can prepare with this machine. Some models even come with dedicated settings for specific recipes, while others include a variety of paddles for optimal results.

Should I buy an ice cream maker?

For most people, the Ice cream makers are not essential kitchen appliances, so it may be difficult to justify the purchase. However, these are very fun products to use and we must not forget that a large number of people eat ice cream all year round. If you can find a model that fits your space, an ice cream maker will then be a welcome addition to your kitchen.

The size of an ice cream maker depends on the amount of ice cream it can make. When buying an ice cream maker, therefore, you need to keep in mind how much ice cream you are going to prepare. The most popular models have a capacity of 1 or 2 liters, which corresponds to about 8 cups of ice cream at a time, but there are also models designed to prepare single-serving portions, as well as those with a 6-liter basket.

Choosing to buy a generously sized ice cream maker is a wise choice for a large family or for those who usually prepare large portions of ice cream for their parties. The larger models, however, tend to be less efficient in handling small portions of ice cream, a factor that prompts us to advise you to focus on compact solutions if you usually try new recipes. In summary, if you love ice cream and have the space to accommodate an ice cream maker, then the purchase will be worth it, even if using this appliance requires some planning and patience. Once you understand how the product and the basic technique for making ice cream works, you can have fun combining flavors and adding ingredients.

More about the ice cream maker

Here are some things to consider before buying an ice cream maker.

They are large: you will need a lot of space on your work surface and a large area to store the appliance. Be sure to check the dimensions of the ice cream maker and measure the space you have available before purchasing a specific model. They are noisy: even the quietest ice cream maker will emit a constant buzz. More sophisticated models will make little noise, but the noise of entry level solutions may be heard outside the kitchen even with the door closed. They are heavy: due to the internal components, ice cream makers tend to have an important weight, higher than that of a microwave oven. A factor to be taken into consideration, especially if the support surface cannot hold more than a certain weight or for those who usually move the appliance whenever they need to prepare an ice cream.

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