5 new apps for Android not to be missed

5 new apps for Android not to be missed

Here we are back with a new review of useful / interesting apps for your Android device. The applications we present today are all recently released and at least three of them are aimed at helping you be more productive. The remaining two, on the other hand, are perfect apps to give a more personal touch to your smartphone and make it more functional at the same time.

For each app there is an indication relating to the cost and the possible presence of purchases. in-app. All the apps in question can be found on the Google Play Store except for one, Lockscreen Tasks, which can be downloaded from figma.com. Find the direct download link at the end of each paragraph.

Palette: Home Screen Setups

Cost: free / contains in-app purchases

Download Palette: Home Screen Setups from the Google Play Store

Edge Card Launcher: Side Panel

Edge Card Launcher is an overlay side panel that allows you to access a series of shortcuts (to your favorite apps , to the voice assistant, to the media player controls ...) from any screen, by simply swiping your finger on the edge of the display or by tapping twice on the edge.

Download Edge Card Launcher: Side Panel from the Google Play Store


The best way to take note of your thoughts is through your voice. Voiceliner is useful for taking voice notes that are automatically transcribed and can be searched quickly without having to listen to them again one by one.

Cost: free / no in-app purchase

Download Voiceliner from Google Play Store
Cost: Free / contains in-app purchases

Download Cache - Neatly store any info from the Google Play Store

Lockscreen Tasks

Very similar to Cache is Lockscreen Tasks, an app that allows you to access your list of reminders directly from your smartphone's lock screen. According to a research conducted by Asurion, in America, people check their mobile phones on average 96 times a day: this statistic can be used in our favor, if we install one of these two apps that have the goal of increasing productivity. Unfortunately Lockscreen Tasks is not available on Google Play, but you can always download it from figma.com.

Cost: free

Download Lockscreen Tasks from figma.com

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