Fifa 23, the first news for the last time by Electronic Arts

Fifa 23, the first news for the last time by Electronic Arts

Fifa 23

The transfer market has begun, the championship will follow it in less than three weeks, kicking off that season that will be characterized by the first time: a World Cup to be played during the championship, freezing the standings and postponing all speeches to what will come next. epiphany. With the imminent kick-off, therefore, it was necessary to begin to immerse themselves also in the reality of Fifa 23, the farewell between Electronic Arts and Fifa, ready to separate after many years of success, as well as a great recovery against PES, carried out quietly and materialized for more than five years.

Fifa 23 will be the most inclusive chapter of the saga ever, both to keep up with the times and to be able to go all-in with the Fifa license, which - as we said - will be available for the last time in the history of the franchise, waiting to welcome EA Sports FC. The details on the most specific modes of Fifa 23 will arrive in the coming days, in this dense agenda of in-depth contents that will follow one another in August, accompanying us until the beginning of the Serie A championship, but in the meantime we can start talking about everything we will find controller in hand.

Three identical versions for Fifa 23

Let's start by talking about cross-play, confirming that it will be possible to compete between consoles, including the PC, which will finally catch up with console versions current gen. Instead, what must be taken into consideration is that it will no longer be possible to compete between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as between Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, not being able from a technical point of view to create an environment in which to put on the same. plan the different versions. In addition, as another feature, we will have the opportunity to play both the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the Women's Soccer Cup, which will be played in Australia and New Zealand in 2023.

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The caress of the foot to the ball

What seems to be promising is certainly the renewed system of set pieces: there is no doubt that every year Fifa is trying to work to make punishments more and more credible. If in the 2022 edition the management of the goal animation was hands in hair, now we will be able to decide, thanks to the right analogue, where to hit the ball, so as to decide which trajectory to give it. Do you want to do Pirlo's Cursed? Now it is possible. Also try the one à la Roberto Carlos in France - Brazil and let us know if it works. Similarly, Fifa wanted to reintroduce the concept of timing in shooting with Power Shots, obtained by pressing the key to finish with L1 and R1 together. No QTE, therefore, but a simpler and more immediate combination, to be customized according to the key you use to run.

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Generic photos Well, for now Fifa 23 has been able to present us some news that can make the wait juicy when we will tell you how the Career mode, Volta, Pro Club and of course the highly anticipated FUT have been changed and have been customized. A little more patience and we will be able to tell you about it adequately, reminding you that Fifa 23 will be available from September 30 on consoles and PC.

FIFA 23: Comparison video shows difference in graphics to FIFA 22

As is the case around this time every year, the hype for the new FIFA is building.

Millions of fans are keeping a close eye on what is new for the upcoming game.

This will see the end of an era come even closer as FIFA is to change to EA Sports FC indefinitely. For now, though, FIFA 23 is all that matters!

It is hard to look beyond one of the cover stars when it comes to the newest features. Alongside Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe is Chelsea and Matilda’s forward Sam Kerr. The Aussie is at the forefront of the women’s game and she is leading her teammates into the new era when it comes to video games.

Previously, you could only play as several of the national teams, from the USWNT to the Lionesses. Now, though, the Women’s Super League and the Ligue 1 Feminine are entering the fold with Kerr a two-time Golden Boot winner in the former, having spearheaded Emma Hayes’ unstoppable Chelsea side.

Focusing on the graphics now, though, and with the official FIFA 23 trailer as the reference point, the discussion begins about the improvements from one game to another.

When comparing the current games to that of the early 2000s, the differences are scary in truth.

These games are now so impressive that the differences are much more minimal. They are improved all the same, though, as can be seen from 22 becoming 23 with the new season fast approaching in real life too.

Everything is that little bit crisper as per this FIFA 23 trailer, the grass is greener and the pixels are more detailed and precise.

In an attempt to constantly freshen things up, the free-kick graphics have changed slightly with the players’ stats featuring from a brand spanking new view.

With the likes of Catarina Macario and Chloe Kelly under the microscope, hair is so much more realistic in such a minute change, but it has been done to great effect all the same.

Of course, the new kits and whatever else is in place for all the clubs, but the facial details have been enhanced once again too.

PSG and France forward Marie-Antoinette Katoto, along with some of her fellow countrymen and women, including Macario, Mbappe and Karim Benzema have an even more realistic facial structure.

The crème de la crème of the male game were already well catered for, but it seems that their female counterparts have been brought up to scratch as well, which is great to see.

All in all, whilst FIFA may have a strong grip, a monopoly even, over the football and gaming market, they continue to step up the graphics from head-to-toe, quite literally.

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