Naraka: Bladepoint, the preview of the new Holoroth map

Naraka: Bladepoint, the preview of the new Holoroth map


It's been nearly a year since Naraka: Bladepoint debuted on the market, bringing a breath of fresh air to the Battle Royale market. The very action and frenzied combat vision of the sword has fascinated several players. The market has supported 24 Entertainment which now, after its debut in the world of eSports, has also brought Naraka to the Game Pass. For the occasion of the game's anniversary, one of the surprises ready to debut in the game will be a new map: Holoroth.

We have seen the new scenario in action and we will tell you about it in our preview of Naraka's Holoroth map : Bladepoint.

Oriental art

Naraka: Bladepoint: frenzied action on the ice Artfully, Holorth is far removed from Morus Isle, the previous map. Although the size will be roughly the same, the biomes that make up the playing field will be very different. The morphological structure will be centered on five points of interest interconnected by connecting sections of various kinds. The basic idea, however, is only one: to offer greater verticality.

The five points of interest will be: Plumed Castle, Mehtaab Desert, City of Tang, Empyreal Village and Yushan Ruins. Different environments that will bring different playful interactions, but also well-defined artistic facets: warm and oppressive environments in the desert, fascinating snow-covered expanses and tents in the village and finally, for example, a castle full of mystery and history.

Walking around the map (we have not seen any fights) offered us an overview of the care taken by 24 Entertainment in positioning each element to fascinate and stimulate the player. As we know, the artistic basis of the game takes references, without any distinction, from all oriental cultures. This choice emerges strongly when observing the architecture of the buildings and continues the work done on the previous pitch, offering a truly sensitive continuity.

Puzzles and traps

Naraka: Bladepoint: the Phoenix symbol of the new map In terms of gameplay, although the fights have not been shown within the map which is still being refined, we have been able to see the mobility within its biomes and the new environmental interactions. The idea is to guarantee players numerous possibilities: narrow places in which to ambush, sequences of holds for quick escapes with the grappling hook and large spaces for lovers of open-field combat. All with a greater focus on verticality. The choice of the castle and the immense tower located in the desert are an example of how the will was to amplify the number of situations in which players can move upwards.

Two types of interactions have also been included: traps and puzzles. The former serve to stratify the combat and are consistently incorporated into the setting (the gimmick on a rail in the desert, or the spikes in the ground in the castle for example), while the puzzles serve as a reward for the most astute players. The developers have in fact included in certain settings some puzzles that, if solved, can offer extra legendary loot. Also interesting is the new climate cycle in the game that will exploit the various biomes to insert unpredictable elements that can influence the progress of the games. An example will be the snowstorms in the Empyrean Village area.

It will debut in the game on August 19th, but Holorth has all the potential to be a much loved map by players. The developers did not want to unbalance the issue of map rotation and therefore we will have to find out if Morus Isle and Holorth will live together forever or not, but in the meantime 24 Entertainment is preparing to celebrate a first great anniversary.


New very interesting interactions Well connected and stimulating biomes Artistically always excellent DOUBT It must be tested during the fights Have you noticed any mistakes?

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