VALORANT: Tier List of Agents and current Meta for each game map

VALORANT: Tier List of Agents and current Meta for each game map


We recently told you 5 tips toa> improve your performance on VALORANT. Today instead we want to talk about current Tier list and Meta, therefore, which Agents are strong among the players and which among them it is better to select to compose an effective quintet at 360 degrees in each map.

But what is meant for Tier List and Meta? As for the Meta (acronym for Most Effective Tactics Available), this term is used to generally indicate the best tactics available in the game, always referring to the changes made to the title by the developers. In the case of VALORANT, we are therefore talking about the best composition of the team in a given map, the combined use of equipment and operator skills and so on.

As for the Tier List, we mean a ranking of all the agents based on their use and their effectiveness in the game, which in the following article refer to the 5.01 patch of the game (of which we leave all the updated details at this link). We then go through each rank of the VALORANT Tier list and map to discover the most useful (and used) Agents and the current Meta of the game.

Tier List: Grade S Agents

Jett, one of the most used Agents Let's start with the highest grade on the VALORANT Tier list, Grade S, which sees Chamber, Jett, Kay / O and Fade. Chamber is currently VALORANT's golden boy due to his incredible versatility. Our Guardian can move thanks to the nodes placed on the map, collect information on the position of the opposing team, cover long areas with the sniper but at the same time put a lot of pressure with his revolver. The fact of being able to equip a heavy pistol and a sniper rifle, in addition to the chosen weapon, make Chamber the perfect joker of the situation, as well as representing an Entry Agent for newbies interesting: of course, the fact that he does everything a it might confuse newcomers, but if nothing else, it will allow you to experiment with different play styles without investing your initial resources on multiple Agents.

Jett is heavily used due to its mobility. It must be said that this Assassin is not the only fast girl on the roster, also because she is Neon to be nicknamed "the lightning bolt". But the mix of mobility, smoke and ultimate offensive make her a much more flexible Agent than Neon, where her synergies and abilities are much more situational.

With the balances foreseen in patch 5.01, Kay / Or he takes the leap in quality and goes to Tier S because he too, like Chamber, turns out to be flexible and adapt to different game strategies. As a Demoman, Kay / O plays a support role in the team, but very aggressive as the only real Agent with heavy crowd suppression skills: we are talking about a breakthrough tank, capable of supporting his teammates and hitting those teams if necessary. who play in very tight formations, usually difficult to knock down due to the massive firepower (in most cases, very close teams are also those who communicate with voice chat, therefore very well coordinated in game actions). In addition, her Frag // ment ability can now hit and knock down targets even beyond obstacles, making it the perfect counter for Killjoy's turrets.

Let's close Tier List S rank with Nightmare Queen Fade, definitely an excellent scout and perfect forerunner. Her abilities allow her to spot enemies quickly on the map and flush out opposing defenders safely, without forcing the team to expose themselves too much. Furthermore, his powers possess a strong synergy with those of other Agents in Tier S to A, such as Breach or Raze.

Tier List: Agents of Grade A

Yoru is one of the Balanced Agents from patch 5.01 And speaking of Raze, we open the list of grade A agents, in which Skye, Sova, Breach, Viper, Yoru and Neon also appear. Raze is perhaps the most niche in Tier list A because it was designed for only one purpose: to inflict a lot of damage. Raze cannot be used in cover, much less can it remain in the rear, but she must be used in the open in the hope that her action will be the decisive one. If your strategy is stamina, Raze may not be the perfect Agent, but with a Fade to provide her with useful information or a Kay / O to pave the way, her explosive abilities can make a difference.

Skye is a great alternative to Fade if Fade's abilities aren't right for you. We are talking about a forerunner capable of disorienting opponents and acquiring information safely and quickly, not to mention the possibility of healing the team or protecting it with the ultimate in search. Remember that Skye's predator jumps, so she's really useful for exploring around blind spots and hard-to-reach areas.

If you're feeling traditional, Sova is the recommended choice. This Agent always remains very popular and present in high positions in the Tier List, not only because it is included in the initial pool of Agents, but above all because it is a classic "easy to learn, hard to master" character: we are sure that the blond Sova will give you various satisfactions. , and it will be some time before we see him at the edge of the Tier List.

Like Kay / O, Breach is also a breakthrough wrecker but, in our opinion, he earns one degree less than the bulk robot because of an element that makes the difference: communication with the team. If you are satisfied with playing Breach sufficiently then you can turn off the microphone and use only the internal communication system pings, but if you want to play this Agent well then you will have to get out of your comfort zone and communicate, because Breach's area attacks they are extensive, and the danger of doing too much damage lurks around the corner.

On the contrary, we find Viper, an Agent that is certainly useful and even essential in some maps but perhaps has become not very stimulating over time. Don't get us wrong, a main Viper in the team is always welcome, but the angles and points to be covered with the skills of the American scientist are more or less always the same, and vary only according to the strategy of the opposing team. It goes without saying that those who have been playing this Agent for a long time certainly have a superior knowledge of maps and firing lines, a know-how that is always useful and that if exploited to the fullest it brings a huge advantage. This is why we think that Tier A is still more than legitimate for Viper: if you are a methodical player who hates surprises, she is definitely the most sensible choice.

And finally we come to Yoru and Neon, in Tier A for the same reason. We cannot ignore the fact that these two Agents, with the Assassin / Duelist role, are currently the preferred choice of those who play in Solo queue, i.e. those who prefer a solitary approach to team play. While Neon's Skill Kit is very situational, while bringing her self-sufficiency into the hands of the right player, Yoru turns out to be a more flexible choice, adapting well to both aggressive and tactical play styles. The small balance brought by patch 5.01 then makes it even more interesting.

Tier List: Grade B Agents

Sage is still indispensable today Let's move to the bottom of the Tier List by switching to grade B, which includes: Omen, Brimstone, Sage, Phoenix and Reyna. Omen and Brimstone are two Agents who are rarely seen in unranked games lately. We do not know if the motivation is due to their respective smoke placement skills, which are slightly more complex to manage than a simple smoke grenade, or because players are simply focusing on higher Tier Agents.

Sage continues to be very strong, also because the only one able to significantly modify the map thanks to its crystal wall. Her support and care skills are still very valuable, but to really work well, it takes a player with an altruistic spirit and a little bit of sacrifice on the other side. She remains essential for all those groups that make resistance their winning weapon.

Phoenix and Reyna all find themselves in the same condition: they are good Agents but, currently, there is always someone else who can do their job, bringing with them some extra benefits. Phoenix, however, has received a small buff since the last patch: will we see him climb the Tier List in the coming months?

Tier List: Grade C Agents

Astra is a very strong Agent but Few people use Having reached grade C of the VALORANT Tier list, it is good to remember once again this very important concept: the Agents that we find closing the ranking, which by exclusion are Killjoy, Cypher and Astra, are not here because they are weak or inadequate. The perfect example is Astra who was the most chosen Strategist / Controller in the maps of Ascent and Split at the Masters in Copenhagen. Like Breach, if not more, we are talking about an Agent who needs a lot of communication to be played at its best and her kit is not always understood on the fly by newbies.

Killjoy and Cypher share, like others Agents before them in this list, a similar fate, that is to be easily caught off guard by opponents. Killjoy in particular, has always possessed almost indestructible abilities since his arrival: now it is very easy to resist them, especially to turrets, with that indirect nerf represented by the enhancement of Kay / O's kit. The same fate also touches Cypher, with abilities that are currently easily countered.

Let's now go into detail in reviewing the Meta of each single map of VALORANT.


Ascent, one of the Spike placement points (courtesy of Riot Games) The Ascent map is certainly one of the most iconic in the game. Two Spike placement points (A and B) and a long "mid" corridor in the center. The idea is to have a mix of mobility and reconnaissance with agents able to move suddenly (Jett and Omen) from one point to another, staging a fake Spike placement and then quickly reaching the rest of the group, and agents in able to provide information such as Chamber and Fade.

Recommended team: Jett, Omen, Kay / O, Fade and Chamber.


The insidious alleys of Bind (courtesy of Riot Games) Also in the case of the desert map Bind, we find two points of Plant, but in this case we have a series of narrow alleys a compose the central area of ​​the map. The basic idea of ​​the quintet is to have a "flexible" team of agents, capable of intervening in different situations. The focus is to prevent the correct visibility of the key points, for this ability able to exploit the blind spots of the tunnels are more than welcome. Finally, with Chamber you can take advantage of the few long lines of fire on the map.

Recommended team: Raze, Chamber, Viper, Skye and Brimstone.


Breeze Beach (courtesy of Riot Games) The Breeze coastal map always offers two Plant points, but a series of wide open spaces to fight in. The main idea is that of area control. Information, control of spaces and long shooting paths, this must be your mantra and communication between team members must be constant. It will not be easy to approach but it will certainly provide you with advantages.

Recommended team: Sova, Kay / O Chamber, Viper and Jett


The central cableway of Fracture (courtesy of Riot Games) Fracture is one of the most complex, also characterized by the central cable car. The idea behind it is that of slowing down the opponents and staying alive as much as possible in order to get to the fight in the final minutes without losing any men in battle. Sage and Chamber are the pivots on which to rotate the quintet.

Recommended team: Omen, Raze, Sage, Breach and Chamber


The balustrade of Haven Three plant zones for the oriental flavor map, Haven. The main idea is to obtain information on the opponent's position to build coordinated action accordingly. Jett is your loose cannon. Her 1v1 can make a difference if she's left to go out on her own to get around enemies or position the Spike.

Recommended team: Killjoy, Sova, Omen, Jett and Breach.


A glimpse of Icebox map (courtesy of Riot Games) The most vertical map of all VALORANT. Icebox is very complex to deal with, especially if you are unfamiliar with the game. Also in this case the quintet must be able to deal with situations of control but also sudden changes of strategy due to unforeseen situations. Long trajectories for Chamber and Sova, control for Viper, support for Kay / O and finally Jett's agility to change the fate of the clashes.

Recommended team: Jett, Viper, Kay / O, Sova and Chamber.


Pearl is the latest map introduced in VALORANT (courtesy of Riot Games) Pearl is the latest addition to the VALORANT maps, and offers a mix of large areas and very close. Currently the most used strategy by players is to advance in a compact and tight way, so the suggested quintet is perhaps the most aggressive seen so far. Little control, a lot of action. Fade is the keystone and herald of the team: with his reconnaissance skills he must provide as much information as possible to the other agents, guaranteeing easy kills and bringing the numerical advantage in his favor. At that point the situation management is structured accordingly.

Recommended team: Jett, fade, Omen, Raze and Kay / O

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