Deceive Inc. - Proven

Deceive Inc. - Proven

A few days ago we at had the pleasure of previewing a fun title of the indie scene, it is Deceive Inc. developed by the software house Sweet Bandits, a small team located in Québec with a great desire to do.

A fun spy game

Deceive Inc. is a multiplayer title where we will play the role of a spy and we will have the task of infiltrating a structure by overcoming the various security systems to retrieve a briefcase containing valuable information and then escape from the place aboard a flying Aston Martin, all obviously with the persistent threat of other players who will have the same goal as us, we could play both alone and in a team of 3 people, the only difference between the two modes is that in the team version once on the ground you can only be revived once by a teammate before being permanently excluded from the game.| ); }
Each area will be marked with a color, green for the staff area, blue for security agents and finally purple for scientists. To be able to open the doors and access these areas we will be asked for a certain amount of information, scattered around the map we will find terminals, tablets and recorders which, once hacked, will provide us with a precise number of information, once the required number will be enough go in front of the door and interacting with it we will consume the information collected until then, the process could be long and laborious but it is good to know that around the map there are hidden keys that will instantly open the doors of their relative color without consuming ours sweaty currency.

To facilitate our intrusions, you can choose at the beginning of the game two gadgets that can help us in our intent or we could use to hinder our opponents, ranging from inflatable cubes that repel players, to viruses that we can plant in the terminals that are used to collect information that will show the location of the unfortunate spy who found herself using it. There are also different types of spies, each with their own unique abilities to allow for different styles of play in each match. Deceive Inc. promises to be a very fun game to play with friends and alone, thanks to hilarious gadgets and a healthy dose of action!

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