Finally available the LEGO set dedicated to the Horizon long neck! Buy it now!

Finally available the LEGO set dedicated to the Horizon long neck! Buy it now!

After a long wait, we are happy to inform you that, starting today, 1 May 2022, the beautiful set that the Billund company has created in collaboration with PlayStation, and dedicated to the "Collolungo", one of the most iconic, is available on the Lego Store. machines featured in the Horizon series which, with Horizon Forbidden West, has now become a favorite of the PlayStation audience!

A long-awaited set, which from today can be yours at a price of € 79.99, with fast and guaranteed shipments, as per tradition for the Lego Store. Our tip? Buy it now without thinking too much, since we are sure that, thanks to the success of the recent videogame, this set will literally be snapped up, soon becoming unavailable!

Made together with PlayStation and the Guerrilla Games team, so as to present itself with the highest possible fidelity, the Collolungo by Horizon Forbidden West is a set consisting of 1222 pieces which, even in the photo alone, already fully reflects the beauty, but above all the dimensions, of the so-called creature seen in the two games starring Aloy.

Obviously, the set also includes the latter, armed with her trusty spear, and complete with a pretty diorama to surround the scene, which increases exponentially not only the stability of the set, but its beauty too.

Designed as a display set for adults, the Horizon set is 34cm high, 23cm wide and 17cm deep. Rich in detail, it includes Aloy, an observer, and an exhibitor who, as mentioned, acts as a diorama to the set, and includes a brick birch tree, tall grass and even a rusty traffic light wrapped in a vine because, let's remember, the game is set on a planet Earth that survived the collapse of the human race.

Read also: Open world video games | The best of 2022 Really beautiful and with a price, all in all, more than acceptable for such a set, the Collolungo set is one of those Lego-themed purchases that must be done, especially if you are PlayStation players passionate about Aloy's story. Our suggestion, therefore, is to buy it immediately, before the product goes out of stock and then you have to wait for the technical times of a restock. Having said that, we suggest you take advantage of the set on the market right away to grab one, which you can do immediately via the product page. our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports and Chinese products. Happy shopping!

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