Horror games | The best of 2022

Horror games | The best of 2022

The horror genre has gone through a period of severe crisis in recent years. In particular, we refer to triple A, since it is undeniable that the indie scene has instead been inundated with productions, from the boom of Outlast to games such as Friday the 13th: The Game. In recent years, however, things have changed a bit, thanks to the return in style of Capcom and the master Shinji Mikami.

In this article we will select the best five exponents of the genre, examining the last six years of releases, virtually all of the current generation. Before we get started, we suggest that you also check out the best storytelling games.

The best horror games

Resident Evil Village Dying Light 2 House of Ashes Alan Wake Little Nightmares II Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 7 Remothered Alien Isolation The Evil Within Outlast

Dying Light 2

Generic Photos True, true, Dying Light 2 isn't pure horror, it doesn't try to terrify the player with anxiety-inducing solutions. It is a very fun action game, which makes parkour the backbone of the experience. Despite this, some moments of pure tension sometimes come out: at night, for example, the world of Dying Light 2 changes radically, becoming very dangerous to navigate. The infected, therefore, are able to transmit a little fear, and we are sure that lovers of thrills, zombie stories and highly adrenaline-pumping moments will find bread for their teeth.

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House of Ashes

Third installment of the Dark Picture Anthology collection, House of Ashes is a cooperative and story-driven horror that allows you to play both locally and online: up to five players locally, a maximum of two online.

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