The Seven Deadly Sins: Ellie's Elizabeth cosplay is angelic

The Seven Deadly Sins: Ellie's Elizabeth cosplay is angelic

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most popular series of recent years, so much so that it has given life to a sequel, Four Knights of the Apocalypse, which has recently arrived in Italy in paper format. However, it is difficult to forget the protagonists of the original work by Nakaba Suzuki and in this regard today we offer you the Elizabeth cosplay made by Ellie, model and big fan of the character, so much so that she is known on social media as boarhats_bestgirl, a name that is all a program.

Elizabeth is one of the main characters of The Seven Deadly Sins. Princess of the kingdom of Liones, she will join Meliodas, the captain of the "Seven Deadly Sins", a feared order of former knights, hoping to find the other "Deadly Sins", save her family and restore order and peace in the kingdom.

For her new cosplay of Elizabeth, Ellie has seen fit not to wear the usual (but always appreciated) clothes of the Boar Hat maid, proposing instead an angelic version of the character, characterized by a white dress with a red bow and a showy pair of seraphic wings. The result is very successful, both in terms of costume and wig, that she poses and photographic composition of the shot below.

If you are looking for other cosplay inspired by anime and manga characters we suggest Raphtalia from The Rising of the Shield Hero by vahnilly and Yor Forger from Spy x Family by Larisssa Rochefort. Changing genre we recommend the nice cosplay of Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 in the Italian senator version of nymphahri with the shots in front of Palazzo Montecitorio and Chigi.

What do you think of the cosplay of Elizabeth from The Seven Deadly Sins in the angelic version by Ellie? Please let us know in the comments.

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The Seven Deadly Sins sequel anime finally confirmed to be in production

Following a series of leaks last week, The Seven Deadly Sins sequel anime “Four Knights of the Apocalypse” has now been confirmed to be in production.

Anime leaks are commonplace on social media and whilst the vast majority can be disregarded, there are a few times when leaks don’t come to the surprise of the community.

That was certainly the case last week when fresh rumours began circulating that the highly popular anime The Seven Deadly Sins would be followed by an adaptation of its sequel manga.

Thankfully, those leaks have now been confirmed with the news that an anime adaptation of Four Knights of the Apocalypse is in the works!

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  • The Seven Deadly Sins sequel anime “Four Knights of the Apocalypse” is in production

    On May 7th, popular and reputable anime leaker and industry insider ‘SugoiLITE’ tweeted out that the sequel manga to The Seven Deadly Sins series, “Four Knights of the Apocalypse”, was in production.

    The Book of Queer | Official Trailer | discovery+

    Whilst all anime leaks and rumours should always be taken with a heavy pinch of salt, especially on modern social media platforms, SugoiLITE is widely known to be one of the most accurate sources of unconfirmed information out there.

    Thankfully, the rumours were finally put to bed yesterday, May 10th, when The Seven Deadly Sins sequel anime “Four Knights of the Apocalypse” was officially confirmed.

    “The Seven Deadly Sins” series 10 anniversary! TV animation decision !! Finally <Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse> All-Member Assembly!!!! Visiting the fourth prophetic knight, Gawain!!” – magapoke via Twitter.

    Four Knights of the Apocalypse is set several years after the conclusion of The Seven Deadly Sins and focuses on a new main character called Percival. One day, Percival discovers that he is prophesied to be one of the four knights who will bring an end to the world.

    As a result of this foreshadowed destiny, the Kingdom of Camelot hunts Percival as he tries to find the other three knights with the help of Lancelot – a warrior from Liones and the son of Ban.

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  • Speaking on the production of Four Knight of the Apocalypse, Hiroki Kaji (Meliodas) said that “It makes me very happy to know that the world that Meliodas and his friends fought and defended with all their might is now connected to the next generation.”

    “In this work, Meliodas is the “father” of the main characters. Nine years ago, when I passed the audition for the “Seven Deadly Sins” anime, I would never have dreamed of this world line (laughs). While enjoying these various changes myself, …… first of all, I would like to congratulate Percival on his departure in a big way! Percival-kun! Take care of my son!” – Hiroki Kaji, via pocket.shonenmagazine.

    Amemiya Ten (the voice of Elizabeth) added that “Characters from “The Seven Deadly Sins” also make an appearance, and I hope that one day Elizabeth will also appear in ……? I’m looking forward to hearing more about it, and I’ll be waiting for more news!”

    “Congratulations on the anime adaptation of “Four Knights of the Apocalypse”! I have only played the role on the tape I sent in during the audition, but it seems that Tristan has an important role to play, so I am personally very much looking forward to it. I am personally looking forward to playing the role of Tristan, as it seems that he will be an important character.” – Ayumi Murase (Tristan), via pocket.shonenmagazine.

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  • The original “Four Knights of the Apocalypse” manga

    The Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga series began serialisation back in January 2021, with a total of six Tankobon volumes being published in Japan – volume 7 is scheduled for May 17th.

    Kodansha is releasing the series for English readers, with three volumes currently being available to read both in physical and digital form. Physical copies of the series can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Bookshop, Hudson Booksellers, Indiebound, Kinokuniya, Penguin Random House, Powell’s, Right Stuf and Walmart.

    Digital copies can be found via Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Book Walker, Comixology, Google Play, Izneo, Kobo, MyAnimeList and Nook. The Seven Deadly Sins sequel manga is also available digitally as a simulpub title on Crunchyroll.

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  • A new movie and video game arrives later this year

    This year, fans of The Seven Deadly Sins franchise are looking ahead to some big drops, including the release of a new theatrical movie and more information about the upcoming video game.

    A two-part film called “The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh” was announced during Netflix’s Festival Japan event in November 2021 and is set to focus on Meliodas’ son Tristan. The movie is scheduled to premiere in 2022, but neither a specific nor international release date has yet been confirmed.

    Similarly, we know that a new video game was announced earlier this year, but a launch window has not been shared. Titled “The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin”, the new game is an open-world adventure that will be available on Microsoft Windows, Steam, iOS and consoles.

    “Following the success of ‘Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’, ‘Seven Deadly Sins Origin’, which is being prepared as a sequel, offers a multiverse original story and an open world with a high degree of freedom. This game contains a new protagonist and the adventures of various characters appearing in the Seven Deadly Sins and Apocalypse, and can be enjoyed on multiple platforms, including mobile, PC, and console.” – Preview, via Netmarble.

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