PS5: will a historic IP be one of the first games in the service of Sony?

PS5: will a historic IP be one of the first games in the service of Sony?


With the acquisition of Bungie and the related confirmations that emerged during the presentation of the financial results of the last fiscal year, we already know that PS5 will be able to count on several games at the service. Although there is absolute secrecy about which games will be launched over the years, over the last few hours an indiscretion may have revealed at least one.

According to the insider and former journalist Colin Moriarty, Sony is preparing the return SOCOM for PS5. For those unfamiliar with it, SOCOM was a first person shooter series, created by Sony and which was exploited for the online services of PlayStation 2. Subsequently, the franchise moved to PSP and PlayStation 3, but is now absent from the scenes. for 11 years. Sony's new strategy, however, must have made us think of a return of the brand, which can still count on a very loyal niche of fans.

Mortiarty has declared that SOCOM will return to PS5 in its Discord channel. Obviously at the moment this is a statement that is not confirmed, but the feeling is that Sony can actually prepare something to launch its new live service games. On the other hand, the Japanese giant has stated that 10 titles belonging to the genre will be published between now and 2026 and it is therefore very likely that there are many projects in development.

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PS5 Controller May Be Getting a Big Upgrade Soon

A new PlayStation patent is making the rounds and it's because of its implication. On the surface level, the new patent seems to hint at one of three things: a big and somewhat strange upgrade coming to the PS5 controller, the PS6 controller, or a PS5 Pro controller. Of course, all of these possibilities would be exciting for PlayStation users, who just got a big revision with the DualSense, which broke away from the tried and true DualShock formula. Many assumed this would be the only evolution of the PlayStation controller for some time, but it looks like Sony is, at the very least, tinkering away on some bold new ideas. 

A new Sony patent has surfaced and it's for a video game controller. Now, the patent makes no mention of the PS5, but it's safe to assume at the very least this is PlayStation related because why else would Sony be filing patents for controller technology. As for the patent itself, it's for a collapsable control stick.

'A controller, thumbstick, or system comprising a thumbstick body, a thumbstick shaft coupled to the thumbstick body wherein the thumbstick shaft is configured to retract into the thumbstick body and wherein the thumbstick body and the thumbstick shaft is freely rotatable together around a pivot center within the controller body,' reads an excerpt from the patent. 

The patent was filed on June 22, 2021, but was only published this month. So, it's pretty new, but it remains to be seen if it will graduate from concept to actual product. Not only does it sometimes takes years for patents to come to fruition, but they often never evolve past the conceptual stage. Sony has filed a metric of gaming patents that we never heard from ever again. 

At the moment of publishing, Sony has not commented on this patent, it surfacing, nor the speculation it has created. Typically, it doesn't comment on anything pertaining to its patents, so we don't expect it to comment on this one, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. 

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