On Pixel 6 the portrait mode is revolutionary: Google reveals the "trick"

On Pixel 6 the portrait mode is revolutionary: Google reveals the trick

On Pixel 6 the portrait mode is revolutionary

"Portrait Matting" is the name of the process of extracting a matte that allows you to precisely separate the objects in the foreground from the background of an image. In addition to the film industry, this technique is also used extensively in photography, with Google recently adopting it to improve portraits on the Pixel 6.

In the case of traditional portraits, the image is segmented binary, with a single pixel that can belong to either the foreground or the background. This type of segmentation, however, cannot handle scenes that contain subtle details like strands of hair and furs.

Unlike the others, these updated mattes are extremely accurate too. in those situations where it is difficult to obtain an optimal separation between the foreground and the background. This represents a real revolution for those who have particular hair (for example very curly and fluffy) and go in search of the perfect selfie.

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Another advantage of Google's Portrait Matting is the elimination of "green leaks" (visible in the first image of the comparison above).

To produce a perfect portrait, Portrait Matting is trained using a high quality data set generated through a custom volumetric capture system (“Light Stage”). Compared to previous data sets, this is more realistic and allows the lighting of the foreground subject to match that of the background. These sets include a large number of poses, silhouettes and scenarios that Portrait Matting can build on to create “top-notch” portraits with every single detail separated from the background and in perfect focus. All information on this new technology is available at this link.

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