As Dusk Falls has all it takes to do well | Tried

As Dusk Falls has all it takes to do well | Tried

In addition to the big triple A and first party games, the latest Summer Game Fest allowed us to take a look at As Dusk Falls. The title is the first game from British developer INT./NIGHT and is now in the pipeline for Xbox and PC consoles. Day one is in fact set for July 19, 2022 and a little more than a month after its release we had the opportunity to try a build of the game, happy with the first chapter (or book) thanks to the Tribeca Games Festival and yes: we are right away. fall in love.

It may seem exaggerated, but in a period when it usually doesn't shine for big triple A game releases, As Dusk Falls has all the features in order to offer us an experience in line with the genre of narrative adventures and become, in fact, one of those games that can keep you company throughout the summer. This is thanks to a fairly particular graphic style and a writing and engagement technique that can potentially be above other very similar games. Without wasting any more time, let's go to the discovery of this first contact with the title.

Two families, two stories, one result

As Dusk Falls begins with the story of a family on the run: the loving father, who takes care of his daughter, the grandfather and his wife, looking for a new life after an episode ( still not clarified) which led to his dismissal from his job. An accident with a truck and the camera moves quickly towards the second family protagonist of this story: unlike the first, the three brothers are on the road to a theft in order to change their lives, made up of betrayals, reformatory and an existence bordering on crime and with few social opportunities. The two families will meet again, with an unexpected existence that will weave the future of the gameplay according to their choices. The story is in fact spread over a span of ten years and everything will be based on the choices made by the various protagonists of the events, but unlike other games, users do not control a single protagonist, but have control over the whole affair, with change of views and perspectives that vary according to the choices made.

As Dusk Falls does everything (surprisingly) well

First of all, movement is completely absent. The characters move almost in stop motion, with fast artworks that tell the scene. Difficult to put into words, but there is hardly ever a time when we can pick up the pad and physically head to a place. This choice, accompanied by an atypical artistic style, pushes us to interact with the analog sticks and a single button for selecting the interaction. At a precise moment in the demo, we are asked to choose between two rooms: a bedroom and a study. With the analog stick we choose the room and enter. At this point, if there are no particular encounters, it will be possible to choose which element to interact with and subsequently everything will work as in the other exponents of the genre: from the insertion of a safe to a quick quick time event, the choice and fate of the character that we are "controlling" will all depend on us. This obviously adds to the key and determined choices for the adventure, highlighted as the crossroads. The game warns us when it is time to make a fundamental choice for the plot. These crossroads not only affect gameplay, but often open the door to new narrative gimmicks. Choosing to stay with one person over another could make us discover more about the characters and thus enrich our gaming experience.

The 45 minutes spent in the company of As Dusk Life have certainly convinced us. Despite this, some aspects of the game, such as multiplayer and the actual weight of the choices also on the final are aspects that will only be analyzed once we have got our hands on a definitive build of the game. For the moment, the first encounter with the game is certainly positive. The hope is that what we have seen will be able to hold up even for the hours necessary for the conclusion of this adventure.

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