Differences between the UK licensed bookmakers and those available in other countries

The internet allows people who want to bet online to use gambling operators all over the world. Although most companies look the same because they offer different options, the brands in some countries have a few specifics. For example, if you want a safe game in the UK licensed bookmakers, you will come across a variety of bookmakers, many of which set the trends in the online betting industry.


Everyone with some experience in online betting knows that the UK is one of the most interesting countries regarding the available platforms. This place has traditions when it comes down to betting. Hence, many things make the bookies here a lot more special, which is why we will go over some of them.


The top operators in the UK are much older than those in other countries


Since the UK was one of the few places where betting was legal, many top-tier companies have been operating for many years. In fact, this place is home to the oldest brands in the business, some of which have more than 80 years of experience. 


Of course, every old gaming company started as a land-based betting shop. Interestingly, many of those places continue to offer those shops because people in the UK often use them to place bets. Fortunately, they also have top-rated betting platforms that include a variety of sections and options.


The gambling sites that want to work in the UK need to have a permit from the UK Gambling Commission


Usually, every betting operator that wants to accept online punters must have a license because this proves it is legit. Some sites have multiple licenses, but most operators only use a single permit.


Since obtaining a license is not always easy, many people choose some of the popular offshore zones like Curacao. Although this permit lets most sites operate in different countries, this is not the case in the UK.


Bookmakers and casinos who want to accept players from this country need to go through the process and get a permit from the UK Gambling Commission. The latter is one of the most reputable and popular names in the business.


Applying for a license requires the iGaming operator to have certain things. Make sure to learn more about the process on https://www.nettcasino.com if you are interested in it.


The betting companies in the UK focus on sports betting


The fact that a given website falls into the category of a “bookmaker” doesn’t always mean it only offers sports. In fact, most of those places have many different betting categories like casinos, live casinos, poker, and more. 


This is also true for the iGaming companies in the UK, but those places have one specific - they focus more on sports. Whether you are interested in football or any other popular sports, you can’t deny that sports play a crucial role for many people in the country.


The fact that football is the biggest sport for online betting in the UK is probably not surprising. With that being said, horse racing is also highly sought-after because this sport has long traditions among online punters. That’s the reason why almost every online betting operator allows people to put those things to the test.


Every online bookmaker in the UK uses the fractional odds format, but some places have even more options


As you probably know, the UK uses a different metric system than most European countries, at least for some things. That’s one of the reasons why even the online bookmakers have a specific UK format for their odds.


Also known as Fractional, this odds format is trendy in the country show on https://www.nyecasino.me, as well as in a couple of other states worldwide. With that being said, no other country in Europe uses them, which explains why some of the best online bookmakers in the UK offer several other odds formats, including Decimal and American.




The UK is home to some of the betting companies that other brands aspire to. Most places have been around for many years and provide people with a variety of offers and good features. Hence, other bookies often look at them for ideas.


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