The new Roomba that automatically vacuums, washes and lifts the cloth

The new Roomba that automatically vacuums, washes and lifts the cloth

The new Roomba that automatically vacuums

Roomba Combo j7 + is the new iRobot robot vacuum cleaner that can clean and wash floors, carpets and rugs in complete continuity thanks to a mop-cloth that can get up in case of need. Not only. The new iRobot OS 5.0 operating system introduces new features and improved artificial intelligence. This year the company celebrates 20 years and probably Colin Angle, president and CEO, has been waiting for this birthday to revolutionize the 2-in-1 segment as well.

"To date, many robot vacuum cleaners and cloth 2 -in-1 offered a poor user experience because they required separate and time-consuming cleaning jobs or because they created more clutter by not fully lifting the cleaning pad high enough to avoid carpets and rugs. Roomba Combo j7 + uniquely solves both of these challenges, "said Keith Hartsfield, iRobot chief product officer.

Roomba Combo j7 + is bookable from today while deliveries will start from 4th October. The list price is 799 euros, while if you want to combine the Clean Base as well, the total amount is 999 euros. A fairly competitive offer if you consider that the package consisting of the top Roomba S9 +, Braava Jet m6 and Clean Base costs (in promotion) 1499 euros.

Roomba Combo j7 + in detail

Roomba Combo j7 + is characterized by the ability to vacuum and perform its tasks in a single session: it vacuum rugs and carpets while washing the floors. In practice, it constantly detects the surface and in the presence of carpets and rugs raises the wet cloth. The PrecisionVision navigation system, which uses a camera, allows not only to map rooms but also to recognize more than 80 common objects: in this way cleaning can be more accurate and peripheral than litter boxes, dishwashers and other household items. There is also the detection and subsequent bypassing of cables, clothes, shoes, socks, backpacks, pet bowls, pet toys and solid pet waste.

iRobotCombo j7 + is compatible with the Alexa voice assistant, as well as devices enabled to support Google Assistant and Siri. In practice, the robot can be ordered vocally to clean specific rooms or near objects in the house. The platform is capable of understanding about 600 voice commands. Obviously, it is possible to customize the activities, choose the rooms, the type and intensity of cleaning, routines, etc. through the app.

The novelty of the intelligent cloth

iRobot underlines that 2-in-1 competitors usually allow a few millimeters to lift the cloth, with predictable negative side effects for rugs and carpets. The Combo j7 +, on the other hand, is the only model that, thanks to two fully retractable metal arms, is able to raise the cloth above the main body "preventing unwanted wet messes", as the company pleasantly claims. So in fact it proceeds with the suction, then when it has to wash a crescent-shaped portion of the upper surface it unhooks and reveals a velcro cloth which it then drags.

The robot also detects when a cloth and the detergent water tank is full, then automatically switches to washing mode. In short, the cloth should not be attached after vacuuming. The operations of suction and then cleaning with a damp cloth are practically simultaneous. Obviously, all this can be programmed and / or even customized down to the smallest detail: for example, you can choose the level of humidification of the cloth.

In combination with the Clean Base there is a complete system capable of automating even disposal of dirt. The closed bag of the station should allow for a replacement every 60 days.


iRobot 5.0, the intelligence of the robot evolves

The latest version of the iRobot software boasts new and more powerful features . For example, the smart maps (Imprint Smart Mapping) built by the robot with its daily activity allow it to automatically detect and proactively recommend Clean Zones around dishwashers, toilets, ovens / stoves, litter boxes and pet bowls. If desired, the user can customize their Smart Map by designating specific cleaning areas and just say for example "Alexa, tell Combo j7 + to clean the toilet".

The Roomba j series are able to detect and avoid even more obstacles on the floor: and they will recognize and avoid pet toys, pet bowls, litter boxes and backpacks, as well as previously supported items such as shoes / slippers, socks, lanyards, headphones, clothes, towels and solid pet waste . Now by pressing the Skip button on the app or using the Alexa voice interface, you can skip rooms or areas to prioritize and reduce noise, perhaps in the area where you are smart working.

Finally Apple users will be able to create Siri shortcuts for direct room cleaning and manage saved favorites from the iRobot Home app. In practice, you can ask for interventions in the living room or kitchen or say "Hey Siri, clean up after dinner".


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