Sneakers | The best of 2022

Sneakers | The best of 2022

Sneakers are excellent allies during your days, whether it is to support you during any type of training or to walk from one side to the other for work or study, it makes no difference. Therefore, finding a good pair of sports shoes is essential, it is a purchase that must be weighed according to your specific needs and the reference model. Within the article today, the aim is precisely to be able to guide you in purchasing a perfect product for you since the types of sneakers are numerous and, differently from what you might think, all very different from each other. In our guide we will explain in detail the features to be observed with extreme attention and we will show you some of the most valid and interesting models on the market.

First and foremost, a pair of sneakers must be comfortable, ready to withstand tensions and with good breathability to actually be a good quality product. As mentioned, there are different varieties of sports shoes that can be divided according to some technical characteristics, the materials used, the shape and much more. This is because, in addition to being able to accompany you in everyday life, these articles are often designed to support you and your feet in specific sports practices. Some examples may be tennis shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes and many others, created precisely to help you manage your training in maximum comfort and safety.

Read also: Sports Smartwatches | The best of 2022 You don't have to be particularly rigid in evaluating these aspects just in case you are thinking of using them mainly for normal walks or as everyday shoes. So, let's see some articles, differentiated by versatility, type of sole and much more, before going into the details of the many technical characteristics that can influence your final choice.

The best sneakers

New Balance 574 Core - the most versatile PUMA Tazon 6 - for running PUMA Uproar Hybrid Court ASG Fade - for basketball Nike Phantom Vsn Elite DF SG - for football New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V11 - the most cushioned

New Balance 574 Core - the most versatile

These New Balance are characterized by the iconic silhouette typical of the 80s, a real must have in your shoe rack. It is a model that exploits the beauty and safety of the "classic" with the most modern technologies, combining the best of retro style and the latest design elements making it an ideal option for every day and for all occasions. They are extremely versatile, not only for style but also for the shape that combines a road shoe with a trail running shoe. The 574 model was born as a running shoe and, over the years, has continued to make its way onto the market becoming one of the most comfortable shoes to carry everywhere.


PUMA Tazon 6 - for running

The PUMA Tazon 6 running sneakers are designed to keep you on the ground in an extremely stable way, even during the most agitated movements. Obviously, they are equipped with excellent cushioning that guarantees safety for your foot during deadlifts, supporting them and ensuring optimal grip on virtually any surface. The PUMA branded model has been carefully designed to keep you off balance, while managing to give you greater lightness, grip, arch support and breathability than many other models available on the market.


PUMA Uproar Hybrid Court ASG Fade - for basketball

The Uproar Hybrid Asg are an extremely comfortable, safe and aesthetically flawless option for those of you who are looking for footwear suitable for basketball. As you well know, the shape and the tightness of a pair of similar shoes are fundamental for the optimal performance in the game and, not least, thanks to the high and narrow neck at the right point they avoid incorrect and dangerous movements during the games. The PUMA model features a mesh upper that makes them light and super breathable, a heel puller for ease of use, a comfortable insole and a rubber outsole for maximum grip and traction.

Nike Phantom Vsn Elite DF SG - for football

Nike has made these shoes using a synthetic material that offers excellent performance both in terms of both wet and dry soils. The excellent quality performances are ensured by the studs placed scrupulously in order to guarantee an excellent control of the ball and a fast but very firm movement. At the same time the lack of laces is what you need to have maximum safety during all movements on the field.


New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V11 - the most cushioned

Within our list, the New Balance are back again but this time in the most cushioned version or with the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v11 model. It is an excellent training shoe for different distances. The separation of the outer sole from the midsole is due to the Fresh Foam X technology which makes the shoe very light and comfortable, favoring absolutely unparalleled shock absorption. It is therefore the perfect pair of shoes if you are looking for maximum cushioning and breathability, essential elements for those looking for high quality performance even during a long run.


How to choose sneakers

A properly thought-out choice of sneakers is important in order to guarantee you a good sporting performance without compromising the general health of your back and joints, whether for working all day standing or for practice running or basketball. It is therefore essential to choose the right model that best suits your specific needs. On the market there are shoes of different material, shape and intended for different uses. Sneakers are usually made of light and very comfortable technical materials, designed to give the foot the right support in order to be able to give the maximum in every movement with the minimum effort.

For this reason shoes are made for the gym, for running, for walking, basketball and so on. Furthermore, most sports shoes are equipped with modern transpiration systems that allow the foot a pleasant sensation of freshness even after very prolonged use. Therefore, when choosing, you will have to carefully evaluate the materials, the performance of the shoe, the levels of cushioning and much more. In our guide we will carefully explain what are the most interesting features and also how to evaluate them with particular attention to the use you want to make of them.

What will you use sneakers for?

The first question to do at the time of purchase is: what kind of activity should I do with the new sneakers? The type of training you engage in really makes a difference at the time of evaluation, as many characteristics that are good for certain sports are drastically incorrect for others. This is because each sport is practiced on different terrains, often in variable climatic conditions and through different body movements. So, only after understanding if you are looking for a specific model or a versatile sneaker for every day can you actually begin to look carefully. pay attention to what are the perfect characteristics based on the movements related to the sport you intend to practice. For example, for training with high intensity interval intervals (ie HIIT) with intense and explosive movements in all directions such as jumps, squats and lunges, you need footwear designed to absorb impact very well, while being very light and stable. So you need a model with strong lateral support to help stabilize the foot, good cushioning to absorb shock, a solid and low profile for stability, and a wide and flexible forefoot to allow the foot to naturally stretch and flex.

The situation is different for basketball, in which you will have to better evaluate the support offered to the ankles even on the basis of the style of play and the role you occupy in the field. In fact, each role should use a support of the right height also taking into account your physical characteristics. In the case of football activities, you will have to choose a model that ensures excellent stability and excellent lightness, without forgetting that the terrain on which you are going to play must also be carefully observed. For weight lifting and muscle training, however, you will have to focus on stability, grip and power to optimize your movements to the maximum. Some athletes prefer to train barefoot for natural stability, other people prefer a shoe that offers a firm grip on the ground, so as to have a stable base that prevents slipping and that has a good supportive upper and a stiff sole. >

Which type is more versatile?

We know that you are wondering and that many of you are not looking for a running shoe or a soccer shoe, but want a product designed to do "a little of everything "without feeling the need to change the model. In fact, among the most suitable footwear for a greater parterre of activity, there is undoubtedly the typical cross training shoe that provides stability and a certain absorption of the shocks that take place in the gym, including training on treadmills and spinning. br>
So if you are looking to focus on one or two specific workouts, or want to improve your performance in a particular practice, we strongly advise against purchasing a generic product.

The number and the way they fit

Obviously not all sneakers and brands fit exactly the same way. For this reason, when buying a product of this type, it is good to try and carefully evaluate the greater or lesser fit of each type of product. Obviously, a certain way of fitting is also closely linked to the type of shoe and the type of exercise for which it is designed. A basketball model, therefore, will have a very different fit than one for tennis, for example.

So, some shoes are specifically designed to withstand sudden weight changes, special efforts and maybe even take advantage of a different insole, designed specifically to improve your performance during sports or during a walk. Looking at the lower area of ​​the shoe, the greater or lesser processing of the sole ensures adequate grip with the ability of the shoe to adapt to the ground in the best possible way, guaranteeing maximum comfort during your exercises.


The best sneakers available on the market have a highly breathable mesh upper. This is a detail not to be underestimated and not to be taken for granted even if you plan to use them for long walks or to assist you during any day. This is because, thanks to a breathable upper, it is possible to obtain proper air circulation so that the skin of the foot remains fresh and dry. Thanks to the greater comfort ensured by this feature, it will be much more pleasant to train even for a long time and you can avoid annoying foot problems, often caused by humidity due to excessive sweat accumulation.


During the exercises of your training and even during a simple walk, or a day of work, many movements are made that create vibrations and shocks that are also quite important for our feet and our body. For this reason it is essential to carefully choose sneakers that can guarantee the best cushioning. The insoles that ensure this aspect are those made of gel or memory foam and allow you to greatly minimize the effect of shocks, since they absorb all the vibrations we have talked about. Therefore evaluating a good level of warning is fundamental regardless and, if you are interested in running shoes, it will be essential to evaluate the purchase of particularly comfortable footwear from this point of view.

Materials and shape

Even the choice of the right materials is absolutely variable according to the type of use you will have to make of your footwear. In case you are thinking of turning to a versatile product, also perfect for everyday wear, it makes sense to opt for leather which is a very resistant material. In case you are aiming for more specific footwear, taking into account particularly breathable materials can make the difference in the success during your training. The line and shape of the model is also closely linked to the materials, which include many other features including strength, comfort and weight relief. An ankle protection and insole in viscoelastic material contribute in the same way to making both a walk and a run more pleasant and safe.

Some shoes even have an internal gel designed for this purpose, practical and with a yield and an additional cushioning effect. In addition, having laces and strings available to tighten your foot with greater or lesser force, can offer the user an adequate closure and excellent hold in the fragile area of ​​the instep. This is a key feature if you play sports such as basketball. In addition, there are models that aim at a very elasticized shape, favored by canvas or other light materials, so as to avoid the inconvenience of having to continually tie and loosen the shoes. Resistance and durability are therefore closely linked to materials and models, as well as to the type of use you decide to make of your purchase.

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