Tupperware | The best of 2022

Tupperware | The best of 2022

Buying containers to store food in is a very worthwhile investment. Not only if you usually bring great recipes with you to work, but also if you are looking for the perfect products to keep them, in the fridge or freezer. Finding the correct and most convenient way to preserve food for a long time is in fact a problem that should not be underestimated and every age has tried to find the most appropriate solution. In fact, nowadays it is really impossible not to have a food container at home, be it plastic, glass or steel.

Each model has specific characteristics, suitable for a particular type of use , such as storage in the freezer, fridge and much more. Among the various options, today we will focus on one type of containers in particular, which have become commonly used thanks to the period of enormous diffusion of plastic: we are talking about Tupperware brand products. These are kitchen items so well known that the word Tupperware is now used to indicate any type of food container. The brand in question owes its success to the American Earl S. Tupper who, following the discovery of polyethylene, exploited all the advantages provided by plastic.

Read also: Planetary | The best of 2022 The material, in fact, lends itself perfectly as it is odorless, very light but also very robust, therefore perfect for storing food for a long time, maintaining the right consistency for a longer period of time than the others. For this reason, in the now distant 1944, Tupper founded Tupperware by launching the first Wonderbowls, or round containers with airtight lids, on the market. Like many other great revolutionary ideas, the company's products did not immediately have great success. Gradually, starting from the 1950s onwards, the containers in question have become a real must have in the food sector and obviously many different models have been created. In the final part of our guide we will talk about the wide variety of Tupperware you can choose from and we will show you all the features to carefully analyze during the purchase phase.

The best Tupperware

Clarissa Panorama Container Penguin CrystalWave Plus Fix Hit-Parade Panorama Penguin AOS-1602

Clarissa Panorama

In this case we are not talking about a single Tupperware but an excellent set with a very affordable quality / price ratio . By purchasing it you will receive 1 container of 2 liters dark blue Dark blue 19 cmx11.5 cm, 1 of 1.5 liters Blue 19 cmx8.5 cm and 1 of 1 liter in turquoise color 19 cmx6 cm. These products are made of rigid and semi-transparent material, so they are a perfect option to keep your food in the fridge, dividing the various preparations by quantity.


Penguin Container

We are talking about a single container designed with a perfect rectangular shape to save space in your freezer. The product is made with a flexible material, characterized by the exclusive Color Control technology that helps prevent stains inside the container, often caused by various kinds of sauces. In addition, the soft material allows you to make the model fit when food expands during freezing. Obviously it resists cracks and breaks down to -25 ° C and its hermetic seal helps protect food from dry air and prevent spills and the infiltration of odors from other foods.


CrystalWave with dividers

There is nothing better than healthy, homemade food, even when you're at work or on a trip. This is why the Tupperware CrystalWave with dividers is the safest and most versatile model you can find on the market. From the refrigerator to the bag, then directly into the microwave, this model is a real versatile dish resistant to any temperature as well as small and compact 29.5cm x 6.5cm. The internal lining is stain-resistant and the presence of 3 compartments, one of 600 ml and two of 400 ml, make it ideal for controlling your portions. Furthermore, at the end of use, you can easily wash it in the dishwasher.


Hit-Parade Panorama

Let's go back to talking about an excellent set capacity, medium / large size, with 3 containers perfect to be stacked and take up as little space as possible. Obviously, these Tupperware products ensure maximum airtight closure and, unlike the Penguins models, they are all 3 of the same capacity of 0.6L. The bowls are semi-transparent to identify the contents easily, even when it comes to different ingredients.


Penguin AOS-1602

This set of Tupperware food containers belongs to the Pinguino line, a guarantee for hermetic containers designed for storing food at low temperatures. The set includes 5 containers with a rectangular base of different sizes: two small of 450 ml, two medium of 1.1 liters and one long and flat of 1 liter, therefore ideal for storing foods of different shapes and quantities. All containers are suitable for storage in the freezer and for washing in the dishwasher. They have smooth internal walls, which make it easier to unmold the food inside, and are made with BPA-free and flexible material, to accommodate the increase in volume of food at low temperatures.


How to choose Tupperware

Now, in detail, we will explain in detail what are the characteristics to be evaluated with extreme attention during the purchase phase, starting with quality materials, versatility and the right capacity. Below we will see even more precisely how the Tupperware brand really adapts to certain basic criteria and what are the peculiarities of its products.

Use Materials Form Capacity Versatility

How to use Tupperware

From pantry, up to the microwave and freezer. There are many options on the market that you can decide on. Among the most popular lines is the Penguin, widely mentioned in our article. Other flagship products of the brand are the stackable bowls that in addition to being functional are also able to save us a lot of space in the kitchen. Another category to mention is the travel category, perfect for a packed lunch or to bring your favorite food to work without losing its excellent consistency. Therefore, although all models are very versatile in most cases, we advise you to carefully check which are the main uses you want to make of your Tupperware, before buying them.

To take on the go

Tupperware are particularly known for being easily transportable in cooler bags or backpacks, perfect for having what you need with you and always at the highest quality. For those who are often away from home or in any case do not have time to go back for lunch or dinner, these containers are the best proposal, especially if we are talking about sets with two identical containers that can be joined upside down and save you a lot of space. Among the most famous are the Siamese and Mangiasano, the latter is a container that, in addition to being airtight, is equipped with cutlery and a mini container also for condiments.

To store food in the pantry

Throwing away food once the package is opened is one of the most common forms of waste ever, because we often forget to store what is left in the right way, ending up spoiling it. Also in this case, the products of the brand help you, with many options designed to keep the leftovers in optimal conditions even for a couple of days. There are really all types and sizes, from oval versions to classic rectangular ones. Among the best proposals, there is undoubtedly the Penguin Tupperware characterized by a soft and flexible material with rounded corners.

To store food in the freezer

Compared to previous cases, in which you needed only of different sizes and models designed to occupy more or less space, when it comes to keeping food in the freezer, greater precautions are necessary. There are many features to keep an eye on, starting with a particularly efficient hermetic seal up to an internal Color Control coating to reduce any stains. In most cases, these Tupperware are made of semi-transparent materials, in such a way as to facilitate the recognition of the food contained.

To keep food in the fridge

To keep it in the fridge, not only will you be able to buy pan-shaped containers that are also perfect for a large dose of food, but you can even find jugs like the microcook version with a round shape and particularly resistant to temperatures from -25ºC up to + 200ºC. Among the most popular Tupperware products there are also stackable bowls, in round format suitable for storing cooked foods, fresh cheeses and minced meat.

For storing food in the microwave

Se you are looking for a container for the microwave, you will undoubtedly need a model of medium size and designed to withstand even rather high temperatures. Among the best Tupperware in this specific area, there are the Micro in Forma and the UltraPro, both resistant to temperatures from -25 ° C to + 250 ° C or alternatively the Micro Pro Grill to obtain perfect grilling on both sides. .

Materials and dimensions

Generally, apart from the specific use of the bowl in question, the most used material is undoubtedly PP3, which is a thermoplastic mainly used in the construction of various types of containers . On the other hand, PE1 is generally used for the lid, which is a more specific plastic that is robust, resistant and obviously not harmful and often scratch-resistant. In case you decide to use containers to heat or freeze food, it will be essential to focus on Tupperware that can withstand very high temperatures and that are designed not to be easily damaged over time, even when the food tends to dry out. inside.


The most common shapes, for convenience and portability, are round and rectangular, like the Pinguino containers. There are also many other categories especially for storage in the pantry, available in an elongated oval shape, therefore much larger but also much more capacious. For the fridge it is possible to buy comfortable jugs with spouts, which are suitable for holding sauces and even fruit juices.


Tupperware offers many possibilities starting from jugs of 300ml and Penguin containers of 450ml, 740ml, 1L and even 2.25L. they usually contain from 3 to 5 units of variable capacity. This way you can easily manage leftover food or recipes prepared for the next day!


Tupperware's breadth of offerings fits virtually any need. All models are made regardless of sturdy and resistant materials and some of these are designed only and exclusively to withstand different temperatures, from the hottest, therefore + 200ºC for the microwave, to the coldest, or -25ºC for the freezer. You can easily find the perfect item to eat anywhere, in the park or in the office, or large bowls to hold large quantities of food. There really is it all.

Why choose Tupperware?

Among food preservation products, Tupperware is one of the most valid and reliable companies on the market. But this is not the only reason to choose it. Thanks to its history and experience, the brand is able to offer you products made with safe materials and capable of creating the right conditions for storing food, keeping them fresh much longer than other containers on the market. In addition, Tupperware has always offered a 30-year guarantee, with the possibility of replacing the product free of charge in case of defects.

The Tupperware guarantee

As we mentioned earlier Among the great advantages of Tupperware products, there is not only the great variety of articles and the experience of a company on the market for many years, but there is also an excellent guarantee against manufacturing defects. We list in detail the various defects that are recognized by the brand, in the hope that they will not even serve you:

Loose or extremely tight lids Incomplete parts Crunches, breaks or strains Cracked lids Peeling material Unused and stained parts Parts faded, but in good condition Unused broken Defective decoration engraving Deformed or warped

What care to take with Tupperware

In general, Tupperware is known for its products with great durability and practicality but it is essential to think about caring in the containers correctly, keeping their quality high and also their long-term success. This is why we would like to specify some precautions to take, even before discovering all the fundamental characteristics. First of all, while washing the boxes you should try to use only soap and water, avoiding rough sponges that could deeply damage the product. Also, if you have been storing food for a long time, you should first rinse it with cold water and, if necessary, use some baking soda as well.

Furthermore, although most Tupperware products can also be brought into the freezer and in the refrigerator, however, our recommendation is to give priority to containers designed specifically for this purpose, especially if you plan to use them mainly for this. In this way you will ensure that the product retains the consistency, flavor and freshness of the food without ending up spoiling over the course of numerous uses. Equally important, you should avoid exposing the Tupperware to the sun, both to preserve the item and the food it contains. Therefore, always try to leave your product in the shade and in a cool or warm place. To prevent the lids of your Tupperware from twisting, they should be stored on a flat surface.

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