Food processor | The best of 2022

Food processor | The best of 2022

The food processor is perhaps the most versatile appliance for the kitchen, since it allows you to prepare a variety of foods with a single tool. Cooking enthusiasts will love it because, among other things, it will save them valuable time, which means they can focus on doing other things or take a short break from the stove.

Read also: Blenders | The best of 2022 The versatility of a food processor means that you can blend, slice, grate, knead and more, and this is thanks not only to the capabilities of the appliance, but also to the numerous accessories. Unlike many other appliances, food processors already include various accessories in the package but, depending on the price of the product, you may find special accessories not present in the cheaper models.

The accessories of a food processor are many and, for this reason, we will make a list of all those that you could find in the package or buy separately in the second part of the article. In fact, below we will find out which are the best food processors, taking into consideration the most valid models, but without getting too close to professional models with generous dimensions, which may prove unsuitable for most home kitchens.

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The best food processors

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