Splatoon 3: 5 tips to survive the Salmon Run

Splatoon 3: 5 tips to survive the Salmon Run

Splatoon 3

Like an overwhelming bucket of paint, Splatoon 3 has finally hit stores with its load of color-based madness and fun. The third episode of the colorful Nintendo saga that saw the light on WiiU structurally follows the proven formula proposed and then confirmed by its predecessors, proving to have all the credentials to replicate its success.

As we say in the Splatoon 3 review it is an experience that sports a captivating style and the usual dose of fun, enriched by an unmissable single player mode and, above all, by a multiplayer sector that allows the title to really give its best.

Among the available missions undoubtedly stands out a renewed Salmon Run, a task that can be tackled in a cooperative together with up to three other friends in which we will have the task of defeating bosses divided into increasingly dangerous waves and at the same time collecting as many eggs as possible.

But how to survive this ruthless mode? We have collected 5 useful tips for surviving a Salmon Run.


Playing alone in the Salmon Run will be tantamount to certain death Let's start with a tip that may seem obvious, but that in reality it is not, on the contrary, it stands as one of the founding pillars of the gameplay when facing the Salmon Run and of which many could overlook the importance: team play.

Coordination and cooperation are two abstract weapons that can really make a difference in this mode. Surrounding ourselves with companions able to create with us movements and game automatisms with logic is an advantage that greatly facilitates operations, and which could also represent the watershed between success and premature death.

Compactness, but not too close

Close but not too close: this is one of the secrets for not succumbing immediately in Salmon Run. Acting side by side with your friends is an approach that offers no doubt of the pros, but which inevitably also exposes to cons. Regrouping to face the looming threat can convey a feeling of protection, but it could also end up being a double-edged sword.

In fact, if a boss were to rage on a member of our team by attacking him, be found immediately proximity could mean a defeat across the board, resulting in the end of our adventure.

The advice is therefore to be compact, but with intelligence, without moving as a single body but also avoiding distancing yourself so much that you lose our allies out of sight. The farther we are, in fact, the less the chances of being promptly rescued when needed.

Staying close to the basket

The temptation to wander around the Salmon Run arenas to collect eggs is strong but you must play with a cool head In addition to defeating the waves of various bosses that follow each other, in Salmon run mode, collecting eggs will be our main concern. However, venturing into the most disparate corners of the scenario getting intoxicated by the fever of the collection could prove to be really counterproductive in terms of survival.

For this reason, stay near the basket and collect the eggs that are near the container is to be considered as the most convenient choice if we analyze the relationship between risks and benefits.

The presence of eggs far from the basket can certainly entice and push the player to try his luck in order to grab them, nevertheless it is necessary to evaluate carefully whether or not it's worth it. Give priority to nearby eggs, in short: surviving for a long time is more important than a no-quarter egg hunt.

In this regard, the brand new feature introduced in this third chapter also helps us. the eggs; a mechanism that will make their insertion into the container easier, perhaps just when time is running out or by creating an efficient transport chain involving our companions as well.

Painting non-stop

Dirty everything in Salmon Run can mean saving yourself from dangers The fundamental mechanics behind the gameplay of the Splatoon series is to paint without mercy, we know it well, which is why this, rather than being an advice, is a desire to reiterate a recommendation that still reveals itself. most essential in Salmon Run.

Smudging anything, any surface you have in sight at any useful moment is an obscure job that pays very well if we consider the dynamics that characterize this crazy mode. Taking advantage of the ability to move without hindrance, both to implement our strategies of action and to quickly escape from enemies, is a factor that can determine the decisive gap that stands between success and failure.

So take advantage of it. every free second you have to ink any corner of the map stands in front of you, and you will soon realize that this is an investment that will return excellent benefits.

The moments of pause at the beginning of each wave are undoubtedly the best opportunity to splash all the space you come across, but even those microfrangles in which you are not directly involved in the action are worth using to spread some color around.


In Salmon Run, communicating, albeit in a rudimentary way, can make a difference. top row, it is also, and above all, necessary to communicate. Using the signal we have at our disposal as much as possible is a procedure that definitely works in favor of collaboration, guaranteeing us the right to direct our companions towards specific points, indicating their elements of interest.

Not only. The signal is a form of communication that allows the team to cooperate in a more compact way, disadvantaging anarchy and therefore raising the chances of survival of the team, not to mention that it is a very precious tool when asking for help when in trouble. .

Arm yourself with voice chat, perhaps using the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app, and get ready to shout "Salmonoid at 12 o'clock!". Or not, it depends on how sensitive the people living in your house are.

What do you think? What do you think are the best tactics to adopt to stay afloat in the Salmon Run jungle? Tell us in the comments.

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