Assassination Classroom: 5 reasons not to miss it

Assassination Classroom: 5 reasons not to miss it

Assassination Classroom

Don't be fooled by its appearances, Assassination Classroom is one of those anime that immediately manages to go beyond its own narrative dimension by touching the strings of the viewer. The anime is based on the manga of the same name of target shonen written and drawn by Yūsei Matsui published in Italy by Planet Manga starting from 2014. What makes Assassination Classroom such an interesting anime? Quite simply, it is precisely its premise that captures the attention, and then drags the viewer into an extremely original story, made up of profound moments against the backdrop of a real study of truly enviable physical and psychological violence. Surely the aesthetics of its protagonist also plays a prominent role in attracting attention, even if going beyond the apparently light features of the whole, one enters a writing that alternates student spirit with very important moments and criticisms towards a specific reality. of the Japanese company.

Here are the 5 reasons why you shouldn't miss Assassination Classroom. We remind you that the two seasons of the anime are currently available on Amazon Prime Video.

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Assassination Classroom: 5 reasons not to miss it

Its protagonist The lessons An always dynamic style The characters The mystery behind Assassination Classroom

Its protagonist

The events of Assassination Classroom open with a supreme and indefinite being who semi-destroys the moon, declaring that by the end of that year he would also destroy the Earth itself. Aesthetically he looks like a sort of giant octopus, about three meters high, yellow in color and with a large round head. Its abilities are immeasurable: it is very fast, reaching mach 20, it has an extremely developed sense of smell, a superhuman strength in the tentacles, it is very intelligent and almost invulnerable.

Assassination Classroom
Korosensei's approach to teaching and how he relates with each student it is fundamental: the concepts of good and evil are revisited within the Japanese school system full of injustices. Here the aesthetic originality of Korosensei is followed by a curious and unpredictable writing, ready to pave the way for a story that goes beyond the madness of its premises, to arrive, later, on completely unexpected shores.

The lessons

One of the central elements of Assassination Classroom are precisely the lessons that in every single episode are given to both the students and consequently to the spectators. Korosensei decides he wants to teach in section E of this school (where the E stands for End, since it is the worst class in the institute). The choice is obviously not accidental, also because he goes to insert himself in a local education system that pushes to stigmatize others and to abandon them to their problems, rather than helping them in some way. In this section, in fact, we find the students with the worst grades, seen by all as outcasts and abandoned to lecture in a classroom located far from the main building, on the nearby mountains, isolated from everything.

Assassination Classroom It will be precisely the attitude of this new and unlikely professor to awaken the souls of the children of a section until then left to itself. In each episode we will have a lesson to learn, a step forward away from the shadows of a school system that does not value but marginalizes. Korosensei will get to know each of his students, trying to encourage them to do their best, helping them to discover all their personal abilities and talents. An anime with a pedagogical flavor, therefore, on a journey that criticizes and battles all the stereotypes of the case.

An always dynamic style

Another of the 5 reasons why you shouldn't leave escape Assassination Classroom lies precisely in its comic soul, in the gags at the base of each episode and in the continuous experimentation from a stylistic point of view.

Writing and style are extremely fluid, leading to a continuous and unpredictable experimentalism, also thanks to the enormous potential of a very original protagonist, and the whole context surrounding him. The murder of a being who will destroy the Earth is combined with his particular teaching skills and with the anxiety of a government that would like to get rid of him at all costs. This particular combination of apparently contrasting elements manages to work precisely in function of their being unpredictable. So we find in our hands a story that alternates funny gags with extremely serious moments, even violent ones, in a journey between childhood and adulthood, in which everyone always has something to learn deep down.

I characters

An unusual set of personalities make up the cast of Assassination Classroom, allowing the story to always take unusual turns. Each of them, in addition to having an aesthetic characterization and a well-defined background, is revealed during the episodes, aligning with the journey itself that also the students will travel along. In this anime adults and children are put on the same level, perfection does not exist, but there are human beings ready to admit their limits.

Nagisa Shiota is the narrator of the story as well as the one who is taking notes on all the weak points of Korosensei. Her story, as well as that of the others, will be pitted little by little and deepened properly. Karma Akabane is a sociopathic, violent and death-obsessed boy but also brilliant in his studies, almost brilliant. His apparently empty gaze hides a story with which to deal in the course of the anime. Tadaomi Karasuma is an undercover Japanese government agent as a teacher charged with guarding and killing Korosensei. He provides the guys in Section E with his knowledge of lethal hand-to-hand techniques. Irina Jelavić is a professional assassin sent to kill Korosensei. Her seduction and conversation skills are out of the ordinary combined with a beauty that has become one of her deadliest weapons. He also holds the role of teacher of foreign languages.

Assassination Classroom Speaking, however, of the antagonists, we cannot fail to mention Gakuhō Asano, the director of the institute: his story is one of the stronger and more fascinating than the whole anime.

The mystery behind Assassination Classroom

What are the origins and real goals of Korosensei? Who is he really? Did someone create it in some secret laboratory? What are his real goals? Why does he want to destroy the Earth? Why do you want to teach these kids? All questions that will gradually find their answer in the course of the episodes, of course.

Assassination Classroom His features seem to suggest an alien origin, even if the various clues scattered in the individual episodes would seem to lead elsewhere. His personal story is the most fascinating of all, connected to a mystery that is the common thread to all the episodes. Discover the reasons that prompted a superhuman being to teach in section E of a middle school, understand the reasons for it by reconnecting to an extremely smoky plot at the beginning, and then get to the heart of an extremely sensitive and deeply human context. Also and above all this is Assassinatio Classroom.

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