BMW M2, the first images are leaked

BMW M2, the first images are leaked


The new BMW M2 has been spotted for the first time without camouflage on the bodywork: the new BMW sports car is almost ready, and the official debut is expected by the end of October. To see it in the dealership and on the road, however, we will have to wait until the beginning of next spring.

| ); } What really matters about a BMW M2 is the level of performance it offers: the parent company speaks of "exceptional performance", similar to that of an M2 CS - the most powerful version of the M2 from the previous generation, capable of delivering as many as 450 horses. This time the M2 has set itself the goal of impressing everyone with its performance, even if it is not a limited edition (the M2 CS was produced in only 2200 units) and it will do so thanks to a 6-cylinder in-line engine. same mounted on M3 and M4.

The BMW engineers, finally, they worked to make the car as light as possible without sacrificing the finishes and the typical luxury offered by BMW; among the lightened details there is undoubtedly the carbon fiber roof, the same material used - on request - for the structure of the car seats.

2023 BMW M2 Will Pump Out 453 HP From Twin-Turbo Six According To Dealer Bulletin

A host of technical details about the new BMW M2 have surfaced ahead of its global unveiling and shortly after images of the car popped up online.

Details uncovered by a member of the Bimmer Post forum reveal that the new M2 will come standard with BMW’s S58T engine. This 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine was first used by the current BMW X3 M and X4 M Competition before later being used by the new-generation M3 and M4 Competition.

The ‘T’ in the name S58T refers to it as the ‘top’ variant of this engine, hence why it is currently only offered in the X3 M, X4 M, M3, and M4 Competition models where it pumps out 503 hp. The presence of the ‘T’ in the engine code of the new M2 could indicate that the sports car will be sold in Competition guise from the outset and that no ‘entry-level’ model will be offered.

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The Bimmer Post report goes on to indicate that the S58T will deliver 453 hp when slotted into the new M2. That is just 20 hp less than the base M3 and M4 models and would give it more grunt than the previous-generation M2 CS that was capped at 444 hp and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) of torque.

Interestingly, the document uncovered by the forum user fails to mention what transmission will come standard with the second-generation M2, but previous reports have indicated that both a six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic will be available and they will send power through the rear wheels.

Recent teasers released by BMW of the new car provide us with a good idea of what it will look like and as expected, it will be much more aggressive and bold than lesser 2-Series models. It will also be available with a number of M Performance Parts, including a large fixed rear wing and a stacked central quad exhaust system.

Stay tuned to CarScoops over the coming weeks as we get closer to the car’s October 11 debut.

Screenshot via Bimmerpost

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