Interview with the cast of Andor: "It will be the most exciting story of Star Wars"

Interview with the cast of Andor: It will be the most exciting story of Star Wars

Interview with the cast of Andor

There is great anticipation for the arrival on Disney + of Andor, the new Star Wars series that will bring us back to the dark years of the Rise of the Empire, that period of adjustment following the fall of the Republic that has already been partially explored by several productions, not least Obi-Wan Kenobi. Andor will be a prequel to Rogue One, a spin-off film of the main saga in which Cassian Andor, a rebel agent played by Diego Luna, appeared. To arrive prepared for what promises to be a central series in defining one of the most complex periods in the Star Wars chronology. We had the chance to have an interview with the cast of Andor, discovering essential details of the series coming on September 21 on Disney +.

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Interview with the cast of Andor

A very particular perspective emerged from our interview with the cast of Andor, considering that we had the opportunity to see what awaits us in the series dedicated to Cassian Andor by talking about it with Denise Gough and Kyler Soller, actors who play two characters antithetical to the protagonist of the series. In fact, we must not forget that Andor, being set during the Rise of the Empire, will have as its frame a dark era of the continuity of the saga, profoundly different from the more adventurous atmospheres of the original Trilogy or the Prequel.

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“We thought about how all this, from the trailer to the rest, while we were making it seemed really very reserved. It almost didn't even seem real to us, that is, it was clear that it was Star Wars, there are stormtroopers and aliens, I am dressed like an imperial and so on ... but it seems real to me only now that it isa> about to come out, that you will start to see it and you will think 'Oh my God!'. 'It really is a great bet. And considering I was a huge Star Wars fan when we started working on it, I felt deeply connected to all of this, and now I feel proud. "

“It's true, I only realize it now, it's like I'm starting to think 'Man, this is something really, really big'”

It definitely helped having driving Andor Tony Gilroy, writer and showrunner of the series, who had helped create the character of Cassian Andor, as the writer of Rogue One. Being able to show what happened in the five years preceding this atypical Star Wars character is a unique opportunity, which was approached with extreme care and respect for the character.

“I believe Tony (Tony Gilroy, screenwriter and showrunner of the series) did a great job of giving the Star Wars community this magnificent representation of what may have happened to Cassian Andore in the five years before Rogue One. I think he did a wonderful religious thing, don't you think? "

"Absolutely, I think it's mind-blowing to have the ending to this storyline, as we know it in the Star Wars timeline, such an important part of the Star Wars continuity, and Tony confronts them as if he were investigating these five years. , see what really led this excluded to become a rebel, start the Rebellion and ultimately sacrifice himself for the greater good. "

"It is truly an incredible story, we know that he will be dead and it will be devastating, I think, because you will have 24 episodes to really know Cassian's story. And so when you see Rouge One again and die with him in the end, all you have will be a great gift, because if you watch Rogue One without the previous story you don't know enough, what are you really overwhelmed by? He does it anyway, considering Diego is a superb actor, but now seeing him will be devastating, it will be very hard. Do you know what it means? Look at each scene differently ”

From the words with which Denise Goug and Kyle Soiler recount their experience in their respective roles, it is clear how the emotional story is central to Andor.

The feeling is that the series is probably the most narratively human moment of the saga, precisely because of this desire not to limit itself to telling a parenthesis of the continuity of the franchise, but to present it from a different, more everyday perspective and human

“Exactly! I think what Tony has done with the team and with all of us is to have honored exactly this aspect. I think Cassian Andor is a wonderful character, and deserved more than just a history of his past. After seeing Rogue One I thought 'God, what a concrete and complex character'. And now we can see everything that made it so. The human events that made him what he is in Rogue One. "

Denise Gough and Kyle Soller's description of their experience working with Andor mirrors what had been promised since the first news of the release of the series. Not only, therefore, the mysterious past of Cassian Andor will finally be discovered, but the presence of other key figures, such as Mon Mothma, will be useful to give greater consistency to the birth of the Rebel Alliance, an aspect so far only hinted at in productions such as Rebels and Rogue. One. Reason why the creation of a synergy between the emotional evolution of Cassian Andor and the birth of the future Rebellion has been treated with extreme attention in the series, in order to exploit Andor to finally tell one of the essential chapters of the saga of the distant galaxy, far away .

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