5 new Android apps to discover!

5 new Android apps to discover!

Also this week is finally almost over. Whether it was a week of work or a week of travel and holidays, it is always nice to be able to go home at the end of the day and be able to relax, sitting on the sofa, fiddling with your smartphone or tablet. Watching some videos, reading the news and, why not, playing a few minutes certainly helps to relax your nerves.

Luckily we, the MobileLabs team, are here to cheer up this last day of the week before the weekend with our collection of the top 5 apps just landed on the Google Play Store!

Remember to always check which of these three categories the application refers to before downloading!

Health Connect by Android

Health Connect is a tool that you probably won't use very often even after downloading it, but it's still very useful and interesting. The application helps facilitate the passage of data between the various health, fitness and wellness apps. Google claims that this is a safer way than the methods used previously. It's the only thing it does - it helps various fitness apps share data with each other.

Samsung has also contributed to this initiative and currently compatible with this data sharing service are Samsung Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness and Withings.

Download Health Connect by Android from the Google Play Store

Pokédexus - Catch Them All

Pokédexus is an unofficial Pokédex application. You can search inside for all Pokémon with their moves, abilities, places to catch them and much more. Other features include live events, quiz battles, leaderboards and a news section where you can keep up to date. At the time of writing, the app supports all 898 Pokémon. It also has a dex for items.

In short, it's a potentially indispensable tool for Pokémon fans, and it's mostly free.

Download Pokédexus - Catch Them All from the Google Play Store

Harry Potter: Discover the Magic

Harry Potter: Discover the Magic is an official mobile title released on the Google Play Store by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. This is a Hogwarts themed RPG that also includes 80 collectible cards (for now) and will allow you to explore the magical world of J. K. Rowling's books.

“Dive into the new Harry Potter game and put test your skills against other wizards and witches in exciting multiplayer duels! Discover an unprecedented story and explore the magical world. Play with friends and forge your own path to master magic!

Harry Potter: Discover the Magic is a new Collectible Card (RPG) role-playing game (CCG) in which you can take on the role of a first year Hogwarts student and join thousands of players online while visiting the amazing shops of Diagon Alley, discover secrets as you explore Hogwarts, go on adventures in the Forbidden Forest and much more!

Will you fight a dragon? Will you set a new speed record in Quidditch? Will you take on the role of Harry Potter in the Unnamed Book? The choice is yours! “

Cost: unknown / pre-registration / contains in-app purchases

Download Harry Potter: Discover Magic from the Google Play Store

Dicey Dungeons

Become a giant dice and fight to the end of an ever-changing dungeon! Can you escape the cruel whims of the Blindfolded Goddess?

In this fast-paced new deck-building roguelike by Terry Cavanagh (creator of Super Hexagon and VVVVVV), Chipzel and Marlowe Dobbe, you will fight monsters, you will find delicious treasures and level up your heroes while together you are busy defeating the goddess of fortune, the Blindfolded Goddess herself.

Cost: 4.99 euros / no ads / no in-app purchases

Download Dicey Dungeons from the Google Play Store


To conclude today's selection we have chosen a very fun and above all addictive puzzle game, you will no longer be able to detach yourself from your smartphone! The quadline mechanics are very simple and intuitive, as explained in the description of the Google Play Store:

Move the lines in the cells to insert them in specific slots. Rotate, move, push or teleport them and use other game tools to solve these fun puzzles.

Unique new puzzle mechanics with high variety and complexity 120+ individually designed levels based on 8 core mechanics and their combinations No timers or pressure: just you and the puzzles Easy to understand game flow, no annoying tutorials Clean and simple minimalist design Symmetrical gaming experience Light and dark mode Also for color blind One-touch controls Not a single line of text Cost: free / contains ads / contains in-app purchases

Download quadline from the Google Play Store

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