Dragon Ball, the cosplay of C18 by kaminari_cosplay is full of tears and wounds

Dragon Ball, the cosplay of C18 by kaminari_cosplay is full of tears and wounds

Dragon Ball

Android 18 is a much loved character from the Dragon Ball series. Cosplayers continually take inspiration from her for cosplay and photos, like this one from kaminari_cosplay, which is full of wounds and rips, but doesn't give up and is ready to fight back.

As you can see, the cosplay is made in a very rigorous way, that is, the costume is almost identical to that of the original character. Having chosen to represent such a particular moment makes the image particularly dynamic and impactful, above all thanks to the wounds exposed and the attention to detail.

In short, we are faced with an excellent job, which manages to communicate the right drama, as well as the strength of C18, which certainly does not give up for so little. Also to be commended is the photo itself, really well done.

Although not a main character of the series, the android C18 has struck a lot the imagination of the public and the cosplayers, for the deeply human side he shows during the long fight with Cell. After all he is also the protagonist of one of the strangest and most successful love stories in the entire Dragon Ball series.

Have you noticed any errors?

One Dragon Ball Super Star Has Been Waiting Ages for Piccolo to Get His Due

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a success at the North American box office, becoming the number one movie in theaters in the West for its opening. With the film focused on Gohan and Piccolo, we here at Comicbook.com had the opportunity to chat with none other than the voice of Piccolo, Chris Sabat, to get his thoughts on the major glow-up that the Namekian received during this battle against the Red Ribbon Army. Needless to say, Sabat had plenty to say when it came to Piccolo's new transformations.

Sabat, having spent quite a few years bringing major Dragon Ball characters to life, took the opportunity to share his initial thoughts on the Namekian finally 'getting his due':

'It's amazing, obviously. I'm very close to Piccolo, but admittedly, as the guy who also voices Vegeta... Vegeta has always taken center stage and I've always, to be honest, I've always favored Vegeta because he has the best redemption. He always had the best moments. He has the best lines and he's just so fierce and what they do with that character is outstanding. However, I've never given up on Piccolo, he just hasn't given me much to go on. I've always joked that Piccolo's never had a full enough character in a lot of ways. He doesn't have a great backstory. He was spit out of somebody's mouth as an egg when he was a kid. And he's fused with so many people now that you've kind of almost forgotten. This movie is the first major power of a Piccolo since he fused with Kami basically. He hasn't really had much of a power up in a long time.'

Following this commentary, Sabat took the opportunity to comment on Piccolo's new role as the 'only trainer on Earth', noting that the likes of Master Roshi are no longer in the game while also adding that more than a few Dragon Ball characters are now out in the galaxy at large:

'It's wonderful to see all the sides of Piccolo. It reminded me that Piccolo is the last earth trainer. Everyone else is off in space doing their thing. Master Roshi's not doing it anymore. Piccolo is the last one. You see him training Pan. You see him concerned about Gohan's... I don't know what you call it, like martial arts help... and see him really solving some problems in this movie and it's impressive what they've done. I can't imagine a movie that would've only been just Piccolo and not Gohan because I feel that it's the interaction between Piccolo and Gohan that makes this movie really, really remarkable. It's hard for me to imagine taking him out of that equation.'

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is now playing in theaters around the world. 

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