With Xbox Series X | S you can emulate Windows 98 games, yes

With Xbox Series X | S you can emulate Windows 98 games, yes

With Xbox Series X | S you can emulate Windows 98 games

Any video game enthusiast, at least once in their life, has come across an emulator. Usually, these are software that transform our PCs into consoles, allowing us to use old titles or, in some cases, even simulate the systems of the new consoles. Thanks to Digital Foundry, however, we will be able to transform our Xbox Series X | S into a PC based on Windows '98.

The software, in fact, emulates all the functions of the famous system operating system designed by Microsoft and brings it to our Xbox Series X | S. Furthermore, thanks to the Windows '98 operating system, we will be able to launch dozens of retro titles such as Half Life, Star Craft, Quake and many others. However, the new Xbox player is not intended to support physical discs for these games. For this reason, the guys at Digital Foundry had to work out an alternative solution. To install our games, in fact, we will have to create an ISO file to be copied to our console with Windows '98. Once this file is started, we can safely install any title.| ); }
So, if you are a fan of retrogaming and no longer want to wait for any remakes, the solution is soon found. This emulator for Windows 98 on Xbox Series X | S will satisfy all your gamer needs. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an alternative on PC, we remind you that the emulator for PS4 has been updated and is now able to start various titles.

With Xbox Series X | S you can emulate Windows 98 games

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With Xbox Series X | S you can emulate Windows 98 games

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