The best demos available in the various stores | August 2022

The best demos available in the various stores | August 2022

When I was a child, free video game demos were an integral part of my life: I remember very well the trial versions of Dining Dash and Hotel Dash Suite, which kept me entertained for a few hours and which I would start over and over again in moments of boredom. Over the years, either because of the different subscriptions on the market that offer vast catalogs, or because of the huge amount of information you have about a work before its release, the tests of the games have faded into the background. However, these are still released by companies, making it possible to enjoy a preview of the video games in view of their release, so as to help the player decide whether to buy them or not; in this article we present the best demos of works to be released in August 2022, divided according to the stores from which you can download them.


The Mortuary Assistant

In The Mortuary Assistant, as you can easily guess from the title, you take on the role of an assistant gravedigger, fresh from a degree in mortuary sciences. In this simulation game you will have to take care of the corpses and keep the demonic forces at bay that try to take them, practicing occult rituals and saving poor souls.

Hush Hush - Only Your Love Can Save Them


If you're a fan of titles like Overcooked, then PlateUp! is for you. It is in fact the classic co-op cooking game, which combines the management of the kitchen and the service with the strategic organization of the development by room. Up to four players can collaborate in growing the restaurant, choosing dishes, buying supplies, cooking and serving customers.

Cult of the Lamb

We talked about Cult of the Lamb in our article on the best indies of August 2022, and a free demo is available on Steam. In the new Devolver Digital title, you will be a lamb with the goal of growing a successful cult, gaining followers and becoming the most influential prophets on the globe. Beyond that, you'll have to explore a world full of random elements, defeating hordes of enemies and outdoing your rivals, thus asserting your superiority.

Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero is a roguelike a to say the least original, in which not only the type of objects you collect will affect your game, but also how you organize them inside the backpack. Depending on how you place the elements, they will have a greater or lesser power, helping you to defeat the over forty enemies that you will have to face in the different dungeons.

Spirit of the Island

Nintendo eShop

Splatoon 3

Nintendo also offers some very interesting free demos of its upcoming titles, fortunately also of Triple A: this is the case of Splatoon 3, the new chapter of the well-known franchise coming out not in August 2022 but on September 9 . However, we present the game this month, as the international premiere will take place on August 27 from 10:00 to 22:00; only in this time frame you will be able to try the work, so mark the date in the calendar!

Void's Ballad

SD Gundam Battle Alliance

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is the new title of the very famous franchise, in which all the characters taken from Mobile Suit Gundam will be present. Your task will be to manage a team of three, made up of both Mobile Suits and pilots, defeating hordes of enemies and winning the war.

My Divorce Story

Let's move on to a game with decidedly lighter themes with My Divorce Story, an indie created by a real marriage lawyer and based on real advice. During the gameplay you will have to collect evidence of cheating and present it in the courtroom to obtain the divorce of the clients, unlocking various endings according to your work.

Super Bullet Break

Super Bullet Break is a roguelite strategic deck-building genre in which you will have to collect more than 160 Bullets, defeating enemies in turn-based combat. The work is inspired by the classic gacha games and is full of colorful and adorable (or rather, kawaii) characters, which you will have to unlock and organize into teams.

PlayStation Store

The DioField Chronicle

Sony is thinner in terms of free demos unfortunately, but among the few released this month is The DioField Chronicle, a title by Square Enix to be released on August 10, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and 5. The work is a strategic RPG set in a world halfway between fantasy and medieval, in which you have to command your army in realistic and detailed battle scenes, making the most of different classes, skills and equipment .

Outbreak: Shades of Horror

The last free trial that we present is that of Outbreak: Shades of Horror, where you will be catapulted into a city teeming with zombies and from which you will have to escape before getting infected. During this teaser you will be able to get a taste of the gloomy atmosphere of the game and its plot through a first person view, while in the full version of the work you will be able to command different characters, even changing their point of view.

This that's all about the best game demos coming out in August 2022 that you can find in the main stores! We invite you to let us know if you will download any of those we have presented to you, and we invite you to follow us to discover the September edition of this article.

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