The best indies for PC | June 2022

The best indies for PC | June 2022

June is usually a month full of announcements of new video games in development, but lackluster in terms of releases due to the most important conferences of the year dedicated to the world of gaming; this year, however, due to the absence of E3, the situation is quite different: although there are various virtual events, this has not prevented the various videogame houses from releasing their works and, except for an empty week, the month is packed with new titles. In this article we will bring you the best indies for PC coming out in June 2022, with which you can start your summer in the best way!

1. Silt

Genre: Adventure Developer: Spiral Circus Games Release Date: June 1st What's more terrifying than what's under our feet? In Silt you will have to immerse yourself in the depths of the sea with the aim of unraveling mysteries that have remained in the dark for centuries. While the abyss may seem like a lonely place, (s) luckily you will not be alone, as there will be countless sea monsters that will want to kill you; in order to continue in your adventure and solve the puzzles present along the way you will have to be able to take possession of them, taking advantage of all their different abilities. The graphics of this indie look spectacular, and the attention to detail makes it one of the best indies of June 2022.

2. Card Shark

Genre: Adventure, Simulation Developer: Nerial (Published by Devolver Digital) Release Date: June 2nd Although at first glance Card Shark may seem like a generic card game deck building type, in reality it is mainly an adventure game. In this highly original indie full of profanity, intrigue and deceit, you'll have to make your way through 18th century French society using your best cheating skills; the important thing is obviously not to get caught, or you will have a bad end. If you want to experience the thrill of fraud, a free demo of Card Shark is available on Steam, as well as the separate purchase of the soundtrack, recorded by an orchestra.

3. Phobia - St . Dinfna Hotel

Genre: Horror, Survival Developer: Pulsatrix Studios Release Date: June 28

4. Born Punk

Genre: Adventure Developer: Insert Disk 22 Release date: June 18 Like every month, an indie of cyberpunk genre cannot be missing, and the one offered in June 2022 is Born Punk, a point and click game where a former hacker fighter, a corporate CEO and a malfunctioning android are taken over by mysterious entities; the three characters must therefore join forces to save themselves and discover the origin of these creatures. If you are a fan of the point and click classics, this title is perfect for you, given the influence of works like Monkey Island and Beneath a Steel Sky; despite this, the developers have managed to give the indie a modern tone, creating a world full of animation and a comic streak that makes the gameplay even more interesting.

5. Please Fix The Road

Genre: Random, Simulation Developer: Ariel Jurkowski Release Date: June 10th

6. Skeleton Crew

Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Cinder Cone (Published by Modern Wolf) Release Date: June 16 In Skeleton Crew, a gothic-style platform-brawler, you will take part in quick and tactical combat against enemies and different types of bosses. The title is meant to be a co-op adventure for up to four players in which you can choose from 12 different unlockable heroes over 17 hand-drawn levels; of course you can also play solo and have fun killing monsters with whatever you can get: skulls, brains, rocks and even other characters.

7. Ashina: The Red Witch

Genre: Adventure, Casual Developer: Stranga (Posted by GrabTheGames) Release Date: June 4th

8. My Lovely Wife

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Simulation, Strategy Developer: GameChanger Studio, Toge Productions Release Date: June 8 We understand that this month there is an abundance of indies with supernatural elements, and My Lovely Wife is no exception, although the title may seem harmless. In fact, you will take on the role of Jake, a sweet husband who recently lost his wife, and to bring her back to her life he decides to commit very little pure acts such as alchemy and the evocation of demons. In terms of gameplay, this is a simulation dating sim in which you have to make these succubus fall in love with you and assign them various tasks to perform, with the aim of shedding as much blood as possible and being able to resurrect your sweetheart. The work features more than forty different endings, and is in my opinion the most intriguing indie of June 2022.

9. Souldiers

Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Retro Forge ( posted by Dear Villagers) Release date: June 2 Souldiers was due out last month, but the slight delay hasn't lowered expectations for this title that will drive all fans of the metrovania genre crazy. In this indie game, you will have to solve nefarious puzzles, defeat hordes of enemies and develop every corner of the world in 16-bit; the gameplay features a melee combat system that can be customized to your tastes, and a moveset that will expand as the adventure progresses. In short, you just have to pick up the sword and fight to reach the heart of the mystery of Terragaya.

10. Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course (DLC)

Genre: Action Developer : Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc. Release Date: June 30 Okay, it's not really an indie, but Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course, DLC of the hugely popular 2017 title, is without a doubt the most anticipated item of the whole month. Cuphead is one of the most beloved indies ever, and in the new extension you will land on D.L.C. for the final challenge of the brothers Cuphead and Mugman, this time accompanied by a new character: the adventurous Ms. Chalice (who will also be playable in the main game). Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course closes with a flourish not only on June 2022 as it comes out on the 30th, but also our list of the best indies.

What do you think of the indies in June 2022? This month is certainly full of demons and mysterious worlds, but as always, the variety of genres manages to satisfy all tastes; it's up to you to decide whether you want to spend the first summer month fixing roads, swimming in the depths of the abyss or conquering succubi. If you want to discover other interesting titles, we invite you to take a look at the May edition of this article, otherwise you will find us in the July edition.

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