The Witcher 3: Yennefer cosplay from xandrastax enchants us at first glance

The Witcher 3: Yennefer cosplay from xandrastax enchants us at first glance

The Witcher 3

We return to the atmosphere of The Witcher 3 with a new cosplay of Yennefer, one of the most popular characters by cosplayers, in this case performed with great personality by xandrastax, who lavishes himself in a truly enchanting interpretation.

The cosplayer takes up the style of the female character created by Andrzej Sapkowski, but still interpreting it with a very personal attitude. The look is obviously reminiscent of the one from the CD Projekt RED video game series, but the model shows the sorceress in a rather intimate dress, so to speak, ready for the night.

Bewitching gaze, raven hair and "costume" dark, xandrastax's Yennefer is really very convincing, while maintaining a certain degree of originality in the interpretation, given that some details are practically personalized, while remaining perfectly on the subject.

The atmosphere is all there and the attitude of the cosplayer fits quite precisely into the character we saw in The Witcher series, with the charming touch that goes perfectly with the sorceress in question.

If you are looking for other cosplay, here are some of the most recent ones published on these pages such as Batgirl from missbricosplay, the Mt Lady cosplay from quick_kiwi taken from My Hero Academia, that of Starlight made by Luxlo from The Boys and that of Nico Robin of junkenstein from One Piece.

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The Witcher: Multiplayer game set in Witcher universe could be coming

A multiplayer Witcher game may well be in the works, as per IGN.

The Molasses Flood studio is owned by CD Projekt Red, the developers of the wildly successful Witcher trilogy, and they are currently looking to hire a multiplayer designer.

They are said to be looking for the developer to work on a game that could well be set in the Witcher universe.

The Molasses Flood has so far developed a variety of indie games, including Drake Hollow and Flame in the Flood, but the studio was bought out by CDPR in October of 2021.

That acquisition came about as CDPR wanted them to work on an “ambitious project” that was based on one of their IPs that already exists.

There was a suggestion at the time that they could well work on a further game within the Cyberpunk 2077 universe but it now appears that it will be a Witcher game.

Gamerant reports that CD Projekt Red confirmed earlier this year that they would be using the Unreal Engine for any new Witcher games in the coming months; they have previously used their REDengine 4 engine that they themselves created.

Witcher 3

They further report that the job listing suggests it will be a systems-heavy action game with an emphasis on multiplayer combat. Other listings hint at a levelling system and non-player enemies, along with armed and unarmed combat.

As a result, it makes sense that this would be a Witcher game, as opposed to a game in the Cyberpunk world.

There hasn’t been a Witcher game since The Witcher 3 released in 2015, so we’ve gone seven years without a further game.

It remains to be seen if a multiplayer Witcher game will be a standalone experience or an addition to an eventual Witcher 4. We’ll let you know as and when we get more information.

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