Like staying cool without air conditioning

Like staying cool without air conditioning

To stay cool and escape the abnormal heat of this fiery summer 2022, air conditioning is not the only option. It is in fact possible to maintain a more pleasant temperature in the home by adopting a series of solutions that involve a much lower cost and drastically reduced energy consumption. In addition to the environment and the wallet, it is possible to safeguard your health with a series of effective measures even when you are outdoors avoiding common problems, from the notorious heat stroke to more serious episodes such as dehydration and heart attacks. Regardless of age, it is advisable not to underestimate the risks associated with a prolonged stay in an environment that is too hot, especially if you already suffer from other problems.

Even if it were to end now, 2022 would still be remembered as the hottest year ever in Italy, as confirmed by the Institute of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences of the National Research Council (Isac-Cnr ), with the first seven months of the year recording temperatures of 2.26 degrees Celsius higher than the Italian average of the last two centuries or so, since the data began to be collected. The rest of the world is no exception, with record temperatures from Antarctica to the United Kingdom, via China and India, resulting in fires, tragedies and droughts on a global scale.

Below we have collected a series of tips and solutions to protect yourself and stay cool, improving the quality of life and daily well-being.

Heatstroke: symptoms, consequences and prevention When the body temperature exceeds 40 degrees centigrade you can run into dangerous heatstroke, the situation in which the body is no longer able to properly dissipate the heat generated in the environment, which can cause organs to malfunction and, in severe cases, be life-threatening. The subjects most at risk are small children and the elderly over the age of 65, as well as all those who have previous pathologies. Even for those who are healthy, however, it is better to avoid the consequences of this dangerous and anomalous increase in internal temperature. Symptoms of heatstroke are red skin, sometimes with poor sweating, headache, nausea and vomiting, muscle cramps or weakness, difficulty falling asleep, up to confusion and loss of consciousness. Pets can also become the object of this pathological condition. Recommendations for preventing heatstroke - which is caused not only by high temperatures, but also by high humidity - are known but often overlooked; the experts, in particular, advise to:

prefer clothing with light fabrics (and with light colors outdoors); increase hydration by drinking a lot; avoid parking in very hot environments such as a closed car or in direct sunlight for a long time; take care of the diet with fresh and easily digestible foods; do not train during the hottest hours. Also, pay even more attention if you take medications that impair your ability to stay hydrated and - if you are on vacation in new places - let your body get used to the different climate. To lower the body temperature following a heat stroke, it is advisable to remove excess clothing and stay in a sheltered place, spray water on the body, apply cold compresses on areas such as the nape, head, underarms or groin. If symptoms persist, the best thing to do is to go to an emergency room as soon as possible.

Fans for all occasions A tower fan

Amazon In the absence of air conditioning, there is there are various solutions to refresh a room or any closed place. The most practical strategy is to create an air movement through a fan, which generates a current capable of lowering the temperature and making the environment more bearable. In the industry, there are two broad categories: classic fans with rotating blades, adjustable height and oscillation, such as the Amazon Basics, or the even cheaper Ariete Freshair. Alternatively, you can focus on tower fans that create an even more consistent flow, such as the Ansio model or the more advanced and performing Rowenta Eole Infinite.

On the other hand, those who do not want to give up a little cool even on the move can opt for portable and / or wearable fans, such as the Comlife neck fan. If in addition to lowering the temperature you are also interested in improving air quality, you could consider a purifier, which captures germs or pollutants, making the environment healthier. Among the most effective options are the De Longhi HFX85W20C, which as we are writing is at a discounted price on Amazon, suitable for rooms up to 60 cubic meters, or the handsome Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde.

The alternatives A dehumidifier

Olimpia Splendid In addition to fans and alternatives to move the air, it is possible to optimize the home temperature with some simple but effective measures such as coolers, or devices improperly defined as air conditioners without a hose, which can be moved around room in room and which base their operation on an internal condenser and on a container that collects the water obtained, such as the Black + Decker BXAC5E. Finally, there are also large fans to be placed near windows or in special openings in the walls for large rooms such as Aygrochy's proposal that sucks in hot air and throws it outside.

Since the humidity helps to raise the perception of temperature, it is advisable to also use a dehumidifier. There are various models depending on price, size and power, such as the compact Olimpia Splendid model Aquaria Slim 14 P which can eliminate up to 14 liters of water per day. You can also act on the windows with blackout curtains that create shade and coolness, such as those of Deconovo, or with easily applicable adhesive solar films such as those proposed by Dimexact.

Accessories and special clothing An evaporation vest

Amazon Finally, we cannot forget the importance of the right clothing and some useful and original gadgets designed to stay cool. Cooling vests are special technical garments that can keep the temperature at an ideal level even when training at home, as in the case of the well-known Izi model also seen in the world of professional cycling, or Macna's Cooling Evo, while for a solution cheaper and simpler there is the Urfeda vest or the Chill-Its evaporation bandana. A few tens of euros are enough for the Nike cooling bandana, for the hat with built-in fan by Surfiiy, or for a set of refreshing towels.

Among the other proposals that can be found online we also point out the pillow with gel cooling, perhaps to be combined with the ChiliPad thermal mattress cover. Here instead you will find a series of other useful accessories to withstand the heat of summer 2022 (and those to come).

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