DC League of Super-Pets, review: whoever finds a super friend finds a super treasure

DC League of Super-Pets, review: whoever finds a super friend finds a super treasure

DC League of Super-Pets, review

"Who finds a friend finds a treasure", this remains a maxim that could potentially be valid for each of us and for all the relationships that we could build with others in the course of our life. Obviously every friendship is different, drawn by personal characteristics, by elements that distinguish it from all the others, to mark the fact that every single relationship depends on an infinity of important details that we are not always able to grasp. This applies both to friendship with other human beings and to our pets. In the latter case, for example, not everyone is able to grasp the emotional impact that a dog or cat could have on the individual mind, underestimating its importance and all its multifaceted potential. DC League of Super-Pets reflects on all this, rooting its potential on an extremely familiar world from the beginning, and then playing all its very personal cards hand-by-hand.

Attention however, we are not talking about a story that is set and develops simply starting from a universe familiar to the masses, but of a real reworking of the narrative origins of one of the most famous superheroes in history, outlined by dynamics that also work for their simplicity, returning an experience that presents itself as unprecedented in a painting ready to introduce all its most important details. This, most likely, also due to the target towards which the film itself is aimed. The little ones must not only be amazed by the story itself, but must find a world to enter it gradually, finding a way that is a minimum detailed and that introduces them, in broad terms, in a narrative context that they could easily ignore. DC League of Super-Pets will arrive in Italian cinemas starting from September 1st. Written and directed by Jared Stern (John Whittington also contributed to the writing), and based on the characters DC and Superman, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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DC League of Super-Pets: Origins and Knowledge

The story of DC League of Super-Pets opens in the most classic of ways, at least for those who know Superman's origin story. The action starts just as the planet Krypton is about to end its existence, and the parents of the future superhero are about to embark him on a spacecraft that will save his life. Shortly before this scene we are introduced to Sups' little dog, Krypto (his Italian voice is Lillo's, while in the original version we find Dwayne Johnson dubbing him), and their special relationship. From all this the scene in which the child is about to leave alone, leaving the planet, confirming what will be the final farewell to his alien origins, this time accompanied by his own little dog to whom, after an act of disobedience, he is entrusted the task of watching over the little one. - th_culturapop_d_mh2_1 slot id: th_culturapop_d_mh2 "); }
Everything begins to change when Clark's attentions gradually shift from Krypto to Lois, generating immediate jealousy and insecurity in his faithful companion. This jealousy will be the main fuel of the entire DC League of Super-Pets narrative and that will not focus only on our canid protagonist, expanding all his reflective potential also on all the other pets present in the story.

It is the relationship between humans and pets that is put under the magnifying glass, reflecting not only on all the best dynamics, but also on the negative implications that these relationships could lead to. From all this the handful of protagonists (positive and negative) are introduced, to accompany Krypto step by step. In an animal shelter looking for a second chance we meet: Asso, in Italian voiced by Maccio Capatonda, (a big dog with a particular past in search of his own freedom), Lulu (the main antagonist of the story), PB (a pig also looking for love from her neighbor, trying to understand all its potential), Merton (a turtle with a not too detailed view and an over the top character) and Chip (a red squirrel paranoid and made by continuous attacks of 'anxiety).

The abandonment, the misunderstanding on the part of the human being, the emotional indifference, the toxic bonds, are just some of the thematic characteristics of the history of DC League of Super-Pets, in a choral journey that will involve not only the aforementioned animals, but also the human counterpart, both positive and negative. Everything lights up when Lex Luthor tries to attract an orange kryptonite meteorite to it, as he says, unlike those colored differently, it will give it powers.

Lulu's story is connected to all this. the guinea pig in the shelter and her past as a guinea pig, which resulted in a distorted and morbidly toxic relationship with the scientist who worked on her. All of this will result in a mad plan for world conquest in which Krypto and the other animals at his side must join forces as they undertake a maturation necessary to save the endangered Justice League and the whole world.

An enormous added value is the general aesthetic rendering a draw the world in play and all the characters to inhabit it. The way in which Superman's origins are presented to us and introduced to all members of the Justice League is perfectly functional and easily usable by everyone, even those who have never heard of it. Each protagonist, animal and hero, is designed by elements that are immediately recognizable and difficult to forget, so as to skim a lot of unnecessary details from the starting material and treated.

In addition to all this, formal attention and a general rendering that works from beginning to end. The pace of DC League of Super-Pets is always pretty fast, taking the time to delve deeply into its characters when needed. This alternation between action and introspective reflection is fundamental to empathize with what is happening on the screen, getting in touch with the narrative dynamics at play.

Krypto and Sups

Go beyond the source material

The already important dynamic of DC League of Super-Pets, however, manifests itself in its writing. All the introductory details work precisely because after the first sequences we begin to move towards new shores, including emotional ones. Krypto is jealous but he has to get to know himself by admitting what his super dog limits are. Same thing for all the other protagonists at his side, who will all have to grow through a completely personal and adult awareness, a real maturation in short.

Hence the emotional value of a film that does not linger never only on the action at stake, going further and weaving an inner reflection that should not be underestimated at all, in which feelings both internal to the film and very close to the spectators themselves will come into play. This emotional bridge expands the potential of DC League of Super-Pets with a message that seems obvious, but which in its final rendition works perfectly.

Referring to the original dubbing, it is important to talk about it, among the main voices we find: Ace (voiced by Kevin Hart), Lulu (Kate McKinnon), Superman (John Krasinski), PB (Vanessa Bayer), Merton (Natasha) Lyonne), Chip (Diego Luna), Batman (Keanu Reeves), Lois Lane (Olivia Wilde).

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