What will be the future of Ted Lasso after season 3?

What will be the future of Ted Lasso after season 3?

As is already known, with Ted Lasso 3 one of the most popular Apple TV + series will close. Now co-creator of the Jason Sudeikis-centered production, Brendan Hunt, has revealed the possible future of Ted Lasso, noting that he and the other writers are not yet considering writing a fourth season. However, it seems that a "door" to see a new chapter or a spin-off of the story is still open.

Ted Lasso

The future of Ted Lasso after season 3

Co-creator Brendan Hunt spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the fate of Ted Lasso - the series brought home 20 Emmy nominations - after season 3 For some time its creators had made it clear that we would be witnessing a series of three seasons: the final episodes, in fact, were written with the intention of concluding the different plots of the television show.| ); }
We are writing an ending for the third part. We've always seen him like this, but it's not like Thanos is there and half of us die. Most of us will probably still be alive, so I don't think there's anything to worry about. It's just a matter of whether or not to collect this in some other way, and when. But now we have to overcome this last phase, and then we will have clearer ideas to see what the future holds.

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