Discounts for off-site people who have to go home to vote

Discounts for off-site people who have to go home to vote

Almost 5 million Italians and Italians will have to return to their town hall of residence on 25 September in order to cast their vote in the general elections. This is because, except for military and law enforcement, all other electors and electricians cannot vote in the municipality of residence or by mail, as is the case for citizens residing abroad. For many away from home, the obligation to move involves a great deal both in terms of time and money. But if the first cannot be refunded, for the second there are some opportunities.

Flixbus Trenitalia Italo Ita Airways Travel from Ukraine Flixbus In view of the national elections, Flixbus has launched the #IoVoglioVotare initiative, with which it will refund the outward journey to all voters and electricians who will go to their municipality of residence, starting from Monday 19 and Sunday 25 September. The initiative is also valid for direct trips to Sicily for the regional elections, always scheduled for September 25.

To get the travel refund, you will need to send two photos of your electoral card (one of the first page with personal information, the other page on which the voting stamp has been affixed), a photo of your identity card or driving license and the FlixBus ticket of the ride made to the email address All necessary documentation must be sent between 25 September and 15 October 2022 inclusive.

The initiative is also valid for all Flixbus destinations in Italy, even with departure from abroad, but only for bookings made through the company's application between 31 August and 25 September 2022. The refund will be made in the form of a voucher equal to the amount of the outward journey, which can be used from 25 September to 30 November 2022 and from 11 January to 31 March 2023.

Trenitalia The Ferrovie dello Stato Group has instead three types of discount are available on round-trip travel from the municipality of residence, made starting from September 16th and no later than October 5th. The initiative provides a 70% discount on the base price of tickets for Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, Intercity and IntercityNotte trains throughout the country. 60% discount on all tickets for Regional trains and the Italian Elector fare for residents of Switzerland (however the amount of the discount is not indicated on the company website).

To take advantage of the discounts it is possible to buy tickets at the points of sale of the railway networks, Trenitalia ticket offices, travel agencies, on the company's website or app (it is not possible to receive the discount by purchasing online for tickets at the Electors Ttper, Trenord, Fse and Italian Elector).

Those who buy locally must present an identity document and the electoral card, which will then also be shown to the crew. For the outward journey, those who do not have the electoral card with them can sign a replacement self-declaration (it can be downloaded at the following link). While in the case of purchase on digital channels, it will be sufficient to enter the number of the electoral card.

During the return trip, the voter must show, together with the return ticket, the validated voting card, or a specific declaration issued by the polling chairman attesting to the vote .

Italo Even those who prefer to travel with Italo train can take advantage of a 60% reduction on tickets in the Flex or Economy fare, in the Smart and Comfort environments. Discount tickets must be purchased between August 16 and September 25, with one way between September 16 and September 25, and the return between September 25 and October 5. To take advantage of the reduction, simply click on the "buy with election discount" button, present on the Italo website and reachable at the following link. During the return journey, in addition to the ticket, passengers must also show an identity document and a validated electoral card.

Ita Airways The former Alitalia has announced three types of discount for voters and electricians who need transport plane to return to your town of residence. In detail, the discount is 50% on the basic rate for domestic flights, 40% on the basic rate for international flights and 25% on the basic rate on intercontinental routes. The initiative is aimed at facilitating Italian citizens residing abroad who are not registered in the Italian registry office residing abroad (Aire) and is applied to tickets purchased from 30 August to 25 September, to travel in the period between 22 and September 28.

Also in this case, tickets can be purchased directly on the company's website, by filling out the booking questionnaire (available at this link), or through the company's travel agencies, ticket offices and call center . It will then be sufficient to present at the time of check-in your electoral card or replacement self-declaration, for the outward journey, and the validated electoral card, for the return journey.

Travel from Ukraine Due to the continuation of the Russian invasion, Ukraine is one of the countries where voting by correspondence is not allowed for citizens residing there. However, the Italian State provides for the reimbursement of 75% of the cost of the travel ticket for all voters and electricians residing in countries where political and social conditions prevent, even temporarily, the exercise of postal voting.

The basic requirements for being entitled to reimbursement are only the successful and proven exercise of the right to vote in Italy and residence (registration in the voters list of the Headquarters or certified Aire registration). The refund of 75% of the cost of the round trip air ticket can be applied to the fares charged by all airlines, regardless of the carrier. The securities eligible for redemption are exclusively those of tourist class for air transport and of the second class for rail and sea transport. -, or presented in person during the opening hours of the consular offices.

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