Nomad's identity revealed in Captain America: Simbol of Truth

Nomad's identity revealed in Captain America: Simbol of Truth

Nomad's identity revealed in Captain America

Interesting times are ahead for fans of the Sentinel of Freedom, given the recent Marvel Comics announcement: the return of Nomad. A name that became part of the Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers, at the end of Secret Empire, where the discovery of a conspiracy that originated from the highest echelons of the American government led Rogers to give up the Shield and the title of Cap in order to defend the Dream, creating the identity of Nomad. When Marvel announced the return of this legendary figure in the series starring Sam Wilson, Captain America: Simbol of Truth, a hunt for the face that would have covered this role immediately started, a mysterious identity that has been revealed in these hours: Ian Rogers.

Marvel Comics reveals Nomad's identity for Captain America: Simbol of Truth?

In the past, Nomad's title has been covered by several characters besides Steve Rogers, including Jack Monroe, Rikki Barners and Ian Rogers. What is shown on the cover of Captain America: Simbol of Truth # 7 suggests that Ian Rogers will be playing Nomad, who was presumed to have died during a previous collaboration with Sam Wilson in the first days in which the ex-Falcon had picked up Steve Rogers' legacy as Captain America, only to discover that Ian had survived death thanks to his regenerative powers.

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Ian Rogers' last appearance had occurred in 2016, in the tie-in Secret Wars: Hail Hydra, a story that apparently came to life outside the regular continuity, thus asking the question whether this return represents an attempt at retcon. The alternative could be that the one shown on the cover of Captain America: Simbol of Truth # 7 is not Ian Rogers, but Jack Monroe, wearing the typical Rogers costume.

Jack Monroe was William Burnside's shoulder. , the Cap of the years when Rogers was still Captain Icicle, as Tony Stark would say. A controversial figure who represented the dark side of the Sentinel of Freedom, a role that was soon taken from him, leading him to become one of the villains and enemy of the real Cap. In search of redemption Monroe, he decided for a certain period to serve as Nomad.

Captain America: Simbol of Truth # 7 will be released on the US market in November

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