Tiger Division: the new series starring the South Korean superheroes of Marvel

Tiger Division: the new series starring the South Korean superheroes of Marvel

Tiger Division

The Tiger Division, made up of South Korean superheroes, will take center stage in their first solo series this November! White Fox, Luna Snow and other characters loved by fans will in fact be the protagonists of Marvel's Tiger Division, a new limited series starring the South Korean superhero team.

Tiger Division: the new series starring i South Korean Marvel superheroes

Created by Jed MacKay, Alessandro Vitti and Joey Vazquez, the Tiger Division first appeared in the pages of Taskmaster # 3 of 2021. Led by White Fox / Ami Han, the Tiger Division is a government-licensed superhero team operating out of South Korea. Along with Taskmaster # 3, the group also appeared in 2021's Black Cat Annual, 2021's Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox # 1 and White Fox Infinity Comics # 2 .

The synopsis reads:

“FIERCE FIGHTERS! South Korean defenders take center stage! In their first solo series, you will get to know TAEGUKGI better, a powerhouse with a heart of gold; LADY BRIGHT, a sorceress who handles cards; MR. ENIGMA, a demigod who moves on the street; THE GENERAL, a living totem; and GUN-R II, an android with a certain character. They are joined by fan favorites WHITE FOX and LUNA SNOW to form an unstoppable team. Created by our unstoppable team, writer EMILY KIM (SILK) and artist CREEES LEE (MARVEL VOICES), this is an epic series not to be missed! ".

Tiger Division # 1 features the main cover created by Lee and some variants by Ron Lim, Artgerm, Junggeun Yoon and Peach Momoko. The issue will go on sale in November by Marvel.

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