How the anti-Covid rules for back to school change

How the anti-Covid rules for back to school change

The school year 2022-2023 will begin totally in the presence and without masks. The Ministry of Education (Miur) has released the new health rules for returning to school, which mark the transition from strategies to combat the spread of infection to mitigation strategies. Pupils, pupils and staff will then return to the classroom without restrictions, but with only some indications to keep any risk situations under control.

The Miur vademecum also standardizes the rules for all schools, of all types and grade, providing the same information regardless of the education cycle. Therefore, the rules that we are going to list will be adopted in the field of educational services for infants and preschools, as well as in the schools of the first and second cycle of education, therefore elementary, middle and high schools.

Masks only for the most frail Stop taking temperature measurements before entering school Preventive isolation at school in case of symptoms attributable to Covid-19 At home with fever Isolation only for positive people Contact with positive people Sanitation Further measures in case of worsening of the epidemiological picture Monitoring Masks only for the most fragile The respiratory protection devices will no longer be compulsory for pupils, pupils and school staff. However, the use of masks will be recommended for people with health problems that may put them at risk in the event of contagion. "For pupils with frailty, in order to ensure teaching in the presence and in safety, it is advisable to provide for the use of respiratory protection devices and evaluate customized strategies based on the risk profile", reads the vademecum. In addition, schools will provide Ffp2 masks and eye protection devices to personnel at risk.

Stop measuring the temperature at the entrance According to the new provisions, to access the school premises there is no longer any "form of preventive control", therefore pupils, pupils and staff will no longer have to have their temperature measured at the entrance.

Preventive isolation at school in case of symptoms attributable to Covid-19 In case of "cough and cold with difficulty in breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste, loss of smell or severe headache" , ie severe headaches, during their stay at school, both the staff and pupils must be accommodated "in the dedicated room or specially set up isolation area". If the symptoms concern minors, in addition to isolation, the school staff must promptly notify the parents and instruct them to take the minor home.

At home with a fever The vademecum requires them to stay at home also case of body temperature above 37.5 degrees.

Isolation only for positive people Only those who test positive for a test for Covid-19 will have to stay at home in isolation, while it is possible to return to school after a rapid or molecular antigen test with negative result.

Contacts with positive people There are no special measures for the school context, in case of contacts with positive people. Therefore, the general rules of the Ministry of Health apply which provide for the self-surveillance regime, with the obligation to wear the Ffp2 masks indoors or in the presence of gatherings, until the tenth day following the date of the last contact.

Sanitation The Miur then underlined the importance of carrying out a periodic ordinary sanitation of all school premises and of an "extraordinary and timely" sanitation in the presence of one or more confirmed cases of coronavirus contagion.

Further measures in the event of a worsening of the epidemiological situation The ministry reserves the right to implement further health measures, in the event of an increase in infections, "for the containment of viral circulation and the protection of workers, the school population and their families ".

Monitoring Finally, the ministry will continue the monitoring activity begun during the pandemic, to "assess the impacts that the spread of the virus has on all levels of the education and training system".

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