Cradlepoint introduces NetCloud Exchange to support IT organizations

Cradlepoint introduces NetCloud Exchange to support IT organizations

Cradlepoint introduces NetCloud Exchange, the architectural extension of its NetCloud solution, which helps IT organizations transform business and maximize 5G experience with advanced SD-WAN and Zero Trust capabilities.

NetCloud Exchange is a solution intuitive and cloud natively, policy-driven and built on zero-trust principles, offering multiple SD-WAN and security services.

Business transformation leads to increasing adoption of the cloud, of mobility solutions and the IoT. In this context, traditional WAN architectures often show limitations and rigidity in connecting securely distributed corporate offices, vehicles, employees who work remotely and devices.

5G is rapidly proving to be an essential asset for the 'WAN infrastructure, capable of driving its expansion and evolution. However, this new scenario involves larger attack surfaces, cloud-driven traffic patterns, and more and more connected endpoints.

“With the extension of NetCloud Exchange, NetCloud offers new 5G services and security -first that support enterprise WAN transformation, including end-to-end secure connectivity, hybrid SD-WAN and Zero Trust networking, all managed from a single control panel ”.

The new NetCloud services, provided by the NetCloud Exchange extension, are Secure Connect: an agile, VPN-like 5G / LTE service that allows, in three simple steps, secure end-to-end connections for thousands of locations.

NetCloud Exchange Secure Connect uses principles Zero Trust, which include IP address cloaking and no default network access, thus changing the paradigm of traditional VPNs: no longer from connection to securing, but from security to connection.

Advanced SD-WAN: a soon available service that extends Cradlepoint's current SD-WAN capabilities by adding end-to-end support and advanced application optimization.

Zero Trust Network Access: A service soon available and easy to implement, which uses flexible and fine-grained policies, based on users, sites, applications and resources, which controls access to the network based on identity, context and 5G attributes.

All services are delivered using NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway, a scalable, resilient and software-based solution for private and cloud data centers, which aggregates connections remotely, provides flow-level visibility and acts as a policy-enforcement point for supported services.

NetCloud Exchange Secure Connect and NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway are already available, while the other solutions are they will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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