The most important news of the week

The most important news of the week

What has been the biggest news of the week that is coming to an end? As expected, the most important announcement was the one relating to the PS5 price increase: 50 euros more on the two versions of the next-gen Sony console due to generalized inflation, while neither Microsoft nor Nintendo will retouch their own. price list.

What will happen? Difficult to say, but we know at least what will NOT happen: the news that Amazon is about to buy Electronic Arts, popped up suddenly, would seem baseless and many are already classifying it as a beautiful and good lie. A lot of concreteness instead among the announcements of the Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2022, which were numerous and quite interesting.

PS5 increases in price

PS5 in standard version and Digital Edition There is no there is no doubt: the price increase of PS5, officially announced by Sony, has monopolized the discussions on during the last week, and it could not be otherwise. We have analyzed in a special the reasons for the price increase of PS5, fundamentally linked to the international situation and the many increases we are witnessing, but it is also a serious blow for PlayStation users.

With the standard version of PlayStation 5 which goes from € 499 to € 549.99 and the Digital Edition which goes from € 399 to € 4.49.99, a fact that is more unique than rare not only in the history of Sony consoles but of videogame industry in general, especially considering that we are two years after the debut of the platform, a scenario that is difficult to imagine just a while ago opens up.

There is in fact the real possibility that Xbox is preparing to strike with all its power now that its main opponent is in trouble, first of all absolutely avoiding raising prices (as we will see shortly) and secondly by launching promotions which, at the same time as the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is completed, will relaunch both Game Pass sales and subscriptions.

Amazon buys EA?

FIFA 23, one of the EA's most important games The second most important news of the week is also the least concrete, in the sense that a few hours after its publication, several insiders expressed great perplexity about it and in fact there was no confirmation expected in day. Does Amazon buy EA? Apparently not, but it is also true that anything can happen and that new developments could arise at any time.

Certainly such an eventuality would represent a real earthquake for the gaming industry, with a giant e-commerce with already different interests in the field of entertainment (see the film and television productions of Prime Video, but also the development teams that have churned out experiences such as New World) which would acquire another giant, Electronic Arts, with all that goes with it.

Gamescom 2022, all the games and announcements of the Opening Night Live

Everywhere, one of the characters in the game The Gamescom Opening Show hosted by Geoff Keighley proved to be really solid and interesting this year, so it is no coincidence that the news with all the games and announcements of the Opening Night Live turned out to be one of the most read this week. From the reveal of Everywhere to the new presentation of Dead Island with a lot of release date, there was no lack of emotions.

And the surprises, let's not forget the surprises: that of the announcement of the DualSense Edge, for example, but also the trailer for Dune Awakening and Under the Waves, the new game from Quantic Dream. Finally, the confirmations of Hogwarts Legacy, Gotham Knights, Lies of P (on day one on Xbox Game Pass, it's now official), The Callisto Protocol and Return to Monkey Island. In short, it was a really good event.

Sony PlayStation sued

Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment No, it didn't (not yet, at least) because of the PS5 price increase, but Sony PlayStation has been sued for "robbing" nine million consumers. How? By applying a commission of 30% on games sold in digital format through PlayStation Store, which would have produced an increase in the price lists to the detriment of users, according to the lawyer Alex Neill.

This is in effect a class action, limited in this case to the English territory, which however leaves a little perplexing if we consider that the amount of the commission applied by Sony is identical to that of several other manufacturers and has been so practically always. In short, it will be very interesting to see how the issue is resolved.

The official teaser trailer of The Last of Us TV series

The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal A few days after the launch of The Last of Us Part 1, the official teaser trailer of The Last of Us TV series has finally arrived, released by HBO as part of a promotional video dedicated to this and other shows produced by the company for the digital platform HBO Max. Released in early 2023, the televised reduction of the Naughty Dog game will resume the events of the original chapter.

We will therefore find ourselves accompanying Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) on a difficult journey in the middle of a post-apocalyptic America, devastated by the spread of a fungus that has transformed most people into dangerous mutants, forcing the survivors to lock themselves up inside fortified cities.

They open Hogwarts Legacy pre-orders

Hogwarts Legacy, Sebastian Sallow Immediately after the gameplay trailer from Gamescom 2022, Hogwarts Legacy has seen the opening of pre-orders, with contents and prices of the various editions of the awaited tie-in based on Wizarding World, the fascinating narrative universe created by J.K. Rowling with the Harry Potter series of novels. Released on February 10, the game promises to engage and excite us with its spells, and many have flocked to pre-order their copy.

Beyond the pre-order talk, we know that Hogwarts Legacy will include a exclusive mission on PS5 and PS4, although the nature of that content has not yet been revealed, and that over the course of the campaign we will find ourselves making difficult choices, which could also revolve around the use of the Dark Arts. What will we choose to do?

DualSense Edge for PS5 announced with a trailer

DualSense Edge Let's take a look at the announcements made during Opening Night Live with the trailer for the DualSense Edge for PS5, a high-performance professional controller designed for those who want an absolutely precise and responsive gaming experience, as well as customizable in various ways. In fact, the device offers extra keys, replaceable sticks and additional functions.

Among these, the possibility of creating different profiles and saving them in the memory of the controller to recall them at any time and thus obtain, in an instant, the settings that we consider ideal to try our hand at a shooter or a driving game, with a third-person action or a strategic one, for example. Price and release date? We'll have to wait a little longer to find out.

Lies of P on Xbox Game Pass on day one

Lies of P, a fighting sequence Before it was a rumor, now a certainty: Lies of P will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one, as revealed by the Gamescom 2022 trailer for the Neowiz title: a fascinating soulslike freely inspired by Carlo Collodi's The Adventures of Pinocchio, in which we control a puppet, if we want to define it. , armed to the teeth and determined to conquer his freedom.

Among the most popular games of the Cologne fair, Lies of P was shown with different gameplay sequences, more and more convincing: the artistic sector of the project, applied as much to the scenarios as to the numerous enemies and bosses that we will find along the way, it promises really great things and we can't wait for the authors to announce the release date.

Xbox Series X | S, the price will not increase

Xbox Series X and S Bo Tip and answer: if in the last few days there has been talk of nothing but the PS5 price increase, Microsoft was quick to announce that the price of Xbox Series X | S will not increase, throwing a gauntlet to the house Japanese on European territory, the one mainly affected by the rise in prices. "The suggested price of the Xbox Series S remains fixed at $ 299, that of the Xbox Series X at $ 499," said a spokesperson for the company.

The hypothesis of a battle plan that could lead Xbox to catch up with PlayStation 5, not only thanks to the extraordinary convenience of Series S but also to any promotions related to the purchase of Series X, especially in anticipation of an even richer Game Pass when the Activision Blizzard acquisition will be finalized and all Call of Duty episodes will enter the service catalog.

Dead Island 2 presented with release date

Dead Island 2, a special zombie attacks us We close our weekly recap with a great return, that of Dead Island 2, presented with a release date at Gamescom 2022. For the zombie-based action produced by Deep Silver this is actually the second reveal after the version originally entrusted to Techland, a team that as we know then abandoned the franchise to create the Dying Light saga.

Stylish and spectacular, the trailer shown at the end of the Opening Night Live was accompanied by a gameplay video to prove the concreteness of the project, which apparently will not be open world but will equally guarantee very wide scenarios and, above all, action. frenzied and spectacular as we make our way through seemingly endless hordes of undead.

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