PlayStation Store, the best deals on PS5 and PS4 games with PlayStation Indies

PlayStation Store, the best deals on PS5 and PS4 games with PlayStation Indies

PlayStation Store

The offers on the PlayStation Store do not stop: while the Double Discounts, which we talked about last week, continue on the Sony digital platform, the PlayStation Indies are also returning, with a series of unmissable discounts on PS5 and PS4 games made by independent development teams .

The initiative promises savings of up to 75% and involves a wide range of titles: from the extraordinary adventure Psychonauts 2 to the irresistible cartoon-style action platform Cuphead, from the agonizing survival Chernobylite to the action RPG in cyberpunk style The Ascent, here is our selection of the bargains not to be missed!

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2, the team practically complete 50% discount and therefore the lowest price ever for Psychonauts 2 (PS4, € 29.99 instead of 59.99), the engaging adventure signed by the brilliant Tim Schafer who puts us in command of Raz immediately after the events of The Rhombus of Ruin, with the young Psy agent chonauts who has managed to free the team leader, Truman Zanotto, and is bringing him back home.

It's a real journey into the mind, what Double Fine Productions has packed for this magnificent sequel, capturing the opportunity to offer new and different situations from time to time, as well as mechanisms that change revealing surprising insights, while our character progressively comes into possession of new, powerful psychic abilities.

The final result is an often experience evocative, characterized by an excellent level design, by a tremendously solid, brilliant and deep narrative sector, as well as by a gameplay that does not rest on its laurels and is able to offer an incredible variety: all things we talked about in our review of Psychonauts 2.


Cuphead, one of the boss fights of the campaign Waiting for the now imminent expansion The Delicious Last Course and its news, which we had the opportunity to discover at the Summer Game Fest 2022, Cuphead (PS4, € 13.99 instead of 19.99) is back in promotion on the PlayStation Store and once again reaches its lowest price, with a 30% reduction that should certainly make you snap to attention: if you were waiting for a opportunity to make the game yours, here it is.

The action platform created by Studio MDHR now needs very few presentations: characterized by an aesthetic that harks back to vintage cartoons, the game puts us at the command of two funny characters with cup-shaped heads, in fact, engaged in shooting and jumping through a series of increasingly difficult levels, which include challenging boss fights. More details in the Cuphead review.


Chernobylite, one of the scenarios of the game First promotion ever and lowest price ever even for the next-gen version of Chernobylite (PS5, € 23.99 instead of 29.99), which made its debut last April, introducing important technical innovations compared to the PS4 version, specifically support for ray tracing, an increased resolution and an improvement in visual effects.

Elements that undoubtedly contribute to creating even more convincing atmospheres, as we explore the area of ​​the famous nuclear power plant in search of our girlfriend, who disappeared at the time of the accident but without leaving any trace. Thirty years have passed, but the protagonist of the title developed by The Farm 51 has never given up and now has the means to face the horror in search of answers: the review of Chernobylite.

The Ascent

The Ascent, a firefight The Ascent (PS5 and PS4, € 19.49 instead of 29.99) tells the story of a space colony under the control of a powerful mega-corporation, which nevertheless one day is shocked by what appears to be a terrorist attack. The character we control is a worker, but he doesn't think twice about taking up his rifle to defend his neighborhood, also moving to other areas of the city in search of new assignments.

Strong of a cyberpunk setting rather convincing but spoiled by a structure at times confusing, in particular due to the cumbersome interface and an excessively chaotic and hardly navigable central hub, the debut title of Neon Giant certainly has the merit of staging spectacular clashes and a valuable effect, especially the particles. The Ascent review.

Other games on offer

This War of Mine: Final Cut, one of the buildings of the extra stories This War of Mine: Final Cut (PS5, 14.99 € instead of 19.99) is the definitive version of the war-based survival from 11 bit studios: a dramatic experience, in which we will be called to make difficult choices, which could involve the death of other people, while we try to resist in a building abandoned until our city is liberated by the invading army. The review of This War of Mine: Final Cut.

Nobody Saves the World (PS5 and PS4, € 19.99 instead of 24.99) is the latest effort by Drinkbox Studios, the team behind Guacamelee !, which this time has tried its hand with an action RPG that makes fun of the stereotypes of the fantasy genre to tell the story of a character, Nobody in fact, who once in possession of a magic wand discovers that he can take different forms, each one with of peculiar abilities. Nobody Saves the World review.

Death's Door, a Death's Door combat sequence (PS5 and PS4, € 12.99 instead of 19.99) puts us in command of a reaper raven, a warrior of the beyond in charge of recovering souls and leading them to the realm of the dead, but one day finds himself facing a more complex task than usual: to eliminate three creatures who have lived much longer than they should. Completing the mission will not be easy, however: we will have to use all our resources. The review of Death's Door.

The Medium (PS5, € 32.49 instead of 49.99), the horror adventure of Bloober Team born as an Xbox exclusive but then also landed, is part of the PlayStation Indies offers. on the next-gen Sony platform together with its peculiar mechanics of "parallel exploration", determined by the supernatural abilities of a protagonist who can move simultaneously within two different dimensions. The Medium review.

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