PlayStation Store, the best deals on PS5 and PS4 games with Continuous Fun

PlayStation Store, the best deals on PS5 and PS4 games with Continuous Fun

PlayStation Store

The Continuous Fun promotion is back on the PlayStation Store, which includes a whole series of interesting offers on content designed to extend the life of PS5 and PS4 games. So let's talk about deluxe editions, DLC and season pass but also remaster and collection.

From Mass Effect Legendary Edition to Life is Strange Remastered Collection, from the Deluxe Edition of Deathloop to that of Far Cry 6, passing through Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Back 4 Blood and Watch Dogs: Legion, here are the deals not to be missed.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Shepard faces an enemy The sci-fi action RPG fi par excellence of BioWare returns with Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PS4, € 27.99 instead of 69.99), a remastered collection that includes the first three episodes of the series in an improved version not only from a technical point of view, thanks to the high resolution and improved effects, but also in terms of gameplay due to some important optimizations.

We will be able to relive or try our hand at the adventures of Captain Shepard and his crew for the first time, explore the galaxy on board of Normand y, unveil the terrible threats looming over our solar system and face them with courage, making difficult decisions that will change the course of events.

For the occasion, the developers have redesigned multiple assets and animations, recreated specifications from scratch sequences because of their importance for the purposes of the narration and added the now indispensable photo mode with which to immortalize the most spectacular sequences of our gaming experience. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition review.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection

Life is Strange Remastered Collection, the protagonists of the first season Another remastered collection, but in this case it is Life is Strange Remastered Collection (PS4, 25 , € 99 instead of 39.99), a package that contains the complete season of the original Life is Strange and its prequel, namely Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Two narrative adventures of great depth, characterized by characters that have become iconic among fans of the franchise.

The remaster aims in particular to improve the expressiveness of the protagonists, going to work on facial animations in motion capture and on the effects, but there is no lack of further tweaks and extra content from the deluxe editions. More details in the Life is Strange review and in the Life is Strange: Before the Storm review.


Deathloop, the lethal Julianna tries to eliminate us Lowest price ever for the Deluxe Edition of Deathloop (PS5 and PS4, € 44.99 instead of 89.99), which in addition to the exciting experience developed by Arkane Studios offers a series of unique in-game items, in this case three weapons, two skins, two dog tags and more still. Bonuses that will make your life easier, while in the role of Colt you will try to escape the loop in which the isle of Blackreef is trapped.

As we wrote in the Deathloop review, we are faced with a peculiar mix of shooter action, stealth mechanics, special abilities and the constant threat represented by Julianna, an infallible assassin in charge of eliminating us and who will try to catch us off guard on more than one occasion, often managing to reach her goal and send us back to the start of the cursed cycle.

Other games on offer

Far Cry 6, Juan and Dani in female version The Deluxe Edition of Far Cry 6 (PS5 and PS4, € 44.99 instead of 89 , 99) includes three extra packages that enrich the already substantial campaign of the Ubisoft title, which with this chapter takes us to the island of Yara, grappling with the dictator Anton Castillo and his merciless troops. At the head of a group of rebels, will we be able to free the archipelago from its control? All the details in the Far Cry 6 review.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla needs no introduction and is available in promotion at the lowest price ever, both for the standard edition (PS5 and PS4, 27, € 99 instead of 69.99) and the deluxe edition (PS5 and PS4, € 35.99 instead of 89.99). In all cases, the Eivor adventure will keep you company for at least a hundred hours as you explore the fascinating sceneries of 9th century England. The review of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Back 4 Blood, an enemy explodes under our blows Back 4 Blood is on offer at half price with the deluxe edition (PS5 and PS4, € 49.99 instead of 99.99 ), which also includes the season pass with three expansions, one of which is already available (Tunnel of Terror). A great way to try your hand at Left 4 Dead's spiritual sequel, which will see us form a team and take on hordes of zombies and mutants with the aim of clearing the streets of their presence. The review of Back 4 Blood.

Ubisoft finally returns with the deluxe edition of Watch Dogs: Legion (PS5 and PS4, € 23.99 instead of 79.99), which offers three extra packages in addition to the rich countryside set in a London never so dark and menacing, controlled with an iron fist by the Blume Corporation. Only DedSec members will be able to liberate the city, recruiting new fighters from time to time: we talked about this in the Watch Dogs: Legion review.

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